Survivor Idols: are Rob and Sandra back?

No secret visit last week due to the tribe swap, which means Rob and Sandra will be back tonight.
Karishma’s team will lose again (c’mon, it’s a given until the merge) but the question is, does her new tribe continue their strategy of picking off the newbies until merge. Or do they use Karishma’s vote to turn on one of their own?

Oh, and those Applebee’s shark bowl drinks from last week? Google tells me they are a tropical slushie mixed with rum, topped with a gummy shark lolly. Did Rob and Sandra get one, too?



  1. I’m tipping that karishma’s run of good luck will end tonight. I cannot see a circumstance under which that team could win. . . So doubtless this means it’s the other team, lol. My predictions have been totally rubbish this season.

    • So you were right : you were wrong! That was a fun episode in that I had no idea if Missy and Aaron would flip. It sucked that Elaine was made to read her advantage aloud. It should have been secret. I am sorry to see Jason go as he did so well to salvage his position after a poor start

      • YES!!! I am the jinx. I even though oh yes, it’s MY fault entirely because I put it out there. But have been so woeful that. . . yep. . . I’m crap at predictions 🙂
        Anyway it made me laugh a lot.
        The whole Island of the Idols visit is now so deeply suspicious that anyone who goes is under a massive cloud and the recency bias of Elaine’s advantage will make them all paranoid. I wonder what they think about early visitors like Kellee (idol) and Elizabeth (nada).
        I totally came around to Jason. bummer.

  2. It was a fhn ep Juz.
    So glad they didn’t vote Elaine. I was hoping Jason was safe and a-hole who rummages through everyone’s bags was going.

    • Other peoples’ bags should be off-limits, so yes, bag pilferer should go. But I was also finding Elaine a bit annoying, I don’t know why.
      That looked so disappointing for the people who thought that Elaine was going.

      • I just wanted the blind side that Elaine could cause, because the others were cocky and assumed tribal outcome was a fait accompli. Elaine will probably annoy me next week. That woman who started blubbering and saying she has been a fan forever when Elaine read out the vote block – OMG, I wouldn’t miss that spoilt princess. Pilferer should def be next out though.

      • I couldn’t believe him going through people’s bags right in front of everyone. So brazen. I would have thought it was against the rules but it isn’t. As long as you don’t take anything.

    • I saw that today. He was 91 & I thought he must have been pretty old when he went on the show. Apparently he was 72 when he went on the first season.

  3. Thanks Juz, I had been very curious about what was in that shark cocktail. I asked my friend who had just been to the US if she went to applebee’s but she said she didn’t go there. I was going to ask her about that cocktail.
    That was hilarious when Elaine dropped the advantage when she grabbed it but no one noticed. That was the first time we saw two people who had been to the island of the idols discussing what happened.

  4. I thought it was quite clear that Missy wasn’t going to flip after she heard of the advantage, but I was surprised by Aaron. Now everyone knows he was considering flipping, and the fact that he didn’t won’t help with his alliance,

    Elaine announced the advantage too early, imo. She should have waited until the moment Jeff called for the vote, then it would have been much harder for anyone to try to call a new plan. I don’t understand why they chose Jason, he seemed the lesser threat than the others.

    This was the first Rob/Sandra challenge I enjoyed, but it was interesting that Rob admitted that they are basically bored. When they have the person there, I would like to have them be really specific in their advice, based on what they see at TC, rather than just generic lessons.

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