Survivor Idols

When are we going to see more Janet? She’s been in a few bonus scenes but really should be in the actual show. And we barely saw Karishma last week after two weeks of the Karishma Show. Wouldn’t it be great if Karishma went to see Rob and Sandra and became the first person to refuse to do a challenge?



  1. So glad Janet is finally making the edit. AND that she rejected the Robfather’s offer. Kellie was smart to make Noura cast the Jack vote but it looks like Dean won’t be much of an ally for her. She had played a smart game up until now and got too excited at the thought of the idol going to waste,

  2. Why am I not getting passionate about any favourites or villains? I don’t like or dislike any of them. Sandra and Rob are boring and pointless.

  3. Agree about Rob and Sandra. Surely their role has to change after merge, and become more relevant to the game. Clever of Janet to frame her lie as the almost truth, just without mentioning the “idols”. And also smart to reject the offer.

    What a palaver about the women’s alliance. Of course, there is a women’s alliance – there is every season. At the moment, there are actually two, as the other tribe are running one as well. As Kellie said, it is so sexist. So glad that Jamal pointed out the hypocrisy, and I admire Janet’s rejection of the “strong, independent” rubbish, and then speaking so eloquently at TC in such as way that everyone agreed with her. That takes diplomacy. There also seems to be a women of colour alliance between Missy and Lauren, but I feel that Lauren is losing her cool a bit and it will be interesting to see if Missy tolerates that.

    I don’t like the other team turning on Tommy. If Lauren is a danger (as stated by Missy) then why not get rid of her, why focus on a less dangerous ally? Oh that’s right, Lauren is part of the female alliance.

    They made a strong attempt at the start to make Jamal seem overbearing, but beautifully skimmed over him recognising that he had done the wrong thing with Kellie, and then next shot shows Kellie starting the fire. Clearly he apologised and stepped away for her to do the fire. Probably, the editors wanted to set up a narrative that Jamal was in trouble.

    I was so annoyed that Jamal wasted his idol on Noura. Maybe the next episode will explain his thinking, but it seems that she played on his chivalry. She seemed to imply she had persuaded him, rather than him deciding.

    Favourites now sit at: Janet, Elaine, Jamal, Tommy
    Middle of the pack: Kellee, Elisabeth, Dean, Missy, Dan
    Would be happy to disappear: Karishma, Noura, Lauren, Aaron.

    Interesting that Jack is the first jury member. It is going to be a big jury.

    • I was glad Tommy’s team won the immunity challenge. I hadn’t noticed him before last night, but I didn’t want him gone.

      I ffd the blah blah blah “Helen Reddy speech”.

      I hope the two whispering old players, peeking from the peanut gallery aren’t on the jury. Can that puleeeease be the last we see of Sandra and BR.

      Nutty Naura would drive me mad with her big mouth.

        • Fijane…it’s up there with Achy Breaky heart, Tie a Yellow Ribbon and Doris Day’s Que Sera. Any other all time awfuls…oh yeah…”What about Me.

          I can think of a terrible song from the 80s where a guy sees a girl sitting under a tree, reading a letter or something and it turns out it’s not good news for him. Very sloppy.

        • I mostly agree, although Yellow Ribbon is a bit of a nostalgic one for me. Top of my all-time list is Imagine, and Helen Reddy is close behind. Add to that nearly every Christmas “song” (as opposed to carols).

          I don’t think I can remember the song you mention, but I was never a big one for music videos, just the songs.

    • Yeah I thought that too. I wondered if I had dozed off & missed the merge. Other times they have merged but not gone to the jury.

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