MasterChef judges announced

Ten has announced the new MC trio: Andy Allen, Jock Zonfrillo and Melissa Leong.
Andy won the season of MasterChef we try not to talk about but since then has gone on to become a proper chef, Jock created some of Adelaide’s top restaurants and is an expert in using native ingredients and Melissa is – shock, horror – a woman AND a food writer.



  1. “Andy won the season of MasterChef we try not to talk about…”

    So naturally, the non-MC-watcher is going to ask about this point?

    • I am tempted to invent so many responses to you … Do you watch the show Community? They would refer to it as the Gas Leak Year

  2. Jock was not very appealing when he was on MC this year. He was very patronizing. Andy is now a qualified chef but don’t think he has enough knowledge about the different kind of cuisines and also not in the dessert department. Melissa is more about showing her dresses and pretty made up face.

  3. A woman! good lord. (actually she was pretty good on the Chefs Line which I watched briefly).
    I am reasonably optimistic about this.. . IMO – can’t be worse than people who don’t want to be there!

    • I agree that she was OK on “Chef’s Line” although I only watched a few epsiodes. As for the other two, will have to wait and see but I have to think there could have and should have been better choices. Maybe they offered the positions to others who refused.

  4. Wasn’t Andy that electrician who couldn’t fillet a salmon? A drover’s dog could have won that year. I didn’t think Schlock Zonfrillo was much chop earlier this year, either. Will they conspire to rig the scoring and bring the fake drama is what I need to know.

  5. Look like next year MC is Rejects MC or Stars MC. They are bringing back past contestants from the past 11 seasons.

    So contestants can’t say they never cook this before or can’t fillet fish or doing it for Nonna. Some eye candy will be back.

  6. I’ve watched Andy and Ben Eat Australia on SBS food channel, and found it quite boring. Maybe he’s developed some stage presence since then. I have no opinion of Melissa because I’ve never heard of her. The other guy – I’m screwing up my face at his appointment.

    I’ll give it a go for a few epsisodes. Who knows, they may be fantastic.

    • Even before the first cloche is lifted……

      Thanks for the link, Maz.

      I seem to recall Gary apparently wouldn’t read social media.

  7. At the moment, we are watching Masterchef UK Professionals…red silicone moulds, risotto, pork belly and panna cotta. Some things never change.

  8. It looks like the powers to be have no faith in the new judges to carry the show. They are bringing back former contestants.

    “Next year’s season of MasterChef is called “Back To Win” and stars 24 previous contestants who didn’t win but are “coming back to have another crack”, says Allen. “That excites me because the standard of food from day one is going to be outstanding.”

  9. Georgia from Ma$terchef is on Justine’s show today. She’s making a next level muffin with “punkin” in it. Hopeless.

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