Just Desserts premiere

Twitter says season 2 of Just Desserts starts Sunday at 7pm. According to the TV guide Seven has scheduled Bride and Prejudice in that time slot, so perhaps poor ratings have led to a quick switch.
Let’s hope Rachel Khoo does all the talking and Adriano Zumbo just nods wisely.
There’s a really interesting article about his financial woes here.
I just finished the latest GBBO, which pretty much spoils me for all other baking shows because I love it so much.
Will you be watching?



  1. I would have thought that this would have been canceled. Surprised that it is returning for another season.
    I doubt that I will watch this. I only made it through 2 episodes last time around.

    • The first season was three years ago! And I only lasted one or two eps. I was surprised but a friend pointed out S1 is now on Netflix, so maybe Seven can make $$ on selling it

  2. I doubt I’ll watch. I don’t think Zumbo has the personality for this type of show.

    Watching Rachel Khoo eat puts me off, as well. She seems to chew with her front teeth only, probably so her thick lipstick doesn’t smear, but she ends up looking like a bunny working on a tough piece of grass.

  3. I couldn’t make it through one ep of S1 – It was a snooze fest – but then again, I don’t have a sweet tooth so I am not their target market.
    I can only guess that Netflix is paying. Cooking shows are big business on streaming but they can be a real hit-and-miss.
    My favs are GBBO ( there is nothing to match this) and Nailed It (only the American version – it’s too hard to keep up with the French). Binge-worthy.
    But I must admit to dipping in and out of some of the others. Maybe that’s all it takes.

  4. Well, I guess I am the only one who watched it all. It is on Netflix France so I hope they have Season 2 as well. 😉 Btw, I recently had a tag line on my personal Netflix with “Australian Shows”. I have a slight feeling I was watching too much Australian stuff on Netflix.^^
    Zumbo is also the head judge on Sugar Rush, which has 2 seasons on Netflix.

  5. Is it better this season?
    I’m watching Masterchef The Professionals and enjoying that. I especially like the first rounds where 3 chefs have to cook a challenge set up by Monica and 3 have to cook one set up by Marcus. Lots of fails so far this season.

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