• I’m just catching up on this. What the hell did the man do, if it didn’t involve another person, but was still bad enough to be instantly ejected from the game?

        • Oh, that’s just awful.

          It also begs the question of why they didn’t step in when it was one of the contestants, but when it’s somebody behind the scenes, that’s when they start paying attention?

          Oh, this whole situation makes my skin crawl.

          • Lies are so much a part of Survivor, and Missy and Elizabeth muddied the waters by saying, “Let’s just say he did to get him out”.
            What I don’t get is why would an already exposed/accused person do it again? Compulsive???? Is it that his idea of crossing the line is different from theirs, or is he a predator?

  1. When he upset other players with reportedly inappropriate touching, pretty much nothing happened, except he got a talking to. But when there is a similar “incident” with a crew/staff member, he’s kicked off the show.

    Applying a different set of principles depending on a person’s position on the show is repellent.

    • They continue to handle it so badly. This happened six months ago! Plenty of time to come up with more than “we are reviewing our processes”.

    • I am not sure we can assume that “something” has been done now, because it was staff, and “nothing” was done before. We simply don’t see enough of anything to understand the whole situation.

      There are very big stakes here, particularly for the innocent, so it all has to be handled so carefully. The fact that some women used the situation to advance their game really muddied the waters, as well.

    • It could just be they gave a warning, and then there was another incident where he breached that warning. But I agree with Juz, they have handled this so badly.

  2. That was weird. An “incident”????

    But back to the show; Naura continues to annoy everyone. I would have liked her gone but I guess she will be.in the final three.

  3. I’m not watching anymore, like my one viewer number will make a difference, but I continue to read about it.
    This show has been tone deaf for a number of seasons but is a prime example of how being so successful that they can mean ignoring all criticism ( a bit like the banks or a politician), and now they have been caught with their metaphorical pants down.
    I am in two minds of where to from here. They have an opportunity to do something special but I doubt they’ll take it tho’ and I’ll continue to be disappointed in them.

  4. A pity to see Elaine go, but I had gone off her a bit lately as I don’t think she had lived up to the potential she had shown at the start. However, it is looking more and more like Noura will win by default.

    When I saw Jeff coming up the beach, I immediately thought that one of the survivors had lost a family member. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case.

    I don’t dare name my choice for winner now, as it seems to guarantee that they will be targeted next. I am also starting to wonder if the Rob/Sandra secret is completely out now, but the producers don’t want the viewers to know it. Dean’s reaction seemed a bit fangirly but not that surprised. I don’t think he is a very good actor. The contestants probably don’t know that they watch TCs, though.

  5. Noura could win Aus Survivor but not US. I think she will have trouble articulating her credentials to the jury.
    It’s been suggested the way the Dan situation has been so badly handled is because there must be legal action involved

  6. The Rob/Sandra secret has to be out. I wish they had shown players who had been to the island talking about them – I think it only happened once. I did love the Idols trying to keep poker faces when Dean pulled out the Jamal note.
    From a ratings perspective, the show is fortunate in that the next season is an All Winners season, so a lot of people will tune in to see their old faves.

  7. I was really annoyed when Dean won the idol nullifier as I like Janet. I was so glad she found the idol. I was out so wasn’t watching it live so didn’t know how much time was left. After tribal council when they didn’t go to then preview for next week & the final words of then eliminated contestant & went straight to the beach I wondered for a minute if it was a double episode. Then Probst turns up in a boat I thought what’s going on? When he explained about Dan I tried to remember if he had been at tribal council. Thank God he won’t be at Ponderosa to annoy Kellee & can’t win. Just read today that it won’t be live next week for security reasons. They are filming the finale ahead.

  8. I was never a fan of Elaine. I like Janet and Dean.
    I find it hard to believe that someone would get sprung for something (Dan) and then do it again. Not saying I don’t believe it, but it’s pretty dumb.
    It won’t be the last we hear of it.

    Bobi, I relate to / understand your not wanting to watch a show that has let you (Australia, the world) down. I get that.

    • I have to (a smidgeon) fair here. I have always enjoyed reading the chatter about these shows more than watching the actual live show.
      I love James Weir in particular, but he’s not the only one.
      So I am probably easily disengaged by “an event”. Insert Shrug emoji right here.

  9. For those still watching, next week’s ep goes for three hours!! (Including reunion.) Go is fast tracking it, screening 11.30am then the usual 7.30

  10. I’ve been chillin’ in Mullimbimby this week, now home 1/2 way through this ep. Dean has shared his info and Tommy is getting scared cos Dean is not a goat. I’m flip flopping and want Dean to win immunity now and Tommy to go home. Although I do want to see Dean use the nullifier successfully. It’s a good ep so far.

  11. I am halfway through the latest RHAP , with Christian Hubecki. He’s such a delight to listen to. And he started the show by urging any uni students (since he’s a professor) to seek help or talk to a teacher if they have been the victim of sexual misconduct. And yet Survivor itself has never put up the names of support lines

    • I reckon if there is legal bizo in progress airing that type of thing may be perceived to unfairly bias arguments, or something legalese like that.

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