General chat Jan 12 – with Bobi

(Over to Bobi – thank you – Juz)

Hi guys.
I’m bored.

Seriously. I’m sitting here watching someone on 9Honey demonstrate how to set up a child’s bed in case of “accidents”. I’m a grandmother, ffs. My days of worrying about that sort of thing can be put off until at least next year.

I refuse to watch the news. It’s all fires, Trump and Megxit. I know people who have lost property in the fires so I don’t need to wallow in how terrible that is, and the rest are just entitled people who can do us all a favour by staying far, far away.

I need light relief and a good laugh. I need television to fill in those small gaps in my day. I watch telly when I have dinner, and when I have a cuppa. I watch in between vacuuming the floor and then washing it. I really need it while I recover after changing the doona cover: a marathon that requires calmIng thoughts, lots of wine and a fitness level that I haven’t seen since my teens.

Thank the lord for IMAC and Doctor Who (and Whovians). Yes, I’m aware that it’s just me but I forgive the new Doctor everything.

I am obviously watching renovation and cooking shows but it can be real hit and miss. I loathe that woman who used to be married to Tarek and speaks through her nose, Nigella makes me want to throw up every time she eats something and Gordon Ramsey is just a buffoon. It’s all a bit like a soap and I am becoming too invested and bitchy.

And then I start asking the unanswerable, like, how on earth did Martha create a mega million dollar empire?

Saturday Kitchen has been a pleasant surprise, a mixture of basic information I didn’t know but could use, and meals I would actually cook – plus entertainment.
But I can’t spend the rest of my life watching the Food Channel.

There are a lot of shows around on repeat. I’m told that watching repeats makes us feel in control and happier so, in theory, it should all be good.

I enjoy re-watching formulaic crime: NCIS, NCIS LA (you get the drift), Death in Paradise, Kojak, The Baron. Apart from knowing that the good guys always win, it’s fun watching the evolution of police procedures. The things they were allowed to do back then, take your breath away now.

I tried watching Friends. What a horrible bunch of people, and not a single laugh to be had anywhere – not even the smallest of smiles. Has this show dated or am I missing something?

So … nothing.

I feel like a five year old waiting for a grown-up to come along and entertain me but left to myself it’s all going very wrong. Fancy yearning for the days of MC and The Block and Survivor, all on the same night.

Save me.




  1. I feel I have watched enough zombie shows to help me survive the first few days. As long as they are not those super fast berserker ones you sometimes see. As long as I could hole up and not have to run I would be okay in the short term. I watched Zombieland 2: Double Tap last week. Not as great as the first one, which I love, but a terrific cast made for a decent enough sequel.

    • My favourite is Shaun of the Dead but I didn’t mind The Walking Dead when it first started.
      My family’s favourite is World War Z. They watch it over and over.
      It’s a fine line. I don’t want to be too scared but just scared enough.

      • I love Dawn of the Dead, with Sarah Polley, where they hole up in the shopping centre. I am still watching Walking Dead but it has gone downhill and I am really just hanging in there to see how it ends

    • I don’t care much for zombie-related entertainment. I have friends who do (I bought someone a zombie-themed novelty pack of playing cards for her birthday, one year), but it’s never really been my cup of tea.

      • I can’t get into zombie stuff either. It’s basically “get away from the zombies and stay getting away from the zombies”.

        • Alice Cooper always made me laugh with this one. Controversial in it’s time. He’s coming to Australia.

          I love the dead before they rise
          No farewells, no goodbyes
          I never even knew your now rotting face
          While friends and lovers mourn your sad decline
          I have other uses for you, darling

          I love the dead
          I love the dead
          I love the dead so

          I love the dead
          I love the dead
          I love the dead

          I love the dead before they’re cold
          Their blueing flesh for me to hold
          Cadaver eyes upon me see nothing

  2. Hello everyone. I need help.
    After being connected to Foxtel for 13 years I’m quitting this month and want to buy a PVR so that I can record the free tele.
    Searching on-line for units available at the shops has produced 2 or 3 brands, 2 or 3 models each. I’m flabbergasted, to say the least, at the lack of choice. Is there some other device I’m unaware of? I don’t have a smart TV. Should I just buy one of those?
    If you have a PVR would you post some details about it here for me – brand, gb’s, recording quality, ease of setup/use, was it worth the cash. Or let me know what you use.
    TIA will appreciate any info.

    • I watch the free tele on various catch up channels, on a laptop , which if I can be bothered plugs into a bigger monitor. I’ve found that if the quality of the show is sufficient…. a laptop is fine. If you’re a dinosaur like me.

    • I’ll pass you on to Woolif Polly and see if he knows. We have smart TV, but it’s a lot smarter than I am. I don’t even know how to use the bells and whistles in my car.

    • This is from Woolif…..we have been using a Panasonic PVR for years without a glitch. Easy to set up.
      The new version is $295 at Harvey Norman, you could probably haggle and get a better price. It has 2 tuners, connects straight to Netflix, SBS on demand, iview, etc. You should check it out. Google Panasonic PVR.

      • Thanks Daisy.
        Thank you Woolif. That’s what I need. One question – is it only plugged into power? I don’t need to plug into antenna wall plug do I?
        Thanks so much.

          • Thank you, I’ll need a new antenna cable.
            Thank so much, I’m well prepared to purchase now. Cheers

          • Enjoy your smart TV. I like watching anything I want on YouTube, being able to stream, and you can get an “old movie” ap on your phone and run it through your tv.

      • Another vote for a Panasonic. Had ours for years. Records on two drives. Pretty much the only one I could find with a DVD drive. Bought online. Second one we have had, and both were great.

    • I am super interested in this PollyB. My husband can’t cut the cord to Foxtel PURELY because he likes to pause and rewind live TV, but 99.99% of what we watch on it is FTA. So I want to disconnect! The kids and I watch streaming (I have netflix and they are paying for stan and disney) so it’s pointless for us. . . Our TV is smart-ish. . . not super smart but has some apps already. so it’s only this damned pause and rewind that keeps us with Foxtel. . .

      • Haha, they are from Amazon, I didn’t make the decor, only the furniture. The big shelf in the kitchen was actually a fridge and I mad all the doors with a shaker profile. And then we were too stupid to use the tiny hinges I bought. 🙁 My sister and I both have supertiny hands and fingers and still it was too fiddly for us. So I told her to turn the fridge doors into “drawers” underneath the window.^^
        I have to be honest, it was a lot of fun doing it, but that silly marble bench top was killing me. I handpainted it all.^^

  3. I slightly know a woman who runs a casting company and they had a very intriguing ad last night. . .
    I am busy speculating what show is filming here for two weeks.

    • Strong, bold, iconic – so someone who has followed the big-lip-big-butt trend and goes to the gym – plus a “natural” photo.
      Isn’t that an oxymoron?

        • So funny – she does all that! I met her at a girls’ footy thing and another woman and I were chatting on the sidelines about recipes and what we were cooking for dinner after training. She was casting for MKR then and was all straight away ‘so, you guys cook then . . . have you considered???’. It was super funny. . . I mean, most mothers on the sidelines of a footy game would be “cooks”!
          I think she just constantly looks for possibles.

  4. The Queen has given Megxit her blessing. The world as we know it has been saved.
    Maybe now it can stop being “news”.

    • Apart from the usual who-is-that-footy-player-? and the jerk from MAFS, this looks like a bunch that I would be happy watching.
      I’m guessing that the chances are high that they’ll be gone in less than 5 minutes so it really doesn’t matter. .

  5. I think I’ve been drinking the kool-aid, because I’m starting to get awfully cynical and critical about Megan Markle (although I still think her family are abusive psychopaths).

    In other news, apparently “Today with Karl” is tanking, in the ratings, getting smashed pretty comprehensively by “Sunrise” for most of the week. Something about that just makes me feel a little giddy, in my deep-down happy place.

    • I have many differing opinions on this, none of them complementary to Meghan.
      So excuse the long post and then I don’t have to refer to them again.
      One of the first things that control freaks (domestic abusers) do is separate the victim from their friends and family. You can’t control someone if they have other voices of reason to listen to. It’s probably not deliberate but nevertheless she’s done a good job here.
      She may be suffering from post-natal depression. My daughter called these her mad months.
      Most of that money that made her eyes light up belongs to Charles. You know, the future King. She may have misjudged that.
      She grew up in LA where a lot of people (including her) don’t have real jobs and she didn’t like it when she was asked to work. No-one try to convince me otherwise. Seriously, learn some words off by heart, repeat them and look pretty. Not a job.
      I agree that her sister seems to be a little on the cray-cray side but that doesn’t mean she may not be right. Meghan has the benefit of having good PR and plays the victim extraordinarily well. There are other family members. She is estranged from them all – everyone except her mother. Bit odd.
      And I could go on.
      Okay, let me. One more time.
      She’s playing the race card. I didn’t know, along with a whole bunch of people, that she was bi-racial, except now that she keeps bringing it up. And I’ve seen very little evidence that the British had a problem and just a reminder, we are talking about a family that were Nazi sympathisers. Surely we would have seen something more than Harry complaining.
      Listen, I know. I could be completely and absolutely wrong, and unfair.
      But then again, she was told by many, many, many people exactly how this was going to go down. And yet, here she is, complaining when it turned out exactly as they said. Surprise!
      I think they should deal with the fallout and be given exactly what they ask for – not a dollar that they don’t earn themselves (no reverting to the use of brand Sussex). It’s called consequences.
      As you can tell, I am fed up with it all. The moment George was born, Harry should have ceased being “News”.

      • Her sister comes across as an a-hole, but I feel like her father is worse. He’s just a lazy attention-seeking drama-queen who’s intentions — to use Megan as a meal-ticket — seem pretty blatant. But, if Megan had dollar signs in her eyes when she saw Harry, it seems clear that she inherited that attitude (to marrying up) from her father.

      • I do not really care about the Royals. To me, all of this is obsolete anyway and should have been dissolved when Diana was killed.
        Anyway, I feel that the British media is extremely harsh on Meghan. They also treated Kate awfully. But the Meghan hate is a bit much. Trevor Noah did a piece about it.
        PS, I laughed so hard at Hypnotize being played while the Queen was driving. 😉

    • And on the subject of Karl, early days but … yay.
      I wonder if they will give up on him. He seems to have friends.

  6. This is totally random, but who here just loves hopping into bed on ‘clean sheets’ night?
    It’s that night tonight.

    • Me. There is something extra nice-feeling about clean sheets night, no matter how clean you are or how often the sheets are changed.

      I sometimes put off washing my hair for a night if I’m tired or rushed, but never on clean sheets night. It just wouldn’t be right :).

    • It has to be more than clean sheets – it has to be the thick cotton ones.
      I made the mistake of buying sheets with a high thread count. That was a waste of money. They are too soft and wrinkly.
      Proper cotton, or is that linen? Tactile.

  7. Yesterday we got hail the size of cricket balls. The trees have been shredded and there is a lot of broken glass about the place. Ironically, Operation Ouch was cancelled.
    I am assuming that WS got a wetter version of this.
    Life as we know it …
    I have attached a link to a really scary animation by NASA. Don’t look if you are easily frightened but we are definitely still doomed.

    • I am really looking forward to it. Actually since I saw the first reports that Tan France is getting his own show. 🙂
      Also, Heidi and Tim’s new show starts on March 27 on Prime. Making the Cut.

      Buuuut, first, only a couple of days left until PICARD!!!

          • We watch it tonight as it is on Prime starting from today. 😉
            I suppose the stupid “Trekkies” will whine about everything, “QQ, not real Star Trek”. I don’t care. Times have changed, the way story telling is done is simply not anymore as it was in 1987, when TNG started.

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