Survivor ep 3

Island of the Idols is cracking TV thus far so let’s hope it continues.
Is it wrong of me to hope Kellee is in danger so at tribal, when Jeff calls for idols, she can walk over and ask: “Jeff, can you help me fix my hair?”
I want all the players with long locks to use this technique: Joe, Malcolm, Coach, Jeri.



  1. ROFL! Yes. I want to see Hair Idol trending!
    I am excited. Initially I thought I would begrudge the time with Sandra and Rob, but it is good so far and I am loving the season.

  2. So Rob and Sandra are now playing Dares for Idols with the contestants? I wonder if Elizabeth came clean to the girls’ alliance about her visit? They could be omitting it from the edit to prolong the suspense. I still don’t get why they voted Vince, who seemed a good ally for them.

  3. I felt so sorry for that girl that cut her hand. Not one person asked if she was ok or went over to her to see what was wrong. They all just sat there eating & talking totally ignoring her. What horrible people.
    We didn’t get to see Vince come back & what he told the others. Shame he got voted out with an idol. I was waiting for someone to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night & bump into him. Who are you?

    • I reckon they would have just thought he was a production guy – the tribes have never snuck into the other’s camp before. The cut hand was weird – I feel they must have omitted some of what happened.

      • The girl, I think it was Karishma, did state that it turned out to be not such a serious injury, but if I was her I would have been upset about the lack of caring shown. It wasn’t clear how far away she was, but she did say out loud that she was going to faint. They must have cut out a lot because she ended up with a substantial bandage yet nothing at all was said about it.

    • At least cut-hand-girl (poor thing doesn’t even get a name) can go searching for idols. No one will notice her missing.

      It says a lot about the narcissism of cliques.

  4. I hope it changes, but I am finding it difficult to muster much interest in this season. Coming straight after the great Aussie one doesn’t help. I find Rob and Sandra themselves quite boring. The challenge they set was fun, but I don’t see how it related at all to keeping cool under pressure. I am not sure that is something that can be taught anyway. And this episode highlighted a flaw in the concept – that any person going to the island will be presumed to have come back with an idol and therefore will get votes to flush it out.

    I did like the puzzle fish – something different.

    I haven’t looked at the interview but I wonder if Vince was caught out because he was playing both sides. As usual in the US version, there is not enough information in the scramble to understand the vote, as in this case. They omit so much information to build suspense, but the viewer should be able to work it out afterwards without too much trouble. Maybe they will give more clues next week. I think the show should stand alone, the viewer shouldn’t have to go searching online to see what the gameplay was.

    I suspect Chelsea may be one to watch, she seems quite clued in.

    • That whole Rob and Sandra thing is a snooze. Neither of them have any kind of charisma to carry it, and as far as it being an advantage, I doubt it. All that happens is the contestant loses valuable wheeling-dealing time, and puts a target on their back for the idol they might have gained. It’s more likely to be the Rob and Sandra kiss of doom.

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