The Block – Hell Week

They call this week Hell Week but surely that’s every week for the viewer?
Verandahs are revealed and then it’s media rooms and all the bits and pieces. On Wednesday Alice reveals who made the cover of Domain. Who do you think it is? MM?



  1. MM:
    What a sanctuary? exclaims Shaynna. Darren settles on the chair and is quite happy for this to be the last room. It is a living space in a house that already has a lot of living space. Authenticity comes from the mismatched furniture. The cane chairs harks back to the Federation verandah, declares Shaynna. The plant selection is just getting better and better. It is a good start.

    Going to the third level, it is a party house with a view. For Neale it is a house that ooozes hospitality. Darren thinks that the change of plans in week one was a risk that paid off (and just made every other house unsalable).

  2. TL:
    Not as quite as much going on as next door but it is still quite a nice verandah.
    They are selling an idea on a limited budget.
    Going up to the third level, it is consistent with the lower level and they have done well on a limited budget. It was a good choice to have a elevated table. For Shaynna, the space has a lovely feel but they have been screwed by MM and they future owners will need ear cancelling earphones.

  3. AD
    Upon walking onto the verandah, Darren observes that he has seen these chairs before. The sofa is more suited to next door. It is way too industrial. Neale is disappointed as he was expecting more.
    Up to level three, it is an improvement on the lower verandah but there is no emtional connection. Needed a hammock.
    Mmm… Does Sea Shepherd sponsor the Block…yet another contestant wearing their shirt.

  4. EM
    Shaynna loves the game. Darren was surprised to see a mirror but questioned the position. It is very “Bitch stole my look” as the same furniture and games were used from the previous two houses.

    To make the space to work you need an abundance of stuff.

    Up to the third level and Neale hates the park bench. It is a very muddled verandah. Darren on the other hard, loves it. For him the monochromatic theme works.

  5. JM
    We are on a verandah and not in a garden. Shaynna following the producer’s prompt that Jesse must be punished for the hip joint, struts over to the plastic plant and declares she is taking extra points off for it.

    It feels really lazy for Neale. They have not created the dream. For Darren, its ‘meh’. There is no heater or fan.

    Going up to the third level, it is boring as batshit. It feels that they have given up this week. It is a tragedy they have made a messs of the shell by doing nothing.

  6. Thanks again for the updates Maz.
    OMG the judges got out of bed on the wrong side the day these rooms were judged. And carrying on the the verandas will make or break the selling of these places. If I am a buyer, No amount of styling will high building and finishing imperfections in my mind.

  7. Ugh, I think I will skip that reveal episode. It all reads so childish and nasty what’s coming from the judges. :S And Scotty annoys me anyway. Maybe it was the day the channel told the 4 they will not be in further seasons?

    I read that TL changed the media room to a dining space? Sounds practical. Perhaps they are the Dark Horse in the race…

      • I only saw it on Reddit and people were in awe about that decision so I assumed the room was on the ground level. If it is on second level, this sounds dumb to me (tbh, I couldn’t remember the layout anymore). Even with a lift, you still have to move the food there and then up.

        There are also cheating allegations regarding MM regarding their budget. Some people on Reddit debunked it though as MM use a lot of the sponsored companies etc.
        To me it seems that the producers keep a much closer eye on the team’s budgets now since there had been issues in the past. Wasn’t there actually some seasons ago two teams being in the red and then they had to have get approvals from Scotty in order to spend money?
        I am sure the producers indeed know the numbers very well and would spot cheating quickly.

  8. It is obvious that the judging walk through order should rotate each week, as there is an advantage in being first seen every week. The first team get the credit for things that all the spaces have eg views or structural features. But, as seen over the years, there is zero interest in making the judging appear fair, presumably because dodginess creates controversy creates media traffic.

    Seems that Jesse will continue to be put in the naughty corner not only by Scotty but in the judging also. I hope his conviction that they will be vindicated by the final result pays off.

    • Agree they shouldn’t rotate the rooms each week and although not practical it would be good if they didn’t know who’s room was who’s each week.
      I also disagree with scoring the rooms after all have been seen, rather than scoring each room as they go. They appear to judge to pick a winner as opposed to judging the room in its merits.

  9. JM really didn’t care about the judges scores this week because they were saving money for the remainder of the reno. I agree with them and don’t think the verandahs are all that important. They will not make or break the purchase of the apartments. I wouldn’t want to bring friends through the master bedroom to party or relax on the attached verandah. That’s what the terrace and perhaps the lower verandah is for.
    Getting tired of the comments about the noise from the party house and that apartment then devaluing the other ones. Even if it wasn’t a so-called party house there would still be noise coming from the neighbors, at least IMHO. In fact people could be partying on any of those verandahs and making noise.
    I like the set of dishes that MM had on their dining room table. Would like to purchase a set of those. Price is probably beyond my range though.
    Was anyone impressed with the outside of the building? I thought it was rather ugly.

    • I agree about not spending money on the verdandahs. Although I didn’t what they choose to put on them, it was interesting to see them pick something that didn’t really match the space, yet andy and deb (and another couple I think) tried to stick to the monochrome theme of the space and also get slaughtered for it. You can’t win!

    • Why not “luxe” verandahs? Party people need somewhere edgy to fight, vomit and sleep.

      Thanks , Maz.

  10. OMG…The Block decides to compete with the Meghan and Harry sobfest on the other channel, with the Tess and Luke sobfest. Absolute losers.

    • $cotty “doesn’t know what to say”. Not much he doesn’t, he’s bending over for the producers.

  11. Are they serious? The qualified builder needs Keith & Dan + crew to help them out. Luke should be thinking about another career post Block.

    • The squeaky wheel is oiled. They learned this strategy from Matt and El’i$e.

      It got up Mitch and Mark’s nosy noses.

      • Didn’t it get up their noses. ‘Is it fair? Probably not’ snarks Mark. MM are pathetic as LT.
        Tess comes up with a possibility of saving their bums – sell Freedom money for trades.
        Snitchy ole Mitch has a snark that she’s only selling Freedom money cos she won’t be using it anyway. Well fing der… she’s looking out for herself not MM.
        I hope they all make a decent amount of cash but won’t be disappointed if MM are put back in their box and come mid range at auction.

        • Last night there was one of those 20 to 1 TV shows on with the theme: Most shocking moments in reality TV. The year only one of The Block houses sold (for a measly $10k profit) was towards the top. That was the Josh and Jenna season and Dan and Danni I believe

          • From memory $cotty really crapped out that night and was lost for words for a long time. Great memories, Juz.

          • That was S4. D&D S5. I was curious so checked out the length of S4 – 2 months. We are now in week 14!!

  12. It certainly has been the season of the flexible budget. One moment Deb & Andy have the most money, then the least amount of cash and then the most amount of cash. It is almost if the production is gaslighting the contestants.

    It would also appear, that since Tess has $12k in Freedom vouchers, she has been using cash to furnish the house. Again, as with the fireplace voucher, they have not bothered to paid attention to the details. They both come across as been short quite a few IQ points though Tess is a bit more sly and cunning that Luke.

    It also annoyed me that the judges “know” the contestants and how much money they have and spent on an area. It defeats the point of the judging based on the room presented. As Jesse pointed out, other teams had plastic plants and they did not remark upon their presence on their respective verandas.

    The other problem with this week’s judging, if Elise’s comment is interpreted correctly, it looks like they were all forced to shop at Soilworx this week so why the surprise when low on funds and the need to feature the sponsor’s product that identical products were selected.

    Also, what stuck me as odd, in previous seasons, the production dictated outdoor features such as light fixtures, fans and heaters. Why the discretion this year? This is the season that there should have been uniformity with the details particularly with the insistence that each property be lumbered with a palm tree.

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