Survivor finale

Go is fast tracking the finale, so it’s on at 11.30am Thurs and repeated at 7.30pm. Including the reunion special it goes for three hours.
I know some people are done with the show but I will be watching in the hope the show has figured out how to handle matters better and to see the preview of season 40, the all winners season.
And while I want Janet to win I am thinking it’s Tommy.



  1. I am going to watch the reunion.
    I can’t wait to see how they handle “the incident” and be outraged …. because it’s all too little, too late … and besides, being outraged on the couch when it’s seriously black and white is fun.
    Looking forward to it.

  2. Goodness gracious, Sia gives money? I did not know that.
    I am having a little weep. Seriously, what a sweetheart.
    Okay, more than a little.

  3. I don’t know how I feel about the apology.
    It said all the right things but it was heavily PR’ed.
    It’s hard to sound sincere with something that was crafted to within an inch of it’s life.
    However …. they seem to have heard all the feedback.

  4. It worked! Not revealing my choice for winner just shows that I am the jinx. I am surprised by the numbers – I thought it was a pretty even two-way split. I think Dean, while congratulating himself about his fourth quarter, forgot that his first three quarters were pretty bland and he annoyed people by not working around camp. Well done, Tommy, and thank goodness no one was sucked in by Noura.

    I wish Tommy had highlighted more how, out of all the advantages Dean had at the end, only the challenge wins were his. All the rest were pure good luck, or thanks to Tommy.

    What was up with the audio in the studio? I kept having to increase the volume, then decrease because it was so poor.

    I thought it was a better reunion than usual. Maybe pre-recording is a better way to go. There was more question and answer time etc. And Sia – really? – time to ditch this blatant promotion, it wasn’t even interesting the first time she did it. It was the only part in three hours I jumped over.

    Interesting way to handle the elephant (in the room). I wish Kellee had acknowledged her failure in the situation as well, instead of letting Jeff (at the lawyer’s insistence) drop it all on the show. She conveniently omitted being given the choice to have production step in, and refusing. At least they acknowledged the abuse of the situation by some players to advance their game. I hope they addressed that in their new policy. They also need to consider when the boot might be on the other foot, as we saw Elaine’s ‘affection’ which could also have been unwelcome to some of the women. One thing I don’t think they will address is making the players wear proper clothing. Allowing underwear and nudity is asking for trouble.

    How classy is Jamal? So refreshing to see someone who handles difficult situations so well, and creates a better relationship at the end.

    In summary, a soured season, but a deserving winner in the end. Probably not the most deserving, but Survivor has evolved to make that impossible now.

    • I don’t think Kellee failed – she was in an unnatural setting where her actions had non-real world implications. It was up to those with a duty of care to protect her, and as Jeff said, they failed. I don’t really understand why you are bringing Elaine being gay into it?? At least now we are hearing some concrete steps the show is taking. I thought Kellee did really well at the finale given she knew the national media spotlight (and Jeff’s intense gaze in his black jumper!) was upon her. I loved hearing that Jamal and Jack are now roomies. I enjoyed watching Dean’s last quarter hurrah. He was just too cruisy in front of the jury. Oh and I read Tommy also told Lauren about the clue at Sandra and Rob’s shelter.

      • You are right, Juz – failure was the wrong word to use. It just would have been nice to hear the whole truth, with all involved admitting that it wasn’t well handled by anyone. Janet was hugely affected by the incident but that wasn’t brought up.

        I mentioned Elaine because it was raised many times in other discussions that she was also quite physical (as shown on the show and in the excerpt in the finale) and that could have been misconstrued by another player. Of course, her actions were always respectful, so I only mention her by name as we are discussing this season in particular. My point was that in any future season any player could feel uncomfortable with perceived sexual actions by any other player, regardless of sex or orientation, so the policy needs to be broad enough to cover all contingencies.

        I agree Kellee did well considering the very awkward position she was put in, and the strange vague questions Jeff was asking. It would have been horrible for her, and I don’t blame her for being rattled.

        Interesting about Tommy sharing the clue with Lauren – they didn’t show her doing anything about it? With a bit of hindsight, Tommy may regret sharing so much with Dean, but I think in general one of Tommy’s strengths was knowing when and to whom he should spread information. Usually people who get information and then share it are seen as turncoats and eliminated. But he was so nice that no one believed he could do that to them.

    • I am just hoping we see Amber vote hubby Rob out because that would be awesome TV – and would finally take the heat of Correa Easton for voting out mum Laura in Blood V Rob.

  5. Naura still doesn’t know she’s a pain (uggh soap box), she has no insight.
    I was reasonably happy for Tommy to win….well not unhappy. But it was a lovely bonus that Sia gave money to some nice people on the show. I particularly liked Janet.
    Now, if any of you can stream or replay the reunion. Watch Jeff and think Ellen de Generres in looks and mannerisms. Woolif spotted it, and I could see it.

  6. Did anyone else watch it live in the afternoon? There was a HUGE ad break where they stuck in a 9 honey segment. I wondered what the hell was going on but them read on twitter they had a news flash in the US about Trump’s impeachment.
    I was furious with Dean for having the idol nullifier & using it on Janet. I wanted her to win. It was so heartbreaking seeing her talk about being in the final 3 & what she would say to the jury knowing she was going to be voted off.
    So now they are going to give people who have already won a million dollars TWO MILLION DOLLARS? Makes our measly $500 000 look pretty pathetic. AND our challenges are way more difficult.

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