The Block auction

OMG is it really the end of The Block? It’s not a trick?
It’s auction time at the Oslo.
Who do you think will win and – because the winner does not always have the best house – who do you think deserves to win?
Big thanks to Maz for recapping the season.



  1. TL
    Sale Price:$3,620,000

    Kids from Cairns? Jesse is younger than Luke. We guess they have won.

  2. DA
    Reserve: 2 990 000
    Sale Price: 3,420,000
    Profit: $430 000
    Scotty to DA: “You played it (the game) with honesty and integrity” . What did the other teams pull?

    • What I liked about DA tonight is they laid off the gurning, gaping mouth show when they got some money ~ the other couples went nuts with it.

  3. I hate it when I am right. So as I said last week, TL or EM win. AD in the middle, JM and MM fighting for last place.
    How come that the worst couples always win? That house isn’t that great. The Self contained flat foesn’t even have a separate access.^^

    Anyway, at least everyone won some money, good for all of them.

      • Yes, you have to either walk through the whole house or through the garage, into that courtyard for the spiral staircase which is directly next to the living room of the house.
        So this flat only works if the person using it is friends or family. Who would want foreigners to do that?

  4. Why did Apartment 2 fetch such a high price – genuine question? Was it because they had that spiral staircase to the rooftop?

    • That is the $730 000 question this morning. The theory currently touted is the (semi-self contained) studio was seen as desirable. The internet conspiracy is Ch 9 pushed the bidding up so they wouldn’t be sued for bullying by TL for their edit.

      The real reason, the buyer overpaid and why it pays to be represented by one of the buyer’s advocates during a Block auction.

      • But so refreshing to have someone different bidding. Frank, Nicole and Greville are past their use-by dates, and likely to be as much “employees” of the show as Scotty, Shelly and the contestants.

        The guy who loved making the bid from weird amounts was the saviour of this finale.

      • I honestly wouldn;t be shocked if it came out that the auctions were scripted and the properties had been bought weeks ago.

        • You may be right, Erin. Perhaps the auctions are scripted. In addition, maybe the powers that be decided to subsidize the purchase of Apt. 2 so that TL would win. Very rarely are there other bidders (agents) besides Frank, Greville and Nicole. Fijane, you may be right that they are now employed by the show. Who was the Danny guy? He was funny. Maybe he was hired, too, to make the auction more interesting. 😉
          I would have thought the end units would get more bidders and be sold at the highest prices and yet they sold for the least. I think most people would prefer end units. I know that I would. However, I do think that DA’s unit was the nicest when it came to styling and design and that one came in 3rd.

  5. The guy who bought the winning place, described it as a financial down-sizing for him, he disliked the house but was convinced by his daughter that the “bones” of the house were really good.

    Who financially downsizes to a $3M plus place? And it doesn’t say much for The Block brand if they spend weeks on fancy design, when the owners sound like they will refurbish asap.

    • It is such throw away line….must keep that in the back of my mind when I downsize to a $3m home. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      It is not the first home on the Block to be purchased with the intention to be guttered. The buyer of SC’s home said they were going to gutter it. They loved the location and missed out of their preferred apartment.

  6. It’s great that everyone won but I was really hoping DA would be the winners. Don’t really understand why apt 2 got that high of a price compared to the others.
    Thought Jesse and Mel had 6 registered buyers. Where were they?

  7. Maz, thanks for keeping the conversation going throughout this biggest block evaaaa. Huge contribution on your part, patticularly considering the utter rubbish that was served up at times.
    The result for unit 2 is certainly interesting.
    Erin – you may be on the money with scripted auctions.
    Until next year… maybe

    • I toured The Block houses that season – it pains me say, after Josh and Elyse’s house Jason and Sarahs did deserve 2nd place. Except for the horrible heaters on the walls – i don’t know what possesed them, and I shudder to think of the money they spent on those that could have been spend on other things.

      • Yeah, the house was actually really good. The radiators are something you find a lot in Germany. And yes, it makes everything comfortably warm.^^ So to me they were not an eyesore because it is how I grew up. 😉

        Jason was a real dickhead though. I know that Ronnie stole the show and he was hated everywhere, but he was just a pot stirrer and douchebag, but not a dick. Jason was just evil to me, and no, this was not just editing. And I think I wouldn’t have wanted Sarah as my nurse.^^
        Had Ronnie and Georgia gone for a lighter house colour and a lighter backyard, they might have possibly placed above them as I loved a lot of their rooms back then.

      • I have just watched this season (most of it) in the mornings. I started out really disliking Ronnie/Georgia but by the end I admired Ronnie, and wished he found someone better. He had a lot of admirable qualities – hard work, patience, quirky humour, but Georgia made him look worse.

        Whereas Jason and Sarah got more annoying as the season went on, and I am not surprised were the most disliked. I couldn’t see any redeeming features in the edit. But the result for their house was understandable as (after everyone else had done the work) it was a nice neutral, end-of row place with lovely period feel.

        • Georgia was extremely loud, but I think both her and Ronnie genuinely tried to do their best and didn’t give up. It grated on my nerves how they were constantly villified, especially by Josh (I hated that guy as well, he was great at building etc, and Elyse was a great stylist, but he was an arsehole and Elyse was just loud and obnoxious).
          Jason was vomit inducing, especially during that crane with the pool incident. There was another couple between House 1 and 3, I forgot their names, but the wifey was a bitch as well.

          I just wish they would stop with all the editing of the couples, most will show their bad sides anyway due to stress or because they are indeed horrible people. Plus there will automatically be dramas, you do not need to force it. It would be easier to digest for the viewers though and I feel they would enjoy watching the renos itself.

  8. This season of the Block was just awful.
    The people were awful, the renovations were awful, it was incredibly contrived, and it went on… and on.
    They must be punished for this.

    • People need to stop watching! The ratings are still so high. which is galling to those of us who find the show awful now.

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