Survivor Idols ep 4

We must be close to some kind of tribe shuffle. Hoping for a better-edited episode tonight.
It was implied in an interview that Vince was not allowed to reveal the Idols secret except to discuss with Elizabeth, who had been there. But none of this was shown.
And that whole situation with the cut-hand lady was terribly edited.
Will Dean speak?
Why isn’t Elaine getting more air time?
If they are going to sneak Rob and Sandra into tribal why do we barely hear them speak?



  1. All excellent questions Juz!
    I found cut-hand story weird – Karishma (dunno spelling) was totes painful though – and I thought a fair bit on the side of melodramatic. I mean, did she REALLY cut her finger to the bone? that seems way more major and would need all kinds of restorative surgery as I would have thought she would need tendons re-connected, for example if the cut truly went to bone?? not that i’m a medical person, lol.

    That’s interesting about Vince – I had suspected that they have been told not to reveal about the Idols, esp as they want to keep the “OMG it’s Boston Rob and Sandra” reveal going. . .
    I think Elaine isn’t getting airtime is a good sign for longevity in game. I am liking Lauren and (my winner pick) Missy and don’t want anything to happen to them.
    I have to ignore SM on thursdays because the american survivor fans that I follow start tweeting before I can watch it.

    • Yes, Bruss. I think if you cut your hand to the bone, you would have probably cut tendons. Either way, especially in the tropics where germs thrive, you would require medical attention. Maybe they get medical attention that we don’t see.

      • I think what she did must have been like a stab rather than a slice, if you know what I mean. I doubt she could see bone, but lots of people say that if they see white in a cut. That said, it was bleeding profusely, and she did end up with a biggish bandage (not just a bandaid), so she definitely had medical treatment.

      • Yeah, usually we see the medics come out & tend to it but in a later shot she had a bandage on her hand so they obviously tended to it but we weren’t shown it. I couldn’t believe the others just sat there & ignored her when she was obviously in pain. No one asked her if she was ok.

  2. I kind of wish the other tribe had lost just because we have spent a lot of time at Karishma’s tribe lately. However, I was glad Jason was safe as he had previously be on the bottom with Noura. Oh Noura – I couldn’t wait to see Rob and Sandra’s reaction to her. Her cover story was atrocious but the way her tribe sat her out of the challenge was glorious to watch.

    • I agree Juz. Jason was excellent and calm at the caller job. I am liking him a lot more and can see he has a lot to offer.

      But Noura – WOW. What a lesson in how NOT to Play Survivor, lol! The tribe was savage and accurate in making her sit out. LOVED it. She was totally terrible at being the caller – kind of struggling to see what she is actually good at to be honest. Her inabilty to sell the tribe anything was so hilarious to watch – easily the worst ever attempt at a cover up on survivor. She was soooo miffed when she was told to sit out – beyond hilarious.

      I totally get why she was cast as she is gold to watch, but for all the wrong reasons.

      If you could stand having her around you would keep her as the utterly perfect Goat – literally no one would vote for her and people would be rushing to write down the name of anyone else, even people who’d stabbed you in the back would be more welcome than Noura. The problem with that logical strategy is that I think any reasonable person is going to crack and vote her out to get some peace – I definitely feel if I was hungry and cold having Noura NOT SHUT UP all the time would send me over the edge. So I want her to stay for OUR entertainment – as I don’t have to live with her total lack of self-awareness, empathy or knowing when to shut the HELL UP – but I think she will not last too long.

      The person who is SERIOUSLY annoying me is Karishma – utterly determined to make herself unpopular and on the outs. . . Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy – “I’m just so different and older (but still surely a good bit younger than Janet who doesn’t seem to have these issues with the young women!) oh and I’m indian and I’m married and and and and”. She is so painful. I wonder just how long will it take her to race to the bottom of the merged tribe?

      Not sure about Missy now – she was my winner pick but I think she might be playing too hard at this point and that has made some distrust with people like Elaine, who now can see how quick she turns and changes the vote. This makes people realise she is untrustworthy. Bugger.

      The Island segment was hilarious this episode as Noura managed to talk over Boston Rob and not listen to a word he was saying. In general I don’t mind Idol Island, but am wondering if it is taking up time and not giving us good insight into all the players. Clearly the fix was in well before tribal, but maybe that was just good editing to keep the suspense going. So I am open about the value – however, I don’t think having them as Muppet/balcony commentators at tribal actually adds ANYTHING to the show. They say either the flaming obvious or a variation on what we were all thinking without any special insights.

      Anyway, I’m curious about how much a shakeup there will be at tribe swap. It might be an opportunity to get to know some of the invisible people. I’m hoping that the lack of airtime of some of the people I like such as Janet and Elaine is a good sign that they go quite far.

  3. Great summary, Brussell.

    Best moment of this season so far was seeing Noura voted to sit out. I would love to know who twigged onto this solution first, as it solved all their problems. In fact, solved them so well that they won the challenge and missed the opportunity to get rid of her. It did cross my mind whether they might be going to throw it for that reason. Certainly the pre-knowledge of what the challenge would be was very advantageous for the tribe. I think Kellee (having been to the island) knew that Noura would be getting some personal reward for being the caller, and she may have dropped a hint in the right place. I reckon Rob and Sandra knew within a minute that Noura was a dud. I don’t think I have seen a goat declared so early. Your theory about someone cracking and wanting her out earlier is spot on – I think Missy is getting close already.

    Chelsea made the classic fatal mistake – not going into a “power couple” but not realising that the perception of being in one is even more dangerous. She had the makings of a great player, but…rookie error. Non-romantic power couples are much more dangerous, but harder to detect.

    It was interesting that Rob and Sandra fell for Elaine’s “I’m just a confused country giiiirl” play – they have no idea. However, everyone on the tribe knows that is an act, so it will be interesting to see how it plays after the swap next week.

    How is that we start with less players, and yet I still can’t remember names and some faces seem new?

    Still not feeling any love for the idol island twist.

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