Survivor Idols – rise of the goat army

After last week’s edit I have given up hope of them cutting down on Dan’s airtime, so I shall just hope we see more of the underdogs.
Elaine could well be a target this week as everyone knows she would win if she makes it to finals.
What lame task will they have Rob and Sandra come up with this week?



  1. I am dispirited also Juz. Dan got MORE airtime than he did previously. Sad days.
    Who knows what will happen? I have found this a difficult season to predict, but especially now.
    Still think Elaine might be getting a winner edit, but honestly – who KNOWS?

    • I thought Karishma played the idol well, and I appreciate that she is thinking strategically, but like the players I find her annoying and whiny.
      Lauren probs did the right thing burning the idol though as it could have been unpredictable and she was savvy enough to twig that even a single vote might be enough. Lauren was pretty impressive with her analysis on the other players. I suspect Tommy will be a target as well as her.

      Trying to predict who wil go next? yikes!
      If Noura loses she should be sent out as she is so unpredictable, but they seem to all truly dislike Karishma.

      • I get the impression that Karishma has the Princess syndrome; raised lazy and pampered, so when those around her don’t fawn over her, she feels victimised, rather than examining her own behaviour and attitude.

        • A bit like Meghan Markle, I suspect.
          It’s interesting that she seems to have had a falling out with everyone except her mother and her husband, and yet she is playing victim remarkable well.
          It’s working for her, so why not for Karishma. I am expecting to see her in the final two.

  2. Yes! Thrilled by the result of TC.

    In this ep, Karishma and Lauren made Janet and Elaine look ineffective. There was almost a vibe that those two are riding coattails. I think that is an illusion, but I feel that Karishma is starting to build a resume that she might just be smart enough to present effectively. Her sheer unpopularity will work against that, though. A few are them are starting to twig that she really needs to go. Was it Dean who pointed out that the “anytime vote” can linger on and on until it is too late?

    I thought Lauren and Tommy were being way too obvious about the food, but apparently most fell for it. This was one of the few Rob challenges that I enjoyed but I am more convinced that they are not teaching anything. Lauren was already doing everything instinctively and didn’t need their help.

    So, who hasn’t been to the island yet? I have forgotten. And how many others have been told about it? Tommy is one now, but I couldn’t see any evidence that Lauren told him that Rob and Sandra are there. It seems that most visitors are following the line that there is an advantage and/or challenge (possibly still using the “break an urn to play” lie) but no evidence that anyone has spilled the beans completely. I would like to see a conversation between two people who have visited where they try to share knowledge. Maybe nobody is sure that their experience was the same as all others?

    I like the Goat Army label. Very effective way of pointing out that goats can have power. I hope the three who don’t see themselves as goats can knock some of them off. Interesting that the conversation re the goat army totally discounted Janet and Elaine. I wonder if they are becoming the cliched invisible older women – that could be advantageous.

    Family visits next week. Will skip over most of that.

    • Been to Rob and Sandra: Elaine, Elizabeth, Noura, Lauren, Janet
      Not: Tommy, Dean, Karishma, Dan
      (Voted our visitors Vince, Jamal, Kellee)
      I think that’s it.
      You are right: Karishma is building a resume but there are too many people on the jury who don’t value her play – eg Missy, Aaron, Elizabeth.

      • Add to voted out: Elizabeth.

        Interesting gender divide there. All three men left have not been, and Karishma is falling over herself to go. I don’t know if it means anything.

        Also interesting that there was a narrative building that going to the island meant danger, yet I think only Vince and Jamal went home in the immediate TC afterward. Kellee and Elizabeth lasted a lot longer, and four others are still in play. Of course, a few played the idol they won in order to negate the danger of having been.

  3. The Goat Army line was hilarious – given it was delivered by a dedicated foot soldier of hte Goat Army., Honestly, in what delusional universe does DEAN think he is a challenge beast and NOT in the goat army?

    I am on board with the no votes for Karishma. I like the fact that she found some smarts and played the idol correctly, but against that – how could you vote for her? If it was her, Noura and Dan in the final – then she might get a vote instead of Noura, but it would be hard to see! Trying and failing to think of a reason that she would get votes given how much they all seem to dislike her.

    • I agree that she is unlikely to get votes, but I can still see her being able to name several instances where she has either evaded, diverted or dictated the vote. I even think there are a few blindsides where she could try to claim credit, even though viewers know differently. But, no, she may make a solid argument but no one will actually believe her, because they don’t want to. I wouldn’t either.

    • Dean – hmph? I don’t necessarily see him as a goat – yet. I agree that up to now he has been a bit of a non-entity, so I would put him in the unwashed middle group. But while Noura will never be anything but a goat (despite her strength in challenges), Dean may still have potential. He needs to get moving now, though, because he is running out of time, and there is a strong case that he has got this far by hiding behind the bigger men.

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