Nearly Nov general chat

Over to Bobi, with thanks, for kicking off a new general chat thread:

It’s November. Like you didn’t know that. It’s a doomsday countdown. BOING but with dramatic music.

It’s more a reminder that, from here on, TV viewing is mostly abysmal, and it becomes progressively worse as Christmas approaches.

There are no new cooking shows, dreadful game shows – seriously, is there no one else available but Grant Denyer? – and endless repeats of NCIS. I am awed by the repeated attempts to bring back Karl Stefanovic. How tone deaf do you have to be to put him in with sharks?

I know, you say Amazing Race has started, right? But I counterpunch with The Block. This season has been going on FOREVA. I feel like I am in some eternal form of purgatory. Can we not make it stop?

I am trialling a couple of shows but it is early days. Thank goodness for ABC and SBS.

I am loving Total Control (ABC). It is clever and brutal and real at the same time. It doesn’t pretend that we are talking about some fictitious country with fictitious politicians and fictitious political parties. It’s about time we, the viewing public, were treated as intelligent human beings capable of discerning a good story line without getting it confused with reality.

I do love Australian Story (ABC). It is always fabulous. The last episode had me on the edge of my seat even though I knew the ending. Like Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, they really know how to get to the heart of the issue. It’s an art form. And who doesn’t love a sticky beak into someone else’s life?

SBS is letting me down a little. More like, a lot. Normally they are my go-to when I want something dark. I tried Wisting. Awful. I am a minute into The Plague (it’s Spanish). It could be okay. I have some hope.


I might have to resort to reading a book.




  1. Powerless over my Block addiction, too. Tomorrow night I might want to see that creep Jamie lose his dignity(again) on The Bachelorette.

    B&B’s starting. Gotta fly. Thanks, Bobi.

  2. Thanks, Bobi. It’s always good to hear from you, and everyone else.
    It’s no secret that I love TAR and Survivor. I am a sucker for trash like Big Brother so I I have been loving Lust Island. I am probably the only person in Australia watching it.
    I love my B&B just for the joke that it is. I also enjoy all kinds of docos. I watch Dr Phil (all repeats atm) but I got behind on my JJ recordings.
    Then of course there’s Netflix and Stan. Woolif put Looking for Alaska on. I wouldn’t have watched it had I known I would be importing more sorrow. It’s sad.
    I haven’t found anything on Stan or Netflix that I can recommend.
    I have been lazy since being home so pretty much watching any crap on tv.

  3. I can still flick around and enjoy some things on ABC and SBS or SBS Food. I like One Born Every Minute.

    Yes, Bobi, reading a book is your better alternative. I recently bought the latest Stephen King, one of the few authors whose books I still buy. I’ve only read a few chapters, but am looking forward to continuing. I mostly read in bed and often fall asleep even if I’m engrossed in the story. May have to take the book out of the bedroom :).

    Two of my favourite author’s books greatly disappointed me recently, John Irving’s last one seemed interminable, although I did finish it. John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar was so bad that I couldn’t get past 150 pages. I think it’s only the second time in my life I haven’t finished a book. I hope he’s ok.

  4. There’s always Schappelle Corby on Studio 10 tomorrow morning..

    I’m sick of hearing about Brexit but ABC 24 have the best looking newsreaders on the planet..

    I watch Landline and Gardening Australia. Hard Quiz is funny.

    Dr Phil. Judge Judy. Everyday Gourmet. Good Chef, Bad Chef. B&B.

  5. When I was away, I bought a second hand book; The Town by Conrad Richter. I really enjoyed it. It turns out it was the third of a trilogy so Woolif bought me The Trees (1) and The Fields (2) on-line.

  6. Yeah, I definitely think this is the time of year when the TV options start to diminish. It’s silly, though. I don’t have Netflix, but I have Foxtel, and the shame of it is, there’s actually a lot of television there, it’s just, very little of it appeals to me.

    I haven’t watched “The Block” for years, and I don’t think I’m missing much. I’ve gotten bored with “The Bachelorette” and whatever bunch of quirky attention-seeking bogans channel 10 has thrown at her (I rarely follow any Bachelorette right to the end, but the Bachie is hard to take seriously these days, anyway). “B&B” I haven’t been watching as much, lately. I think there’s only so much of those soap opera shenanigans I can handle, before the whole thing just gets too ridiculous.

    At least there’s “The Amazing Race”. It’s only about 12 episodes, so we’ll have blasted through them by mid-December, but I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes, and while Beau is still growing into the role, they’ve gotten a good cast together.

    The highlight of my week is still “Have You Been Paying Attention?” I miss Tom, on those rare weeks when he takes a break and is replaced by another host, because the man has quite an amazing sense of comic timing, he’s great with the snappy back and forth, and the ability to keep the show moving (unlike, say, Chrissie Swan, who has a habit of awkwardly shouting really random things at the contestants, and nobody quite knows whether to laugh or not).

    I’m enjoying “Playing for Keeps” and I’m glad that’s back on. I liked the first season, the five main characters are all written really well. These 10 locally-produced dramas can be quite hit and miss (I never cared for “Offspring”, and that “The Wrong Girl” a few years ago was terrible), but I grew really quite fond of this one.

    And I tell you what, I’m quite enjoying “Batwoman” which is airing on Fox8 on Tuesday nights, with Ruby Rose playing Kate Kane (Bruce’s cousin on his mother’s side. Apparently being a crime-fighting bad-ass runs in the Kane family). I was thinking, the other day, that we’ve had some really iconic versions of the Batman mythos (between the long-running BTAS series, and the Christian Bale movies), so I like the idea of approaching the mythos in a different way to keep it fresh — Batman has vanished, and once Kate figures out her cousin’s secret, she takes on the role as Batwoman. Like most of these DC television shows, you can tell the creators are familiar with the comic lore, and are doing a really great job translating it to the screen.

    In terms of adventures, I went for a short hike on the weekend, but with November almost upon us, I’m really looking forward to the pop culture/comic book convention Supanova, which happens in Brisbane on early November every year. I attend as often as I can, and I always really enjoy it. Definitely going this year, since one of the guests was one of my favourite Power Rangers, ten years ago, so I have to get an autograph and photo with him (he’s also appeared in an Underbelly season, and done a few ads here and there). I’m actually friends with the guy on Facebook, and he’s really great with fans. When I was chemoing, last year, and using FB to keep people updated, he (and a few other actors) occasionally left supportive messages under my status updates, which I thought was really sweet and lovely.

    No, I don’t dress up. I do not have the physique to pull off a form-fitting superhero outfit … although I much appreciate the blokes who do.

    • On Playing For Keeps. Yes; I am watching it. I loved Love Child for the nostalgia, but am also enjoying PFK. I like the blond alpha wife.
      Is it my imagination or did they change actors for the young hot hubby of the hot brunette?

      • Oh, I forgot. The coach’s blonde wife is now a brunette. It’s a good role for her.

        The only character I can’t get into is the chubby school teacher. I’m finding her unconvincing.

      • “Is it my imagination or did they change actors for the young hot hubby of the hot brunette?”

        Yeah, Connor. He’s got a new actor this year (and the new actor has a beard, but he was clean-shaven last year, IIRC. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice?).

  7. So I am feeling super flat at the moment. I went to see Judy last night and while it definitely seems like the kind of performance that will get an Oscar nomination for Renee Zellwegger, it left me underwhelmed. It was like she’d studied up hard on the tics and slumped posture and grimaces of Judy Garland and poured them all out every time into Acting moment. It was also hard to watch someone implode on screen. For me, it seemed pretty heavy handed basically saying her mother gave her over to the studio system that poured drugs into her and then she was doomed. . . We came out of cinema and saw posters for Top Gun 2 and were like ” Yes! We need a shlocky big budget action film to recover from all that angst.”
    We are into Total Control as well – really enjoying it. Deborah Mailman is excellent.
    Other than, it does seem fairly slim pickings.

    In other news our HSC girl has one teeny exam left (woodwork, so it’s a short and not much hassle) so that is nearly done. It didn’t seem to worry her too much – I might have appreciated some sense it was more important to her, but at least she wasn’t stressing and getting anxiety!

    Im not loving my job at the moment but I guess that’s the way it goes.

    • I know, I know.
      It’s like looking for blessings amongst the dross.
      Hopefully it’s just a weather thing and as things grow in the garden maybe we will become more cheery.
      Maybe I’ll shop. Retail therapy.

    • Seems like yours and mine DDs would have been kindred spirits. Once the second last was done, with only Wood ahead, there was a definite change of tone, like she was over it already and just going through the motions for Wood. She ultimately said it was fine, but she had certainly lost the intensity that preceded all the other exams. Now onto all the other important things, more work hours, applications for next year, moving from red to green P’s etc.

  8. We just started watching Daybreak on Netflix. It’s a cross between Ferris Bueller and Zombieland, which are two of my fave movies, so just a bit of fun. I guess you would call it a stylised apocalypse comedy (did I just invent a genre?). I am looking forward to seeing Zombieland 2 soon as it’s been a while since I saw a film at the actual cinema. 36C here in SA and we are joining friends for trick or treating tonight. I used to think Halloween was American rubbish but some of the houses in my suburb go all out with decorations, and it’s wonderful to see families wandering around, chatting to each other.

    • My favourite zombie movie is Shaun of the Dead. British, of course. I could watch it again and again.
      I shouldn’t say “British, of course” like it means something definitive. My favourite movie ever is Die Hard. It’s one of the best things about Christmas.

      • All that angst. . . for $4.
        I hope this is the start of a turnaround for your feelings now Daisy. some calm sailing would be nice!

        • I’m not superstitious, but I have a roller coaster theory based loosely on probability. What goes down must come up. 😁 (Unfortunately the reverse is also true). 🤣

        • Last year was a shocker for us, this one has been eventful but with happy/neutral events. Your turn now for the up side of the roller coaster. Wishing that for you.

    • I would like to say something incredibly optimistic for you but, unfortunately, it’s not in my nature.
      I am more of a ‘prepare for the worst, hope for the best’ type of person.
      Maybe he has time to think.

      • Bobi, I am being pessimistically optimistic.
        I will give him a warm welcome and a soft place to land, but the deep digging and hard work will need to be on him. He has done so well in his life in the past. He just needs to find himself again. He’s been a hydraulic engineer with his own company, getting big company projects. He’s been a promising neuro physistist, even lecturing and being in the news. Then he’s been a useless drug addict in a Thai prison. He’s really good at art. Really good. So maybe the next phase might be artist. As long as it’s not a troubled artist. He’s always been adventurous and a bit of a risk taker, so if he must take risks with his life, I’d rather him sail the world in a one man yacht.

        You learn, don’t you. You just want them to be happy and healthy.

        • Daisy, I wish your son strength and the determination to overcome his addiction first and foremost.

          For you – stay strong, mama. Often the hardest thing to do is stand back. I’m sending you some toughness vibes, now that you aren’t so far away.

  9. So I have just finished Parks & Recreation. Gosh I loved it – well, I really loved the middle seasons – the start was a bit wobbly, the end was a bit wobbly but the middle was so great that my overall ratiing was glowing. I adore the Good Place and enjoy Brooklyn 99 – if those are in your wheelhouse you might also like Parks & Rec.

    • Brussel, Parks and Rec is excellent humour. So is 30 Rock. We watched all of the season of the Good Life except the latest, which we found a bit boring.

      • My kids decided to get a Stan subscription, so I was frantically watching it there until they decided that it wasn’t worth it to them, lol!
        Have I told this group about JustWatch? It’s an app that collates where shows are on – you can search first and then see if it’s on SBS on demand, or iview or netflix, etc. . . I find it super handy.
        I just checked it for this and it says Parks & Rec is only streaming on Stan or Amazon Prime.

        • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sitting in the car beside Woolif (now Wooliff 😜), I was repeating what you wrote about the ap. He asked, “Who said that?”
          I said, “Brussell”. He said, “Russell who? Is that someone from pottery?” I said, “No Brussell Sprout”.

      • Bobi, Parks and Rec is on nights on 22 (ABC Kids/ABC Comedy). It usually follows 30 Rock. Both are are on quite late, and I don’t know if the eps are in order. Worth checking your tv guide if you have means to tape the shows. Tape? Record? Whatever it is these days.

      • Bobi, if you start at ep 1 you must hang in there. The first few eps are clunky and annoying but once Rob Lowe and Adam Scott join the cast at the end of season 2 it all starts working. Then it becomes just fabulous (all the fans sing with me “I fell into the pit … Bye, Bye Lil Sebastian”)

        • As a Born Again Fan of Parks & Rec I totally am singing along with that!
          But 100% to sticking with it. I didn’t when it was on ABC earlier and regret it now as I could have understand all the Ron Swanson jokes much earlier.

          • When people get too chummy with me, I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don’t really care about them.

    • Parks and Rec is my absolutely favourite show to watch. We all need a bit of Leslie Knope in our life. I just loved how silly it was, but how positive Leslie always stayed, despite all the embarrassing moments and downfalls. 🙂

      • Well I am super glad I joined the Parks and Rec club. I suppose it isn’t a club but more a Park with binders and waffles.

  10. Big things are happening here. In 2 weeks I will have my neck, jowls and eyes done. It’s something I always said “never, ever”, but now I think wtf. I would reno my kitchen. I am really excited. It would have already been done 2 weeks ago but I postponed due to son1 issues. Now it’s my turn. Yay.

    You’ve seen the before.

    • I am all in favour.
      I have tried lots of things, some of which work and some are just a waste of money.
      Fillers worked best for me (not on my lips – I have perfect lips).
      I do think care needs to be taken but. My granddaughter did so much stuff to look good on Facebook that she looked very perculiar in real life. Can I add here that the main problem was that she is only 20 and she ended up looking a very odd 30 year old. She can’t see it.

      • Yes, I know you approve. I don’t want to look like Angie. Her face doesn’t move and she “chalks like zhish”.
        I need facial movement for my joking around.
        As my nephew just told me, “Never mind what happens. I’ll still have my personality”. Hmmmm. 😂

  11. OS Bobi, I am quite fascinated by those girls (usually Asian or Russian) who make themselves, look like dolls. Perhaps I’ll do that. 😂
    Raggedy Anne.

    • But, Daisy, how do you feel about tattoos?

      If you’re going for the Raggedy Ann look, you’l have to have a heart-shaped tattoo put on your tummy, with “I Love You” printed inside the heart.

      • That’s a “never will” that will remain. “never will”, Von. I hate them. Nor do Woolif or our kids like or have them, but my brother and sisters do. Tacky.

        I don’t like the million earring all the way up the ears either. I’m a conservative creative. Crazy, yet boring.

  12. This is totally random, but we are out having coffee ATM and there is a lady I sort of know at another table, and no bs; her nam is Gay……..Gay Crowd. 😋
    100% true.

      • I remember in primary school, one of the admin workers in the office was Mrs Hore.

        We were too young to get it, though. Thank goodness she didn’t work in a high school.

  13. 1 1/2 months to go until the fourth season of Expanse starts. And then in January Picard. My little inner scifi nerd persona is loving this. 😀

    PS: What the actual…??? Hope this woman gets a proper punishment:
    I HATE anti-vaxxers with a passion. And those chemtrails crazies or the flat earthers… Oh, and those creeps believing transvestigation is indeed a thing. :S

    • Me too. Anti-vaxers are dumb AND evil.
      I laughed like a drain at a line in the Good Place which was referencing the really bad stuff people on earth do – and it was something like “women in $400 yoga pants are refusing to vaccinate their children”.

      • Yes, BS! I had the same reaction. You can tell it’s written by the same guy as Parks and Rex aka Cousin Mose from The Office

    • When my kids were young, several mums I knew were getting into Chicken Pox “parties” – find a kid with it, then put all the other kids with them for a long play date. Admittedly this was just before the vaccine came out (all my kids caught it without resorting to making it happen – it always went through the kindy school classes in Oct-Nov-Dec), and it was reasoned that the younger the better to get the immunity. So glad there is a vaccine now, because it can be so dangerous for adults and pregnant women.

      • My mum has hates the anti-vaxxers as well. She had cancer a few years ago and her immune system went to the shits during that time. Anti-vaxxers are hell. :S

        Plus, when I was 7, I caught the chicken pox as well and it was really, really bad for me. :S She said, had there been a vaccine already, she would have vaccinated us. She had to call the doc home because I was so sick, but thankfully the doc brought the fever down so we didn’t need to head to the hospital. I also have some scars from the chicken pox because I basically was one whole chicken pox.^^

        • My immune system was cactus, most of last year, but I kept very good care of myself and didn’t get sick at all. I guess I was quite lucky, in that aspect, because last year was a bad flu season, but I managed to avoid it (which was a good thing, considering).

          But I was still relying on herd immunity to keep me safe, something that anti-vaxxers don’t even believe in (although they do believe in the magical properties of activated almonds. Shrug).

          • I am vaccinated against flu this year. I also had several vaccinations redone after I had mononucleosis in 2016 and my immune system went down the drain. Doc suggested it, and hmm, I am actually believing in modern science instead of swallowing sugar pearl and drinking turpentine.^^

  14. I don’t know if anyone has watched it yet, but I started with Schitt’s Creek. It is awesome. For all the Parks and Rec lovers or The Good Place, it might be worth a try. 🙂

  15. I want to review and refine my play list in my car. My taste in music runs to things likel 30s and 40s, 60s and 70s. I like Rodriguez, Jethro Till, JJ Cale, Cosby Stills Nash and Young, Pink Floyd, Sam Cook, Aretha. All sorts. But not things like Dolly Parton, U2, Ricky Martin.
    I am going to add “but you don’t know How glad I am”. Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Jackie Blue.
    Any suggestions.

  16. Oh and I like
    Box Scaggs. Maria Muldaur. Van Morrison.
    Leon Russell. Leon Redbone. Leslie Gore. Dina Ross. Dionne Warwick. And some random pop songs such as Prima Donna Girl.

    • Thanks Juz. , I had a good day.

      80s …let me think. Yes, Elvis Costello. Jerry Rafferty. Deaf School. Boz Scaggs. George Benson. The Cars. Randy Newman. Steve Miller Band.
      They might overlap the 70s but it’s some of what we listened to to.

      • And I like that 80s sounds like…Gautier’s Somebody that I used to know…..although the correct grammar is “who I used to know” because ‘that’ is for referring to inanimate objects.

        • I have a lot of Jethro Tull albums , daisy….and I never got U2 , either. I tried to like them.

          I’m laughing at “Cosby, Stills, Nash and Young’. Bill Cosby might not laugh, however.

          I have a load of CD’s from artists you mention in comment 20.

  17. Oh guys, stay safe! It is in German news that around Sydney are horrible fires. 🙁 If it is already that bad, how bad will it be for you as soon as it is the middle of summer?

    • Thanks Zhee.
      I am not near Sydney but I am in the red zone.
      It is tinder dry here but we have a lot of kangaroos so very little undergrowth. There is a fine line between pest and blessing.
      Here is a photo of a large mob of kangaroos just over the long-doggo’s shoulder. Imagine hundreds of them.

    • They’ve been saying for a while now that Wednesday was going to be the rough day, and it’s pretty stinking hot already (and it’s not nine o’clock yet). Meanwhile, half the Eastern seaboard is on fire…

      • My sister in law and her family live near Coffs. They live on a mountainside up what is pretty much a goat track so they evacuated early yesterday so they did not become trapped.
        Windsong I saw parts of Sunny Coast evacuated – you ok?

        • Yeah. The Sunny Coast covers a lot of ground, geographically. The parts close to the coastline tend to be heavily built up. So there’s not much scrub around (although there is a little) to cause a problem. Fires in Caloundra (the south part of the coast) will be out west of the city, in the new estates and new suburbs which are still surrounded by the bush.

          But the northern part of the coast (the little villages dotted between the highway and the beach)? A lot of that is undeveloped land, which is all scrub, so it’s more of a danger to the residents. Those walking tracks and mountains I keep climbing? They’re all north and west of here, they’re more of a worry.

          Noosa north shore (which is a lot of forest and scrubland), they’re evacuating that right this second (I’m watching it on my FB newsfeed).

  18. Mayor of Noosa was just on The Project and was very well spoken (glad it was not that fool Jesse from Bachelerotte). I had not realised ferry was the only way out of the Noosa north shore.

    • You’ll still be Daisy, won’t you?

      Take a “before” picture, no make-up, hair slicked back, for your own comparison :).

      Good luck. May your recovery be quick and pain-free.

          • I have six pairs of sunglasses, four reading glasses, but one denture. I took them out whilst being anaesthetized by The Bachelor last night, they fell off couch and got caught on ledge on back of couch. Checked underneath.

            Yeh, never lost them in fifteen years. Fuck , I wanna celebrate.

  19. I’m excited. Von, I will still be daisy. Or maybe I will be dai’ zee. 😂😂😂
    I will still be a dag.

    On other news, my friend came over today and her 3-4 year old was supposed to put her shoes back on. She was scowling and being a brat. I said, “Put your shoes on”, (not even growling) and she slapped me!
    I’m not scared of 3 year olds but it wasn’t my place to discipline her. The mum just ASKED HER if she would like to sit out for a bit.

    • Ha. I think the new Daisy should have three e’s. Or two z’s and no e’s, and use the American pronunciation. I could mess with your name for ages. I used to work at the post office. Once a letter came through post restante for a guy whose first name was something like Jhaisunn. Poor bastard has to go through life correcting people who think he is Jason.

      It’s sad to see a spoiled-brat-in-development. I’m usually careful not to correct someones child. However, if one hit me, I would find it damned near impossible not to admonish the child. You did well.

      What day is your surgery? Post a comment when you’re still slightly dopey; it could be hilarious.

      • I check in at 7.00am. I am spending the night at sister’s.

        You know I love kids more than Michael Jackson did. I have never met a kid a didn’t like…..until my best friend had her two. They NEVER laugh, just scowl. The 6year old boy recently threw wet sand at a man on the beach. When my friend went in to pay, I had to whisper to the man, “I’m not related”.

        • Okay, it’s about 8pm here, and you’re probably not in bed yet. I don’t know why hospitals/clinics have such ungodly early check in times for procedures. I think it’s to make sure you don’t eat or drink, and usually nothing happens until 10 or 11, by which time you would kill for a cup of coffee or tea. Aren’t I comforting? I’m sure you know all that anyway. You’ll be fine, mate, and I’ll be thinking of you, as will many TTV people.

          • I am glad it’s early. I don’t want to hang around wishing I could have a cup of tea.
            We had a burger at that Healthy Burger place on Hilary’s Marina, and walked around a bit. I resisted the urge to coated licorice.
            Now I am at my sister’s place in Edgewater. She’s a nurse so she is scaring me. “What? Only one night?”
            Mount Hospital tomorrow.

  20. Hahaha. The people on Dr Phil today we’re referred to him by……. God. 😂😂😂😂😂
    We knew he was a mandated reporter but that’s a “whole new level”.

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