Survivor Island of the Idols ep 2

Looking forward to seeing what “lesson” is next – and what the test is. Perhaps Sandra and Rob both make a statement and the contestant has to guess who is lying.
But the twist is BOTH are lying.
Can’t wait for Survivor Idols on Thurs on Go at 7.30pm.



  1. Another great episode. I love that a woman found an idol and another won an idol (granted the questions were easy) and hid it in her freakin’ hair! Daisy – take note! And Chelsea started that fire like a boss after that sooky alpha male snapped at her

    • That was my thought. They have to make space. The contestants must be wondering why there are no stand-alone rewards.

  2. I LOVED the hair – no weird “I’m clearly lying oops am I Daisy” vibe from Kellee. I had found Kellee super annoying in her interviews, but tonight I was impressed. I know they were easy questions – I started noticing Sandra’s daughters ages (21 and 23?), her husband being in military for 27 years, etc etc. Didn’t need to! But still. She nailed it and GOT an extra tribal for the idol too. Excellent.

    Loved Lauren’s move – wow. Maybe too early as not sure what to do with Jack & Jamal now, but hey – masterfully done. I loved her assessment that she wasn’t on board with Noura (DEEPLY annoying to survivors as well as me) or Jason, but they could be used. Pretty wowed by her.

    Chelsea was very impressive – instant fire and then getting firewood without going all Noura White Female about it (what the hell was that ‘i stayed awake people’ crap? TARGET!) – and casually spotting an idol. She has so practiced this. Good on her, superfan.

  3. I think she was meant to take back an idol. The questions were easy and she only had to get 3/5. I think because it’s called IDOL island.

  4. So I missed the first week, as bloody usual!
    I couldn’t fully engage with this episode, but was really hoping they’d take out one of the three.
    Because of those dumb Aussie’s who made no real big moves until late in the game I was ready to be disappointed, with Jason leaving.
    But no, these yankees are in 4th gear from the get go! The look on Molly’s buddy’s faces. Loved it!

    • When whatsiface said he hadn’t even brought his bag to tribal because he was safe, I thought: you just made yourself a massive target. ALWAYS pack your bag. It irritates people if you don’t

  5. I’ve been wondering with the people going to idol island. They pick a name randomly out of a bag. Do they then throw that name away so everyone gets to go? Or do they put it back? Some people may get picked 2 or 3 times while some may never get picked. Well next week whoever goes from whichever tribe will realise the other person lied. Will they keep up the act or spill the beans? I mean as more people go they are going to realise they were lied to.
    That stupid challenge with the ladders why didn’t they lean it up against the pole? Or weren’t they allowed to? That poor girl that fell off TWICE because the idiots kept dropping it. No way would I have volunteered for that.

    • I am presuming that the name does not go back in the bag, so yes some people might leave before they get a chance. We found out this week that they are alternating the tribes, so whatshername from last week was safe from discovery, and whosiwhatsit this week (amazing job with the hair) will be safe for a bit.

      But, honestly, I don’t think they would have any choice but to lie about it. And when the secret comes out, which I expect to happen after about three have been for each tribe, I don’t think any player of reasonable intelligence will have expected them *not* to lie. The second/third etc players to go from each tribe will have to tailor their lie to fit with the first lie. Maybe they will all say “I broke an urn but it said no game”. By that time all the others will start to become suspicious as none of that explains the name of the season.

      If the secret is still in force when a tribe swap happens, it will be interesting to see the manoeuvring as people try to work out who knows and who doesn’t.

      I also expect the Rob and Sandra twist to get very boring once the secret is out. It is not all that interesting now, tbh.

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