The Block: kitchen week

First it’s the ensuite reveal and then kitchen week begins.
Can we just skip all the “look at moi” drama and Cam’s narkiness and skip to the reveal of beautiful kitchens?



  1. MM
    Neale spies the tree breeze block decal that wraps the wall shaft and declares that this has Parker Hotel Palm Springs vibe. With the full kitchen, it is party central St Kilda. Woohooo. Their style, opines Neale is Hollywood pool -side Cabana.
    Moving on to the bathroom, Darren hates the mirror, the yellow glazed tiles and the cyan towels, but thinks it works in this space.

    Shaynna doesn’t like the black vanity. They should have stuck with white to match the kitchen so there is a nothing drag the eyeline down.

    Overall, they think they have screwed T&L over. Something will need to be done about the acoustics.

  2. Mid Coast Bogans
    Fresh, declares Darren (hoping for a Woolies’ commercial).
    Oh my God, this is awesome squeals Shaynna, as Neale (whose name was spelt incorrectly on the note, Let it Go) commands Alexa to let activate the bath spout in the ceiling.
    With the 1990s mood music playing , the judges point out the backlit bathtub, the custom cabinetry that minimises the toilet and the Turkish rug on the floor (guess bath mats are in this season). The level of details in the bathroom is amazing and the tiles are beautiful, however, the smoked mirrors are a bad choice as you run the risk of looking like a clown applying the makeup.

  3. Apostrophe + Enabler

    Darren loves, loves, loves the tactility of the bathroom. The finish on the Venetian Plaster is really different. It is incredible. Did we mention Darren loves it. It is really rustic and tactile but so super modern. It is a beautifully, contemporary finish. He also likes the marbling on floor and how it is reflected in the walls.

    Shaynna is not quite an enthused. She doesn’t understand why the medicine cabinets are not recessed when you are building from scratch. The bath looks small and awkwardly placed in the space.

    The judges then take in the shower. They feel that the expanse of the shower has come at the cost of a sense of space. The powder room has also compounded the lost of space.
    It aesthetically is the most exciting bathroom this week but never put beauty before functionality.

  4. D,S,N
    MM – 9.5,9.5,10=29 (winners by not doing the required room)
    TL – 9,9.5,9=27.5
    DA – 9.5,9,10=28.5
    EM – 9,8,9=26
    JM -10,9,9.5=28.5

  5. Jesse & Mel
    Space exhales Shaynna. It feels luxurious. One of major cues of luxury is space. It is just beautiful. Unlike the neighbouring bathroom they have a wider, longer bath that fits the space perfectly. Their styling is superb. Neale feels this bathroom has turned him back to chrome tapware. It has a luxury hotel feel.
    It has the best layout of any bathroom this week, highly likable, and strong buyer appeal BUT (because Jesse & Mel can’t win so there are no claims of homphobia in the party space) the lighting layout is odd, the basin tapware is too basic (it should mimic the bath tapware).

  6. Well, kitchen week has already a winner anyway, as E’l’i’s’e won the Gaggenau upgrade and I think the producers make sure that this kitchen will be the winner in the end, whether or not they produced the best kitchen.

    So Mrs. Crybaby gets the poor victim edit? Wow. -.- Judging from the FB comments, doesn’t work, Andy and Deb seem to be total fan favourites.

    I haven’t watched the reveal yet as I have to wait for a stream, but from the feedback you noted down so far, I am surprised MM won this week. Maybe to cover their costs for the aircon issue?
    MM should really try to advertise their entertainment space as a self-contained flat, because that is what it is. I do not see a party space at all. All of this talk is just an effort to stir the pot.

    • They can’t advertise their “casual living space” as a self contained unit…conspicuous absence of council approval. It will be interesting what council restrictions are placed on the studio garages.

      • Ah, I see. It is still easy to change. I think they will most likely have their eyes set on empty nesters, the upstairs area can be also used for guests like kids coming for a visit or using it as a granny flat or even for a nanny or a teenager or student who still lives at home but basically lives on their own, if the buyers would be younger. It has so much more use than just for party, party, party.
        The overall layout is really good and sometimes they will win because of it during the reveals, sometimes they won’t and I think they were very much aware of the risk they took. They are planning well, work well and I think they have great builders. Their style is not always to my personal liking, but everything looks really good.
        The fallout with Scotty was a bit offputting, but who knows how they were treated in the past for being openly gay. It’s not like everyone is tolerant, and the reaction felt a bit like old wounds breaking open again tbh. At least they got over it, not like that annoying twat from House 4.

    • It is quite possible that the victim edit is deliberately designed to elicit the FB response that it has. Nothing provokes outrage on SM more than the perception that someone is getting preferential treatment.

      • Makes sense, yes. But there is also a lot if hate towards MM. I personally still think they did the right thing and the judges’ decisions are not theirs. They figur3d out how to create a better floor plan, it got approved and it was a huge risk as there was no guarantee they will win room reveals. I think the judges can clearly see the vision and MMs builders are really good so the quality is there. I also think the producers hint at who they want to win for the week. As long as the judges can sell it, it is a go. No way they could have sold Apostrophe’s win for the ensuite. And she wins kitchen week anyway thanks to the Gaggenau upgrade.

  7. Tess and Luke

    Tess and Luke were out of the competition when they could not get their shower window frosted. They have a beautiful tile choice and the wall tiles complement the terrazzo floor tiles.

    Neale and Darren hate the plaster wall as they feel it closes the space in. Shaynna disagree and feels the shade of the wall connects the basins.

    Overall the bathroom exhibits finesse and luxurious.

  8. Monday on the Block is shameless plug day and tonight’s episode was brought to you by Maccas, Carpet Court (stealing the Beaumont Tiles storyline), the Swedish Lift Guy and Bryce (from Kinsman).
    1. Mitch was chosen for the solemn task of plugging both A2 milk and LitenEasy Yoghurt in a smoothie. We couldn’t get past how shiny his forehead is from all the Botox. It would appear that MM have eliminated the void so are now using virtual windows. Sounds tacky.
    2. T&L fire yet another set of Tradies Beond (Plumbing & electrical) bitching that they are too far behind the other teams. It might help that you don’t spend all day planning a bathroom. They also seem to be the only team to have suffered water leakage on their ground floor. This triggers a fight about Mighty the Tradie.
    3.Andy cries. They pull the Hi-Pages Lever.
    4. Conveniently, Elise calculates that she is $20k short in her budget. OMG, let it go. She wanders around the Block moaning that she may not be able to afford the floors or complete the ‘womanly curves’ on the void. Matt forges ahead with the curves and hopes to pay for it another day rather than listen to Elise moan. We wonder how big their credit card debt is. Distracted, Matt readily agrees to Keith’s request that their allotted time with Mighty be given to TL due to their flooded floors. There are no backsies on this deal (and we learn that MM have far more power on the Block with scheduling Mighty’s time)so Matt spends the rest of the day swearing out his grievances.
    5. The producers decide to provoke a reaction from Jesse & Mel by rubbing the winning room in their face. JM nonchalantly shrugged their shoulders, ‘c’est la vie’. Disappointed, the producers trigger the missing flooring storyline. JM seem unfazed. (JM live in St Kilda, it is not worth it too them long term to behave appalling).

    Looks like tomorrow is Body Corporate. We know these never end well.

    • Maz you must have missed the smoothie Mitch made with ‘A2’ milk.

      I recevied an email from The Block Shop because apparently I signed up as a member. I have emailed demanding they advise who provided my details as I did not sign up. I’m so f@cking pissed, as if they not raking in enough.

  9. It is Tuesday and it is filler night. Never in the history of the Block has someone been so aggrieved by another team playing the gnome. I want my $20k…wah…I have to ring Dave Franklin and tell him that we can’t afford the pool…wah…I overspend my $1000 Beacon challenge budget and now Mitch’s budget is $500…that is so unfair… yep, she literally sobbed that after been informed that she halved Mitch’s budget.

    Any-who, tonight’s episode was brought to you by Kinsman’s lucky dip. An assortment of prizes was on offer including two booby prizes (steak knifes and fruit bowl). Andy and Deb won the $10k cash (enraging Elise even more that they played the gnome), Tess & Luke won the $3k Block Shop Voucher (and banana exposure therapy session), Elise and Matt won the $3k cash, Jess and Mel won the cookbook library and MM won the fruit bowl. Embittered, MM declare that they will no longer assist any other team.

    To get the contestants out underfoot, they are sent off-site to complete the ‘let’s fix up the house for kids suffering from cancer’ challenge. Each team is assigned a zone MM: Master Bedroom, Living and Dining, EM: Lounge, AD:Upper Deck, TL: Lower Deck and Garden, JM: The Games Room. These teams are not even pretending to care about the charity…this is all about the gnome. Sorry, Elise’s gnome.

    The results will be announced tomorrow but it would be funny if Jesse and Mel win the gnome and “steal” the win from EM.

  10. El’se over spending on the Beacon voucher, completely baffled me… was she saying she spent $1500, assuming the discount would come off that amount?

    • It seems that on the Block proper, Beacon allows a 30% discount on retail (well, that is what Elise implied). She assumed the same for the challenge hence the overspend. This was not the case in the challenge and she left Mitch (been the last team at Beacon) short.

  11. What a group of financial wizards these contestants are.

    Thanks, Maz. I go to click a “like ” button that isn’t there.

  12. Tess & Luke win the challenge and the garden ornament.

    It is back to the Block and Suncorp’s sponsored spot. Honestly, we don’t know why Shaynna was there. May as well had Sunny there. There was the expectation that the teams should have $125k left. Reality is a bit more dire:

    AD $82,950 + Suncorp $5k
    MM $58 000
    JM $52 200
    EM $41000
    TL $30 000

    And here is the most shocking revelation, dopey Luke is actually a licensed builder. They should have had the most cash.

    Scotty makes the usual suggestion that the teams should hang sheets, plaster and do the base coat. Shaynna adding her two cents, telling the teams not to throw everything at the room.

    Freedom adds $10k furniture voucher.

    It is not enough and Mark decides to ignite a mutiny.

  13. More faux drama. Of course they will all be able to finish The Schlock and no one will walk out and if they do for a short period of time they will return. Extra money will be found and handed out.
    Scotty warned them they wouldn’t have enough $$ to complete The Schlock so they needed to win challenges and rooms but still seems ludicrous to even state that. Of course by not giving them more money to begin with they add to the drama.
    They are all overspending on furnishings and artwork and Luke and Tes are clueless when it comes to budgeting, organizing and paying tradies. Having tradies stand around all day without direction is a waste of money. Find it hard to believe that Luke is a builder. He has done very little to nothing and they could have saved money if he stepped in and did some work.

    • We don’t think they hand over the entire budget at the start as teams such as Elise would spend the whole lot headless of how many rooms left. They had to intervene early with her.

      When you have teams that do come significantly under budget like Kingi & Caro there is no benefit so you may as well spend. Whatever is left over in cash should come off the reserve auction day.

      It really is shocking that Luke is a builder and seemingly couldn’t manage himself out of a paperbag. He doesn’t seem to be able to think strategically.

      From a Domain article, we had the impression that the artwork was curated for them based on personal preference so we don’t think that is coming out the cash budget.

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