Bachelorette Angie starts Wed

Angie’s season of The Bachelorette starts on Wed, Oct 9 on Ten.
Usually it starts straight after Bachie but this year we got breathing space so Ten could show The Masked Singer (and not be up against The Block).
I am hopeful for a season without hours devoted to whether someone called the supposed object of their affections a dog c***. And I am predicting much less dry humping.
I’d love to see a Bach date where they do barefoot bowls, get Maccas drive through, go shopping at IKEA, have to buy Christmas gifts for a local charity etc. fewer sports cars and more real life.



  1. Like in that Sneak Peak, like Angie says “like”, like about three times in like ten seconds at it’s like worst and then like the rest of her convos are like peppered with like “likes”. Mute button for you , Ange.

    It’s a social disease. Like I’m not hating on Angie.

    Other day I read about John Lennon baulking at use of the word “just ” in a song lyric because it’s just filler. Same could be said for “like” the way it’s currently crept in to speech. There’s always an exception somewhere to be found.

    • I just saw someone on Facebook using the word “yous” to talk to a crowd of people.

      The thing I don’t understand? I get why you’d have such tics while speaking to people. Everybody has weird speech patterns, it’s like a fingerprint. But to actually type like that? That’s just bizarre, to me.

      • There is a waitress at my favourite café and thank goodness she doesn’t serve us often because she always says “we”. “What will we be having today?”. I think it might be more annoying than “youse”. I am sooooo tempted to say, “Oh. Will you be joining us?”

  2. I don’t have an objection to like a filler. It’s better than um or ah.
    It just 🤣 a breather so the brain can catch up to the mouth – important in my case.

  3. And I’m liking Angie so far.
    I like the fact that she’s looking for someone that would suit her, so I think she’s genuine, and I like that little promo with the firefighter offering him a rose straight up. I would exchange a rose for a puppy.

  4. I hate ‘like’. It doesn’t even make sense in a sentence. The trouble with ‘like’ is that it’s often used in every third word. Just speak more slowly if your brain can’t keep up. It’s a bad habit and it’s contagious.

    • I think that’s being upgraded to a guy peeing in a bathtub……while he’s in it with Angie, searching for love.

      • Abbie’s still copping criticism on social media, she made this big post on Instagram today about all the slut-shaming and unfair personal attacks she’s had to weather.

        It’s weird, though, because she made a big deal to Matt about how she didn’t care at all for Instagram and didn’t even use it. So strange.

          • Dry humping runner-up. I’m thinking, “egg and spoon race”. “Three legged race”, “sack race”. And now there’s the “Dry hump race”. Do they have that in those “wife carrying” races. Is it an Adelaide thing?
            I’d love to see the looks on the little children’s faces at the fair, standing there, holding their fairy floss.

            I know. Now I’m just being silly.

  5. Now we know why Angie was being highlighted so much on I’m a celebrity get me out of here by Channel 10 – all that faux crap from the male model about how attracted he was to her seemed to me to came out of the blue and was obviously scripted. If you were a contestant on that show watching the episodes you’d be pretty upset seeing yourself portrayed as the second banana to a woman famous for saying she’d rather “shit in her hands and clap” on gogglebox.
    Not a fan – wont watch

  6. I can’t understand why they reveal the brother in the first show. Surely they should have kept it going for a few more episodes.

  7. I was actually watching a Harry Potter movie marathon on cable all afternoon. Imagine my delight at being able to switch on channel 10 and see Gogglebox Angie and the Twenty Awful Bogans.

  8. I actually enjoyed this episode. The guys she gave the yellow rose to reminds me of Lee, who just got engaged to Georgia Love. Kieran is totally bonkers but he is funny and not aggro like Paddy. The Noosa councillor is stunt casting and the firefighter is getting the Jared edit. Still a lot of guys we don’t know – and a lot of 25yos when Angie is 29.

  9. The guy with the yellow rose is a part time actor, model. Runner up in Mr Australia a few years ago. Also someone on Facebook said he is on an ad airing in Woolloongong! Dont think he is a match for Angie. She needs someone funny and a bit of a dag.

    But you never know, for publicity anything can happen.

  10. Honestly, I really liked the Undercover Brother angle (I particularly liked that that’s how Brad was subtitled by the editors), but yeah, I wish it had gone on a bit longer. Like, that would’ve been really fun. But after a certain point, it would’ve backfired on Angie and the guys would’ve felt betrayed. After all, the Bachelor franchise is internationally-renowned for it’s integrity.

    Channel 10 has found the usual bunch of weirdos. But I don’t think. Quirky, odd personalities seem to be what Angie’s into, so, this may actually work out for them this year.

    The yellow rose guy Carlin, gosh, he was beautiful. I even held my breath, watching on TV, as he got out of the car. Those are movie-star good lucks. I don’t think he’s a good match for Angie in the long-term, but I don’t blame her for keeping him around. Damn.

    So Jess, the politician from Noosa, is a gigantic wanker. Of course he is. He’s from Noosa (I wish more people here were from the Sunshine Coast. They would totally get that joke). He seems to be getting the Early Villain edit, so as obnoxious as he’s being, I can’t see him lasting beyond tomorrow night.

    The firefighter looks like our Stage 5 Clinger. There’s always one.

    Timm, the quirky blond is the surprise package. Just looking at him, I also assumed that I’d find him really obnoxious, but actually, he’s kind of interesting. And I think, that’s Angie’s type, right there.

    Kieran the British tattooed guy in the red suit, we saw him naked twice, and the show had barely passed the 45 minute mark. He seems nice enough.

    Is the brother seeing anybody? Asking for a friend.

    • Absolutely agree that the brother had to depart quickly. You can only have him there undercover for one drink before it becomes borderline creepy. Angie’s a big girl and she has to do some of the work for herself.
      I am with you on The Chosen One. He takes your breath away. And, if I caught it right, has the approval of the brother. I think he also has the approval of the bookies – who usually get this sort of thing right.
      But I do have a soft spot for the firefighter. Maybe he can be the next bachelor?
      And just to round off my comments, I think Angie is what they were hoping Sophie would be (wasn’t she a disappointment).

  11. So here’s a funny story.

    I just saw a story in my newsfeed this morning. Apparently, Noosa Council is referring Jess Glasgow (the wanker in the cape, last night) to the Office of the Independent Assessor over an alleged breach of council conduct on the show, last night.

    Good times.

  12. Why did that firefighter guy leave his fire fighting gear on all night & not change into a suit? It looked a bit ridiculous. Is he going to do that at every cocktail party? When I saw that Timm guy in the promos I thought it was Tim Dormer from Big Brother. Gee he looks like him. Why so many blokes with long hair?

  13. So Jess turns out to be the creepy tool we all thought he was? Figures. It’s still hard not to think, “producer plant”, because surely, there can’t be people who think that behaviour is acceptable, or be that lacking in any kind of self-awareness. I mean, hitting on the production crew, chatting up the waitress? Eugh. Sleaze.

    For whatever it’s worth, there was a story today that the mayor of Noosa has actually asked a local regulatory authority to investigate Jess’s conduct, just from the first episode. So not only was he revealed as a gigantic tool-nozzle on national television, but he might be a fair amount of trouble, here.

    Anyway. Jamie seems worryingly invested in the competition (despite the fact he’s only been here a day). We’ve got Jarrod 2.0.

    Carlin just seems too good to be true. Not only is he absurdly handsome, but he just comes across as a decent guy. I liked how he went in to bat for her, when Jess was at his worst. Sure, he’s in the middle of a messy divorce. But he told her, right off the bat, unlike Sophie Monk and Stu. And his ex is overseas and he’s currently signing divorce papers, so I think it’s okay for him to want to move on.

    Meanwhile, Warrick is defeated by a giant chicken. Happens to the best of us, big guy.

    • I was glad Angie kicked the tosser to the kerb and there was no keeping him in for dramatic effect but I would have preferred the producers to do it the minute he started harassing the staff. Carlin seems lovely so surely he can’t last? Think what happened with Ellie and Nikki back in the day: great first dates made it a long way then nothing. I agree Carlin is perhaps a little too straight for Angie

      • Agreed about Carlin. He’s a dream-boat (jaw-droppingly good-looking), but Angie seems to go for quirky, off-beat guys (like Timm, as a classic example). But I think he’ll stick around. Why wouldn’t you keep him?

        Also agreed re: Jess. If his behaviour was that obnoxious, why the hell did they keep him around long enough for Angie to throw him out? He should’ve quietly disappeared between episodes, or just not been in focus at all. The staff that 10 pays are entitled to do their jobs in a safe, harrassment-free environment. If 10 knew what he was doing (and how could they not? There’s 100 cameras following these guys around 24/7), how legally liable would they be if he actually crossed the line and assaulted someone? The whole situation was just awful, but I liked that even the other guys called him out for being a bastard.

        • This is what makes me think Jess was a plant. Surely that behaviour would have come up in casting?

          I also agree, was great to see so many of them call him out on his behaviour.

    • Yes I think he’s going to be this year’s Jarrod getting jealous every time she goes on a date with someone else. They do know that is the preface of the show when they sign up don’t they?

  14. Has that Warwick guy ever watched the show? They always have to do silly things sometimes. Someone always gets to wear the sexy/cute costume. Like Apollo in Sophie’s season dressing as cupid. How fucking rude of him to just leave without even bothering to say goodbye to her. My favourite part was them dressing as penguins. They’re my favourite animal it was so cute. So glad she got rid of Jess. What a deadshit.

    • Oh yeah, that little sequence with the penguin costumes was ridiculously-adorable. I did like that moment.

      Jackson is pretty damn cute, all up. I don’t mind him.

    • From what I saw on Ten news tonight, Jess could be losing his position on the Noosa Council. He apologized to “the women of Australia”,reckons he’s still an asset to the Council.

    • Actually he did say goodbye to Angie. There were photos of Angie walking him to the car. Didn’t suit the storyline so they didn’t air those scenes.

          • Hmm. That’s interesting. Maybe he physically left after Angie showed up, which is why she asked where he was, but it still gave her a chance to say goodbye. It’s just the order of events was mixed up in editing?

            I hate it when they do that, though, because that just gives more fuel to the people who use “editing” as an excuse for the poor behaviour of the contestants.

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