Bachelorette: End is nigh

The finale is tomorrow (Thurs) so the Wed episode is just a filler, really.
What do we think? Carlin, Timm or Ryan?
Or did Angie meet a nice camera man?

Goofball Timm is really the only one we know much about. Carlin and Ryan can really only be told apart by their hair or lack thereof. Oh and one likes dogs.
Social media is full of people speculating Ciarron will ride in on a white horse and rescue Angie but I fear that’s a plot line they are saving for Bachelor in Paradise. Hopefully we get to see him on I’m a Celeb because he is good TV.



  1. I think Ryan is going home.
    She likes him but there is nothing else there but a liking for dogs – and maybe a bit of a physical attraction. He’s the guy you pick up in a pub and then discard as soon as you realise that there is no conversation.
    I don’t think he’s even good enough for Bach In Paradise. He’s tedious tv.

    • Totally agree with you. First episode, I thought he is a good looking man. But the looks didn’t last. Now he is so ordinary. Not like Matty J or Lee, still gorgeous

      • He wasn’t born with their chiselled cheekbones. The problem is, other than Timm, I have no idea who these guys are. Which I know goes the same for women when it’s the Bachelor, but surely the show could do a bit more to allow them to demonstrate their personality or even talk about work. I guess these are the conversations that happen in between takes.

  2. I haven’t been watching so don’t know which guy is which, except that one is bald and one seems to have a lot of hair that he wears in unusual ways.

    However, I did pay attention to a couple of the promos yesterday. What has Angie had done to her face? In the scene where she supposedly bursts into tears, her face doesn’t move at all. Geez, she’s only 29!

      • $50,000? You mean she won’t look normal again after letting mega botox injections wear off? Good lord, why would such a young person do that? That is sad.

    • I am sure she has had Botox … but then who hasn’t?
      I think the rest is tv makeup.
      That stuff is slathered on with a trowel. If you not used to it, or can’t get used to it, it’s like wearing one of those clay face masks for shrinking pores that makes you look the Thing from The Fantastic Four.
      Thank god they have toned it down a bit in anticipation of bit the teary scenes.

  3. I feel like she’s backed into a corner, here, and there’s not many ways out.

    Timm’s interesting, but he’s so quirky and high energy. I think I’d find him tiring, very quickly.

    Carlin’s just, I don’t know. He’s hard to read. He’s very attractive, but I feel like he’d get bored with someone who wasn’t as physically-perfect as he was. It’s almost like, he’s too superficially good, so he must have some hidden down-side.

    And Ryan’s about as charismatic as a paper bag. He’s bald and he likes dogs.

    I can’t say I’d pick any of them, if I was her. Good thing I’m not.

    • None of them suited her personality. If she likes the red carpet then Carlin will be the one. But Carlin is also quite bland

      • He is, though, isn’t he? He’s vapid in that way of all people who spend too much time staring into a mirror, perfecting their physiques. It’s like, it’s a nice idea, and sure, the packaging is pretty … but that’s not someone you marry. There’s nothing to him beyond abs. Abs are nice, but there should be depth to somebody.

        • Seems like Angie has the choice between the gym junkie spending too much time staring into a mirror and the party animal spending too much time staring into space. One will have abs , the other crabs.

          Okay to do a Honey Beaver and run, I reckon.

  4. Maybe this is a bit mean, but at the rose ceremony tonight? The longer it went on, the more hysterical and weepy Angie got, the more annoyed I was, watching it. After ten minutes of histrionics (of eliminating the guys she barely knows who, apparently, collectively, make up the love of her life), I was just about over it.

    Funny thing that I keep thinking? If eliminating Ryan was the “wrong” decision, who did she really want to send home, and who would she have kept?

    • I saw that bit. I happened to catch the eviction of Ryan. Heartwrenching. 😭😭😭😭😭
      BTW Timmmmmmmm and the other guy as potential boyfriends? As with Sophie Monk, Angie was given dweebs.

  5. Out of left field, Ryan was very gracious after the elimination. More gracious than most contestants on this and on previous seasons.
    Maybe we underestimated him.
    Maybe he just suffered from resting-bitch-face and producer editing.
    Poor Angie. I don’t think she is going to find true love.

  6. Oh, I don’t know. Ryan’s first response, standing there, was an expression of anger that was repeated. He was dull as ditchwater, anyway.

    • Oh no, I mean after, after.
      He is reminding everyone that the show is about Angie, not him, and her path to finding love.
      And, although he is disappointed, he just wants her to be happy.
      His comments since going home have been a little classy.
      Most of the other eliminated are busy upping their profile. I am so disappointed in Ciarran. Everything he is doing at the moment is just trashy. I did like him at the time but I am now wondering.

      • He is a controlled individual. And a liar! The fact he can mouth the appropriate platitudes at the right time and maintain a level of politeness is to be expected. But the flash of anger – not disappointment, not sorrow, not heartbreak, not pain – at the announcement it was not him was all I needed to know.

    • Oh, dull. I agree with dull. Dreadfully dull.
      But as to being able to tell the difference between a flash of anger and a flash of pain, I was never able to tell the one from another.
      And I used to be married to someone who thought if I couldn’t figure that out then I didn’t really “know” him. Guess how that turned out.

      • Dr Phil says anger is a combination of fear, hurt and frustration. It’s always fun when he gets angry.

        I missed Baldy’s post mortem speech, will try to catch today. Hoping he doesn’t kick his rescue dogs when he gets home. He’ll have a lot of shit to clean up.

  7. Wow I really thought she was going to pick Ryan. If that’s how upset she gets letting the 3rd runner up go how is she going to be tonight picking between the final 2?

      • Apparently so.
        There is a rumour that they want the penultimate to be more dramatic than the finale to keep you invested for the tedium of a show that has to stretch vision of three people getting out of a car for a whole hour.
        And to maintain the fires of the conspiracy theory, I knew someone who knew someone else who was a cameraman on the Biggest Loser who said that the contestants were kept tired and hungry so that there would be more drama.
        I am sure something like this goes on here. Angie looked freezing last night (plus the producer was in a puffy coat). Could contribute to the tears?

        • Someone said something similar about Celebrity Apprentice. The boardroom was deliberately freezing & went on for hours.

  8. I couldn’t bring myself to watch Bachie tonight after a draining Survivor ep, so I had to turn to twitter for the winner. Does he have a cute dog that we don’t know about?

  9. I was out tonight, I missed it, but I caught up on Facebook.

    I’m kind of surprised she picked Carlin over Timm. I mean Carlin is just physically perfect, but I feel like hyperactive, quirky Timm was far more her kind of dude.

    I mean, you want them to be happy, but let’s be honest, this franchise is 50/50 at picking long-term stable relationships at the best of times (and that’s ignoring how badly it’s always gone on “Paradise”).

  10. I tuned in to the headline at 1.00 am on my news feed and couldn’t go any further.
    It almost looked like Angie was held hostage until she picked someone.

    • I’m not really surprised. They seemed like an odd couple and, truthfully, Matt didn’t really seem invested in any particular contestant but more excited that there were a whole lot of girls interested in him.
      So they split up after 2 months? That seems to have put paid to the “stay together for 3 months contract” theory.

    • They seem to refer to six months since filling in their annoucements today. In their media stuff after the finale I did get a vibe that maybe things weren’t working out. Not in a stu and sophie they hate each other way just that as matt put it today what they hoped was there just wasn’t.
      Also once the finale aired about a week later Matt took off overseas for 3-4 weeks to meet his brand new nephew.
      How anyone can truly say they are in love with anyone having never spent any alone time with them I will never know!

      • Oh well they have had a pretty good strike rate really. Tim and Anna, Matty J and Laura plus baby, Sam and Snez plus two babies, Georgia and Lee, Ali and that guy. And do we count that Osher met his wife on the show (she’s a makeup artist)

    • Man. If two people who are forced together on a contrived, episodic reality TV show can’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

  11. Note Juz, the ones who stayed together were not with celebrity Baches. Stop using celebrity Baches. The Honey Beaver, Sophie, Angie and go back to unknowns.
    Also, they gave both Sophie and Angie guys that were “yep…naaaaa”

    • After agreeing with the lack of choice for the Bachelorettes, I have to be fair to Sophie and say that I think the main problem for her was that she was aged 37 and most of the guys made available were way too young for her.
      There was only two guys who was older than her and three that were her age. The rest were babies. I reckon they went and fetched Stu (44) when she said yea … nup.
      Apart from that, her season was really entertaining – as was Angie’s (but I still give it 3 months. He’s a bit ordinary.
      To me, the biggest failure was Richie, rope access technician. Wot?
      And Georgia was a “celebrity”. Goodness, when I say that out loud I’m not sure what that even means.
      I’m guessing that they just want people who don’t freeze in front of the camera.

      • Georgia and Lee was one of the few success stories of the franchise, so far, though. Gosh, I hope they last the distance.

  12. HYBPA? was typically ruthless, tonight, when Angie and Carlin made their contractually-obligated appearance on the show.

    When Angie was stumbling over a question, Sam pointed out, “You might want to hurry it up, Angie, your fifteen minutes are almost up.” I nearly fell off the couch laughing at that.

    They even managed to get in some kicks against Matt and Chelsie, who broke up over the weekend.

    • 😂😂😂

      It’s just my personal taste, but the guys they gave Angie and Sophie were rather ….”Well, can I change my mind”. That aside, I am always going to want to see fresh faces as Bach/Bachettes. I don’t mind giving C list celebs more work but on shows like IAC or Celeb apprentice. It’s the cynic in me that thinks irtv is a job to Sophie and Angie (how many TV shows have they been on) so I’m not convinced about them “being there to find love. Then when the dweebs are rolled out….don’t get me wrong, a guy doesn’t have to be good looking, but a personality or some sort of shine would be nice. The guys Angie and Sophie got remind me of a pile of dirty laundry.
      But who am I kidding? Even the contestants are there to find.fame.

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