Survivor Idols – the swap

Yay – it’s swap time. Thank goodness because I could not watch Karishma’s tribe implode any further. I really hope Elaine and Noura end up together because I want to hear Elaine’s take on her.
Given it’s swap time, perhaps Sandra and Rob should move out of their digs and let some new “idols” in. Cochran and Parv?



  1. Interesting choices tonight. I loved that the majority considered who would have loose ties to their old tribe when they cast their votes. It was great not to have the same old “keep the muscles, lose the weak”. Noura is mad as but she was a fun in that sand worm challenge. How was Karishma yelling back at Jeff’s commentary at her woeful performance “No, I’m not!”. Great episode.

    • Jeff WAS really calling out Karishma’s poor showing – she was slowest up ladder, finally got karishma on the wharf, etc. . . so 100% clear that his assessment was correct, but I can see how frazzling it would be to hear your name constantly reinforced as the worst performer.
      She was super interesting about her marriage though – how much of that did her husband understand before? Kind of hope he wasn’t find out about it on live tv. . .

  2. Naura is, “Bwah ha ha ha ha” crazy.
    So sick is Karry-me Krishna. Too bad it was Tom tonight.
    And we really need Rob to tell us they won’t win challenges now?
    Rob and Sandra are so overrated. Deadwood.

    • I am SOOO here for Noura. Totally loopy but I want to watch her maniacal and wildly inappropriate laughs, her complete lack of self-awareness, her utter inabiity to read the game – I love it ALL. . . But she does annoy the crap out of me and I would be hard pressed to keep her next to me for longer than 2 seconds and would be writing NOURA even if it wasnt good strategy.
      This season are making interesting votes so I think she might be safe for a bit.

  3. Watching that last night I wanted Applebee’s so bad. It looked yummy. And that shark cocktail. What is in that? I want one.

  4. If ever a “keep the strength” strategy was fully justified, this week was it. One of the more stupid decisions made by a tribe ever. I thought higher of Jamal, at least, but maybe he was outvoted. i am also getting a little tired of people saying X is really nice and we have a connection, so that makes them dangerous and I have to get rid of them. Doesn’t sound like a good way to build an alliance.

    No visit to the island this week, first reward only challenge (haven’t heard of that restaurant, and the food didn’t sound like my cup of tea anyway), and the only sighting of the “idols” is in the hotbox. Why aren’t there more general idols in play?

    It is a negative of the highly professional nature of Survivor now that tribes think they actually want to be at TC every week to remove people before merge, instead of avoiding TC. Nearly every winner comes from the tribe that is quite unseen because they keep winning.

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