MAFS is back soon

Oh, MAFS, for a while you were such a guilty pleasure and then things took a hideous turn.
Married at First sight returns Feb 3. Dare we hope for some decent human beings to have been cast?
Will Liz – now a shadow of her former self – be again cast with someone who fakes a funeral in order to escape her?



  1. There is not enough “nope” in the world to watch those three corrupt incompetent idiots pair disastrously-unsuitable couples together purely for drama, tension, anger, angst and ratings. And, frankly, it’s miraculous they haven’t actually killed anybody yet.

  2. “Will Liz – now a shadow of her former self – be again cast with someone?”

    So, love at second sight, then?

  3. No, MAFS has sunk lower and lower over each season that it cannot possibly redeem itself even if it had normal decent people on it.
    You get what you pay for – and people will watch it in droves for the trash it is!
    (and Channel 9 only cares about the ratings)

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