Big Brother returning

Industry sources say Big Brother will return to our screens next year but no network has confirmed details.
Since the old house is no more at Dreamworld they will have to start from scratch.
Sonia Kruger hosted the last version but I’d rather see a return to Gretel, or perhaps one of its successful alumni, like Chrissie Swan, as host.
Or, dare I say it, could Osher squeeze in one more show?
It’s an expensive commitment but is an easy way for a network to meet its local content quota.
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    • I guess the Australian networks have officially run out of ideas.

      Although I think it says something that, these days, the more controversial aspects of Big Brother would hardly rate a mention.

      • Harvey Wilderbeast. Me too movement. I think it’s the other way around, Windsong. Men/boys have to be more careful…unless you’re Thomas Forrester.

  1. I think the current state of fair-game trolling would make appearing on this show unbearable for normal people.
    It’s only a matter of time before someone does something drastic. Sometimes I am surprised that it hasn’t happened already.
    I am imagining the producers are hoping for soft porn, if MAFS was anything to go by. It’s the only exclamation.
    We need one less tv station.

    • I don’t think I could cope with this. I didn’t really enjoy it after the first year when it was on before, so a reboot with all the inst-worthy contestants makes me very nervous indeed!

    • Yeah, but the people who apply for these things aren’t normal people, they’re “I want to get my name in magazines for a week or two at all costs” people.

      Absolutely it’s going to end poorly. It staggers me that people went on the *fifth* season of MAFS and then threw tantrums afterwards about negative publicity and how the show portrayed them. Um. They were obviously familiar with the show. They knew exactly what they were signing up for, and fame is the only thing they wanted from the experience … and they were surprised when they got *exactly* what they wanted, afterwards? I don’t get that. It’s why I have very little sympathy for the Ines’s of the world. Don’t like being called a jerk, then don’t act like one in front of a national audience. That seems obivous.

      And even with all that? Yes. Of course it’s going to end in tragedy. And the networks won’t care, until it does, when they’ll pretend to be outraged or saddened.

    • The people who go on such shows are the desperate dregs of the Earth,~ not “real Australians”. Winning $250, 000 obviously doesn’t increase one’s intelligence, especially when there’s not a lot to start with. $cattered to the four winds.

      • I saw the doco about it and the producer said you can’t have intelligent people because they self edit. Or watch what they say. She said intelligent people are no good for etc.

    • Heh. Maybe I should sign up?

      “If you’re a guy, people will want to fight you in the pub.”

      I don’t go into pubs, and I’m skinnier than a rake.

      “If you’re a girl, no one will want to date you.”

      Nobody already wants to date me.

      “Everyone you have ever slept with will come forward and they will tell their stories to the press.”

      I’ve dated one person, and you know, he’d be more interested in the camera being focussed on himself.

      • I don’t go to pubs,either, unless I ‘m in a mood to meet arseholes and poker machine addicts.

        Some people I have slept with are dead. They’ll be telling no tales.

        Not scaring me , “producer” dude. I’m too old for yer poxy show.

        People were lining up to date Reggie. Why, I wonder?

      • Windsong, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’d date you…if I were 40 years younger, and a guy. I know me telling you that will be your thrill of the day :).

  2. Wasn’t that turkey slap incident on one of the Big Brother episodes? That was so sordid that I’m surprised they are even thinking of bringing back such a trashy show.

    • Yes. That was the receiver Camilla and those two offensive prawns who were kicked out tout de suite.

      John Howard even had something to say I agreed with about the show.

      Other sordid memories are coming back to me now. ie Warwick Capper exposing himself. The tones of conversations. Society’s going to hell in a bucket is the overwhelming feeling I get watching Big Brother. Sarah and her moronic bum dance, she was big for five minutes but totally stupid.. The old perv in the showers, Terence. I’ve wasted so much time on that show.

      • OMG, Terence exposing himself to all of the young girls. He was creepy. Thanks for reminding me. I think. 😨 It’s a set up when they don’t have individual shower cells and separate male and female shower rooms.

    • I knew someone who was friends with either a crew-member or one of the contestants (at one point), and from what I heard, there was a lot more to that “turkey slap” incident than the public was made aware of, which didn’t surprise me.

      • Reading between the lines, there was probably, possibly, allegedly some kind of alleged assault allegedly involved.

        I’ve run into several housemates in the wild. I didn’t want a selfie or autograph.

  3. I vaguely recall some crew members getting into trouble because one of the fat girls, I don’t remember who, heard them talking about her and laughing through the wall. I don’t recall the details.

    • Chrissie was in the shower I think and she heard a cameraman make disparaging comments through the wall. Not cool.

  4. I knew two people who went on BB at different times.
    They were both lovely people and didn’t change their behaviour one bit when they were on. Both were incredibly confident outgoing people.
    But the small screen amplified and focussed on the more irritating bits. Neither lasted long.
    I don’t think they were sorry to be gone. You either want to go quickly or win the whole lot.

  5. Looks like it will be on Ch 7. Thus the show will be nasty but scripted. But it won’t be real and keyboard warriors will want the show stopped. Not sure it will rate when the show will be in all sorts of trouble if they didn’t include or include certain people. Will be called racist, bully, sexist, misogynist etc.

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