Bachelorette: It’s time to go, Jamie

Apparently there are 10 guys left but the only ones I can name are Ciarron, Jamie, Timm, Carlin and Square Jaw, I mean, Jackson. I think that’s his name? Oh and Dog Guy.
It’s time Angie evicted Jamie before his mental health is further damaged.
According to the TV guide blurb there’s some kind of drama (no doubt the phrase bro code is used) and then on Thurs there is a quiz.



  1. From the promos , it appears that toxic nutjob jealous Jamie white ants Carlin, who’s “not there for the right reasons”. I think Angie takes the rose back and sends him home.

    Angie will rescue Jamie because he is one sick puppy.

  2. I was watching last night’s episode of “Batwoman”, but I managed to tune in just as the cocktail party started. I haven’t seen the end of the episode, but Jamie is coming across as so slimy, and I really hope Angie is canny enough to see past his rubbish.

  3. Poor Hayden. He and Angie part ways and he leaves, at the very start of the evening, and nobody even notices that he’s gone.

    I also liked that Timm is Angie’s barometer of truth. I don’t think it’s because he’s renowned as the beacon of honesty, but rather, he has zero filter, so he’d tell you anything about anything, if you asked. I think getting Timm to stop talking would be more of a problem.

    Jamie just seems too possessive. I’d be concerned about him.

  4. I watched a bit last night, prior to pfk. I know this has probably been said, but Timm? Really? Why not make it Timmmmmm?And I’ll be daizeyyyyyy.

      • I just want to slap El’ ise’s parents.
        Names with an apostrophe are a thing now. I have seen them on JJ. I want a question mark…..daisy?
        😂. I’m just waiting for the #amy.

  5. This is going to be zzzz to watch now that Kieran has had to go home?
    I wonder if she will bide her time and then catch up with him in 6 months?

  6. And just as an aside, these blokes are being way too polite to Jamie, who is living in a self deluded world of his own.

  7. Jackson, lounging by the pool in that blue speedo and not much else?

    Lord have mercy. I think I almost got a nosebleed.

  8. Man bun still in but we have no clue who he is. Its a shame he will be going home soon.
    Carlin is too good to be true. Your typical guy. Great body, nice looking. He may be a nice guy too but just so boring. Still think he has other reasons to be on the show. His Instagram is like a model portfolio. Will Angie be shock when she found out he is an actor

  9. Thusly, Australia rejoiced.

    Jamie seemed like it wasn’t competition to him. He was gonna walk in, she was going to pick him, and the other 20 or so guys could leave at their leisure. I feel like that’s not the healthiest attitude, to dating, but whatevs. Nothing of value was lost.

    Indeed, we gained Jackson in those speedos. I’m objectifying the heck out of him, right now, but it’s worth it. That is one attractive man, right there.

  10. Can she please not end up with the guy who said “he’s not the sharpest cookie in the shed”. So Angie has said she is dating someone she met on the show. It could still be Ciarron I guess

  11. How did Jamie get to be 39 years old (I bet he’s really 40) without figuring out that girls don’t like the smell of desperation.
    He was too scary to be good TV. I wonder how he slipped through the producer net of this-guy-is-clearly-a-stalker.
    I wonder what happened to his last girlfriend … dun dun duuuuun.

    • Somehow, I think Jamie will be overlooked for Bachelor 2020…….but there’s a new show he may be suited for~ Creepy Island.

  12. I seem to be alone here. I felt bad for Jamie. He never got a single date with Angie. According to one of the magazines he was right about that other guy. He’s known as a player in his home town & Angie is definitely not his type. They were pretty shocked when they heard he had gone on the show. Angie is the opposite of girls her has usually gone out with. I find it annoying when the same people get picked for single dates a few times when others never get picked. It’s not really fair to them.

    • I think this might be editing.
      One of the guys that got sent home said that he and Angie had had a number of conversations that weren’t shown. He thought Angie was a nice person but they just weren’t each other’s thing. No hard feelings and happy to go home. Just like real life.
      I think Jamie came into the house already in love “the Bachelorette”. It could have been a cardboard cutout and he would have behaved the same way.

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