Australian Survivor All Stars premiere

All Stars starts Monday on Ten at 7.30pm with an extended episode – 105 minutes. And the Tues and Wed eps go for 90 minutes.
So that’s the rest of my life cancelled for the week.
Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
I appreciate David’s brand of cockiness because he is very self aware and knows how to entertain.
I am very interested to see how the past winners are treated. Hopefully Jericho will again be underestimated by some of the alphas – if he could team up with David given their Luke connection, that would be awesome.



  1. Freakin’ Zach is back (I mean I knew it but his name was not officially released by Ten). Remember what a misogynist tool he was on CvC1. Lee and Sharn are among the other not-so-well-kept secrets. So now we know why El turned it down. Bit awks playing Survivor with your ex.

  2. I’m letting Mr 7 watch a bit of the start but he was taken aback by the cinematic opening scenes of AK crawling through the reeds as the most swirls around him: “Why is it so creepy looking, Mum?”
    Finally it’s also revealed the other returnees are S2 Michelle, AFL player Abbie, Daisy (yes, I know you are all angry) Mullet John and Shonee.
    There is much hugging on the beach

  3. The tribes and the season breakdown (let me know if I made a mistake) Yellow tribe: s2 Jericho, s1 Flick, 2 Tarzan, 1 Brooke, 3 Mat Rogers, 2 AK, 2 Phoebe, 2 Jacqui, 4 David, 2 Locky, 4 Daisy, 3 Moana

    Green: 3 Shonee, 3 Shane, 3 Lydia, 2 Michelle, 3 Sharn, 4 Abbie, 4 Mullet John, 4 Harry, 1 Lee, 2 Henry, 3 Zach, 1 Nick

  4. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Daisy there!
    Love Shonee (another no so we’ll kept secret)
    Am surprised to see Lee.

      • And AK a wedding DJ could shoot straight and Lee, a former pro cricketer could not! Doesn’t look good for Lee to be a Challenge Beast.

        I remember Shaun (sigh) shooting to that so perfectly (shout out for Ross for holding it open underwater!).

        I thought they would get the AFL girls to shoot given that ball control is such a strong part of the game, but AK was good.

  5. So Zach has been put on Lydia’s tribe in the hope they will get a quote along the lines of “some women are strong after all”. Shonee must have died when she saw him there, given he was such a dick to her.
    The prize for the first challenge is too much: an already built shelter and firewood. That gives the winner a huge advantage. Reminds of the time US Survivor did a haves and have nots season. It was not fun to watch.
    Henry takes his time getting the torch and manages to find a clue. Then he sucks up to Mat on the other team by telling him where to find the matching clue. And he does

  6. I was happy for a few seconds. I loved Harry, and I’m glad he’s back. I’m also overjoyed to see Henry again, and Jericho was a cutie-pie. Also, props to Locky for being this year’s beautiful piece of man-candy. I’m not liking John’s new hair-cut, but as long as he packed those black speedos, I don’t care.

    Then it all went downhill. Daisy’s back (an “All-Star” season featuring the best of the best, and they invite back the woman who can’t count past 11?)? And then Zach strolled into view (eugh. Guy was a jerk. If they wanted an alpha-male from s3, they could’ve called, oh, I don’t know, ROBBIE SKIBICKI). I’m already annoyed and I’ve only been sitting here for 20 minutes.

  7. The bonfire challenge is won by green team, in part because they had more wood and the wind was in their favour. Ooh, Luke is doing an ad for health insurance. Good on you, Luke. He is also doing an online after show so will have to check out Tenplay.

  8. Green’s shelter is pretty good. Did Boston Rob nip over to build it? I’m loving Nick being back on TV for decent confessionals.

  9. AK, from the losing yellows, describes their windswept beach as the hyena graveyard from The Lion King. Welcome back, AK. They have got a raw deal. At least all the alpha males are happy to burn energy, building a shelter

  10. I tried Survivor matchup – who has a matching character type on each tribe? Some of the women were problematic because similar characters are on the same tribe (ie Michelle and Shonee),

    s2 Jericho 3 Shonee
    s1 Flick 3 Sharn
    2 Tarzan 4 Mullet John
    1 Brooke 3 Lydia
    3 Mat Rogers 1 Lee
    2 AK 4 Harry
    2 Phoebe 1 Nick
    2 Jacqui, 2 Michelle
    4 David 2 Henry
    2 Locky 4 Zach
    4 Daisy 3 Shane
    3 Moana 4 Abbie

  11. One hour in and Moana is yet to make the edit. When do we get her redemption story? I’m loving that AK is beating Lee in a ball challenge, especially since AK is on the loser beach. Did you see Nick letting Shane step on his back?

  12. I loved that Henry’s first contribution to the season is finding the first Idol clue. And my gosh, Henry. Clearly somebody’s been doing some stomach crunches since season 2. Good thinking to use the heshion bags on top of the bonfires.

    Over on the desolate wasteland beach, David puts an arm on Tarzan’s shoulder and says, “You can count on me.” Man, I can think of nothing more horrifying than David telling someone that they can trust him.

  13. I think the problem with the cast is there are a few challenge beasts in there but from what we were shown the rest of the game sucked.

  14. Hell yeah, the immunity idol is a freakin’ sword!

    Suck on that, Jeff. Bet there are no sword idols in Winners at War (starts soon, by the way)

  15. Ah, that’s what my life has been missing, these last few months. JLap and ball-related humour. That challenge was won by Locky. Like, that was it. Yes, they required great team-work, and AK’s hand-eye co-ordination was helpful, but Locky’s sheer, brutal strength won the day for them. *That’s* why I liked him, as a player.

    Also, how freaking awesome is the immunity trophy? It’s a giant sword! What, are Locky, Henry and Lydia gonna go fight a demon or sea monster or something? You know, that, I would watch.

  16. How the tribe voted :
    Shonee for Shane
    Shane for Harry
    Lydia for Shane
    Harry for Shane
    Michelle Shane
    Sharn Harry (because she would not vote for good friend Shane)
    Abbie Shane
    Mullet John Shane
    Lee Michelle (is Lee out of the loop again or was that a “in case Shane has an idol” vote he was told to cast. wish JLP had revealed that so we could see Michelle’s reaction! So glad Nick did not jump aboard fellow Adelaidian Henry’s flashy plan.
    Henry for Shane
    Zach Shane
    Nick Shane

    As in Heroes v Villains, winners are targeted.

  17. I can’t see Lydia lasting long – she let her desire for revenge drive her game play and that may come back to bite her in the long run. I really hope Michelle doesn’t last long – she is super annoying and was hopeless in the challenge. I seem to remember she just sat out whenever she could but mainly I find her generally annoying and her commentary boring and lacking any sort of insight.

    • I was having trouble remembering Michelle, and — not to sound rude, but — then she started talking, and I was like, “Oh yes, she was loud and contributed little.”

      I’d rather hear from Nick or Henry or Harry, to be honest.

      • Same. Michaelle – that voice! oops.
        I am sure Lee just voted for the most annoying and grating and was totally out of the loop. . . but I can’t blame him – she was useless.

        Totally agree about Lydia JB. I didn’t think she was too cluey before, all I can see she has is challenge skills.

        • I can’t help the thought that Lee’s vote was the back-up plan (in case Shane did, in fact, find an idol).

          Nobody was into Henry, Shane and Sharn’s plan to oust Harry, so they all thought Shane was the goner (and they probably talked to her off-camera to ask her to oust Michelle. Or else, the plan was for her to vote Harry, Lee to vote Michelle, and then it became a tie and everyone would sort it out from there).

          Lee made it pretty far, last time. He’s also a challenge beast, so I think they’d be wanting to keep him around, at least, for a little bit.

  18. It is too soon to watch David again. I fon’t want to watch Abby and Daisy. Happy Hery is back. And will like to see how AK goes. It takes me a few eps to get everyone sorted in my head cos superfluous whingers.

    • You know I love the Golden God. I imagine he will be targeted early so he needs a good alliance, like Jericho and Phoebe

      (sorry for coming over all Alf Stewart, but I need to emphasis how much I dislike her). She is dumb as a rock and kyboshed so many better players by her dumb play and total inability to COUNT. Plus she is paranoid and has delusions of adequacy.

  19. Granted that Shane did get the last laugh (I mean, she has already won this thing once before), but I think some of the players did enjoy turfing her off the island (“I already gave you half a million dollars, once, and I think that’s fair enough”). You can’t tell me that Lydia didn’t enjoy that, just a little bit.

    I’m just glad they kept Harry around. He’s a great player, and I want to see him go the distance. Having said that … I do think it was good strategy to get rid of Shane. Yes, she’s the oldest player there and she’s an unassuming sweet grandmother … but she’s already won this *once*. That tells you she’s got the social game and sheer cunning to do it again.

    I think that indicates there’ll be a target on Jericho’s back if the other tribe loses immunity, tomorrow night. I couldn’t pick an early favourite (I know that I want Harry and Henry to stick around). Just get rid of the annoying ones first (I’m looking straight at you Zach, Daisy and Michelle).

    I miss Robbie and Meghan Gale’s husband.

    • I am not a Harry fan. I can admire his tactics and he is a super good read. But his stick at tribal does my head in!
      I used to hate Golden God but against my prejucide of insanely pretty people, I can’t help but admire his Big Villian persona. I also loved Shaun and thought he was not only pretty but a really good strategist. Other than his dumb allegiance to Daisy.
      Henry is pretty but his big-moveitis is a massive flaw in his chances of going far.

      Agree – I thought Shonee owned the line of the night – “I already gave you half a million dollars once”

      • “But his stick at tribal does my head in!”

        See, I don’t know, I like the toothpick. It makes him look like a gumshoe detective from the 40s.

        “Henry is pretty but his big-moveitis is a massive flaw in his chances of going far.”

        That is also very true. Yes, he is quite nice to look at (those abs! I mean, damn), but Nick made the excellent point. Kristy and Jericho didn’t control their games from day one, and Shane spent most of her season just quietly working in the background. Too many Big Moves — playing too hard — just makes everyone suspicious of you, and then you get blindsided.

        I don’t find David that pretty, but I found his Big Villain persona was the one big flaw in his game. I just think his gameplay needs a bit more subtlety, and he’d do much better.

  20. I am already a bit worried that this season will go American-style by eliminating all the strong players first up. We have quite an extensive pool of non-entities who could skate through because they were useless in their own seasons. We could get down to eight or so left, with nobody worth cheering for. I wish they would get rid of the “Michelle’s” first and leave the fun players.

    Otherwise, I found the whole episode a bit overdramatic. Hopefully it will settle down, and they reduce the wildlife footage and the slow-mo footage of facial expressions. I have a memory that the slow-mo action was a problem last season too. More scramble (conversation) and less lingering facial expressions.

    There were a lot of players who were totally mute. Of course, they presumably did talk but nothing at all was shown. We finally heard one sentence from Sharn at TC. It is hard to know if the players are being subtle, or the editors are focusing on just a few players at a time. I like that some of my favs are in the quiet group so far – Lee, Sharn, Moana, maybe Phoebe.

    • No, last season was — among other problems — edited terribly. We had people who, even approaching the merge — spoke little, got zero focus, and we had no idea who they were. That’s not a good way to portray your cast, and it always makes me think, if they’re *that* forgetable and disposable, then why cast them?

      Still, I am hopeful for this season. We don’t need as much back-story because we’ve met them all before (and some are still quite fresh in our minds. Maybe for the wrong reasons — looking at you, Zach — but still). And the joy of any reunion season is seeing people who’ve played the game before (some, quite successfully) and who know each other, bounce off each other as they try to get ahead.

      I feel like, the show’s on probation, right now. I’m happy to give it another chance to wow me.

      Given up entirely on MKR. I’d love to know the ratings, last night.

  21. Just watched the Dr Shane Gould interview in Studio 10. That woman has class.
    Her elimination was not unexpected but, from a viewer point of view, very disappointing.

  22. Still not over the fact that Daisy is back.
    Have I mentioned it?
    I know it is irrational to blame Juz for just predicting it which just put the ugly thought in my mind, but hey. I need to blame SOMEONE. And the reality is way worse than I feared.

    • We didn’t hear much from her, last night, because it was the first episode with 24 loud personalities, and her tribe didn’t have to go to tribal council. I imagine, tonight, we’ll hear more from the yellow team.

      I just wonder what the other players (you know, people who actually do possess functioning brains) think of her. Whether it’s a case of, “We need to keep an eye on her” or “We can flash her some abs and use her” or “We need to knife this one, as fast as we can”?

      • I know! Just by being THERE she annoyed me – what will it be like when I see her talking and saying her ridiculous comments and making completely dumb calls that ruin it for others?
        I think they will be way more focussed on getting rid of some big targets. . .So she will be here for a while.
        She is NOT someone you can use as she is so paranoid and dumb (my most disliked combination) that you could so easily end up collateral damage to her stupid plays.

        • But the other players only saw the first half of Daisy’s season, so they don’t really know that she doesn’t know a lot about Survivor and is unpredictable. And John isn’t going to tell them. Sure, David will but he might not be believed.

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