1. TL
    Oh my goodness? How is good is that? referring to the glass floor. It feels like the house is breathing again. The judges were really delighted that the dining table was removed from the kitchen island.
    You can see how the challenge has defeated them on the stairwell. Unfinished and paint everywhere.
    Look at this gesturing to the light-well. It is genius. The glass ceiling acts as a acoustic barrier. Shaynna bitched you can’t wear a skirt walking on the glass ceiling. They love the flex space(media room). The finishes are woeful.
    Not to the standard of House 1 but they are trying. This is a big achievement. Neale then compares the Block to Survivor. It is now about human endurance.

    • I caught the part where Neal mentioned how “The Block is no longer about renovation.”

      Phew. I’m glad someone in the production crew finally noticed that problem.

  2. MM
    Upon entering the from door, the judges are surprised to see everything looking neat and tidy. They are immediately drawn to the lights adorning the stairs.
    They seem so sculptural. This house never fails to surprise.

    At the base of the stairs, the tiling to mask the inability to line up the chevron flooring screams “alarm”. Danger Zone. The police tape tiling looks more at home on an oil rig than in this house.

    The guest bedroom, elicits the “oh wow.”. What a room! It is extremely well set out. They have set the party scene with the styling. Loads of storage. Kate Moss inspired. It is just an extraordinary room (with the light-well)

    What is another word for mind-blowing? The risk of changing the floor plan has paid off and this should bring big success on auction day.

  3. DA
    Seriously, the stairs are a mess. Unpainted plaster-work. Absent skirts. The powder room had some execution issues this week as well. i.e Unfinished.
    Going to the upper lever-Neale loves the runner, the basket weave lamp shades and the painted brick. I (Neale)bloody love it. Their style is that of global nomad and this is their St Kilda sanctuary.
    Moving to the office: it is a perfect little home office space. This makes perfect sense. It is a little room up in the sky. Darren loves the bench-top. It is really cool. Shaynna loves the chairs (after all the crappy office chairs she has seen on the Block). It has a happy vibe. It will attract professionals to the area. They (DA) really think about how people live today.

  4. EM
    Neale was pleased to see the powder room finished even though it is black. Neale likes the wall sconces. Shaynna loves the laundry chute.
    They like the generous office space. The artwork and styling is done well. It is hard to argue against it as a functional space but DA’s was better.
    What they have delivered, they have brought the house together.

    • I don’t like the underneath of their stairs. They habe two supportimg rail things and they look too bulky or boxy or something.
      Their house just dorsn’t gel at all for me.

  5. JM
    Shyanna was impressed by the flooring and loves the simplicity of the arch. Neale now likes the enclosed living room now that it is in context of the hallway.
    Oh My God, squeals Darren upon seeing the $5000 wine cellar. Darren loves the detailing. Neale finds it dramatic and potentially polarising and a little bit ostentatious.

    The stairs have an Escher-esque feel. The chandelier is impressive. Not trendy but one certainly seen in luxury developments.

    Moving to the media room,look at those skylights and the crazy angles. It is impressive. The judges then do the obligatory praise of the sponsor product in the form of the over large safe. Mel and Jesse are very clever at styling to show what a room can potentially be.

    Moving to the laundry, it is a very neat space and they are the only team to deliver a discrete walk in laundry which can be closed off to the rest of the house.
    Mel and Jesse bit off a lot and chewed like hell. They shown sheer stamina to finish the space.
    Throughout the judging, the camera kept crossing to MM giving JM filthy looks.

    • Well, JM did the same during MM’s feedback. So all even, I guess. Plus JM’s comments were stupid at the end.
      I think MM deserved the win this week, even though I HATED the tiles under the stairs. The bedroom was really pretty though.
      JM, I think the safe in the media room was ruining it. Also I was not keen on their wine fridge.

      Btw, where exactly is the separate entrance for TL’s studio apartment? I had a look at the floor plans. there is none.

      • It is the curse of winning such a prize, you need to feature it when you really don’t want to. We think JM were smart by not recessing it or building a niche for it. It means that it can be removed. Didn’t like their wine cellar either. Perhaps a linen cupboard instead.

        We don’t think there is a separate entry. It looks like the garage opens up into the hallway adjacent to the interior courtyard. You would still need to enter the house to access the studio space. We think it would be more suited to a family member wanting quasi independence.

        • There are two access points, through the hallway on level 2 and the courtyard. Both can only be reached through the house. I read so many comments claiming it has a separate access, there is none. The arguments it was a master stroke as it can be rented out, are invalid. I wouldn’t want strangers walk past my bedrooms or through my living room to access the studio.^^

          The producers should have allowed JM to put that ugly safe into the garage.^^ It is a huge eyesore. Overall, I am not too keen on their apartment. It feels a bit… soulless. Same goes for TL’s apartment. It doesn’t really “flow”. EM’s apartment also is a big mishmash and I personally think some elements clash horribly and the kitchen is dreadful.
          AD have definitely the best flow along with MM. I would rather buy AD’s apartment, MM is sometimes a bit over the top, but to be fair, their floor plan is the best out of all 5 houses. It absolutely makes sense how they planned it. The Master has enough privacy and I think the planning is better as the Master isn’t separated through the staircase like in the other 4 houses.

          I guess we will still see TL or EM win, as somehow most of the seasons see the worst ones win the most.^^

  6. Give this episode a miss. Deb is so tired that she forgot where she parked the car. Mark cuts a lonely figure as recriminations begin for blowing the budget.

    • Mark’ martyrdom. Eugh.
      His assertions that everyone’s been playing the game and some will be happy with MM current troubles. Well hellloo. Sanctimonious bitches getting their comeuppance.

      • It seems that MM are the fans favourites. Why?????? Was on another forum and there seemed to be some huffing and puffing that JM cheated as they pulled the Hi-Pages lever for hallway week. Really????

        MM, played the game the hardest. They were smart to pull the council plans and plan from that rather than rely on what production gave them but most importantly they played the identity card. The production since their outburst has treated them with kid gloves. Well played.

        We know people hate Jesse but we found it interesting that when the other teams have been in trouble they seem to turn to him. i.e. LT with the tiling and paint gun and DA with the missing car.

        • I don’t begrudge them for what they’ve created but yes, MM certainly played the game the hardest, as they always set out to do. They were rapt when the pool was vetoed, everyone became fair game.
          Jesse has been shown to be a bit of a prat, and I was turned off in the beginning, that is the confidence of a young fella though. I notice when he likes another teams’ room he sounds genuine. Not all mealy mouthed like some.
          MM sure know how to manipulate. Mark is particularly up my goat these last couple weeks. He twists those ferret features and rolls those eyes with a vengeance as he snarks away, deflecting unless it suits his game.
          And just how did they go broke without ‘Scotty’ being all over it?

  7. It seems Jesse’s wine cupboard is nothing more than commercial grade glass doors, some shelving and metal mesh from Bunnings.
    What wine connisueur would want their bottles and labels scratched by mesh metal?? 🤔

    The safe looked totally
    wrong for the room. Jesse recommends that new owner could sell it – yes but whoever buys the safe would have to hire a crane to get it out of there! 😏

    • Thanks. According to Domain, it is the most viewed property on line. The general expectation seems to be that they will do well and to expect the ‘party space’ to be converted into a self contained unit.

      They are tempering that expectation with last year’s outcome. Kerry and Spence’s apartment was the most viewed but Sara and Hayden won.

    • Thanks for the link Smythe. It puts such a perspective on things.

      Notice how most of the plants, particularly the Boston ferns in all the hanging baskets outside are virtually dead? No surprises of their outcome there.

      • You are welcome.
        Poor plants. 🙁
        Did you notice the view from the bedroom on the second floor..the one that’s in the middle of that floor. It looks into a bathroom.
        Not impressed with the views from the terraces. Don’t see how other people’s apartments and the street offer impressive views.

  8. Here we go again…Mark plays the victim again.
    What is the bet that production is picking up the tab for Jason’s bill.

    • You are probably right, Maz. So much faux drama.
      The teams whine about lack of money and Scotty, Keith and Dan all make threats but, in the end, the work is finished. Don’t tradies come back when the teams are gone and fix things that weren’t fixed?

    • Spot on Maz. The way ”Scotty’ was conveying the terms and then Dan making the point that M’bitchy had to pull his weight. M’snark pulls out the ‘I’m offended’ BS again. Taking offence seems to be their get out of gaol response. Dan apologised for ‘offending’ them. They see themselves as vindicated, all good, next.

  9. Hmm, so, Apostrophe will win tonight. Getting 30 or 29,5 points and uses her gnome to get the highest ever score on The Block. *yawn*
    MM will be called out for cheating. *yawn*
    Tess will be bitching about MM and Apostrophe’s win. *yawn*
    Jesse will say something arrogant. *yawn*
    Andy will make a stupid joke. *yawn*

    Thank god this is over soon. I really like seeing the houses come together, but this year is dragging on and on. And on. And. On.

    • This season is going to be 14 weeks, before they even get to a redo room (?) or the actual auction.
      Longest. Season. Ever.

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