1. I only know Celia, Ed, and Claudia. And of course the ubiquitous Angie, who I think needs to take a long break from television now. Please.

    I have enjoyed DWTS before, but I watch bits and pieces, usually while I’m doing something else. Maybe this season will have me sitting in front of the telly for the whole two hours :).

    • Surely Claudia will be a good dancer? I have no basis for this other than that she is fine boned and seems poised, so am thinking did childhood ballet. Ed K is extremely fit so we’ll find out if he’s coordinated. Of course, I’m barracking for Celia because she is hilarious

    • Yep. I got started watching it last year, until Curtly beat Olympia. That was so ridiculous that I didn’t bother after that.

  2. Isn’t it odd. I feel like I have been battered into submission by dating shows where it’s mandatory for contestants to behave badly so I am looking forward to something a bit more genteel.
    Surely it’s been years since we’ve had DWTS?
    It’s not the sort of show where I am glued to the tv but it’s a lovely show for watching whilst reading a book. I am happy.
    I know most of the contestants, although not necessarily well. It’s nice to see another side of them.
    Richard Wilkins’ son has done ballet as has Chloe. It feels like an unfair advantage. There should be some sort of handicapping system at the beginning, especially as I, too, want Celia and Claudia to remain in as long as poss.

  3. Celia was first up and I was pleasantly surprised.
    Good start.
    I was nervous for her. Well worth rewarding myself with a cup of cocoa.

  4. Ignoring what happened in the middle here, blahdy blah, and then Christian.
    I am really liking Christian.
    Not just as a dancer but as a guy who is really well spoken and genuinely funny. And he has beautiful hair.
    He could win himself a new fan base. I hope the haters don’t come out.

  5. Here’s the summation: mostly it was fun, it was a little too long, the interviews were the best part, and I had to turn Dean off – he was a car crash. What was the guy thinking? Has he not seen this show? Seriously, in what way did he think that this show would do him any favours?
    Celia was the best, I loved Christian and pick him for the winner, Travis was the surprise package, Chloe was pretty and elegant but her boobs are too big (and she can leave her mother at home. It won’t get her votes), and the rest were stiff and awkward and can only get better from here.
    And Grant Denyer is not funny. Do they not have someone else?
    The best way to watch from here will be to tape and fast forward. I don’t think I can sit through the whole thing again.

    • Let’s just get Amanda’s old Living Room crew to co-host. Baz can build the sets, Miguel can do catering, Chris can banter and provide emergency medical support (animals/humans – same diff, right?)

  6. I enjoyed last night’s episode mostly. I skipped watching Angie and the Lattanzi woman…and walked away from Dean’s performance after 10 seconds. Even the judges, who were trying to be kind and encouraging to everyone for the first dance, couldn’t find anything good to say about his performance.

    Claudia is graceful and may go far. Ed walking around with that open-mouthed smile was hilarious, but he might improve as he relaxes. There are so many long-legged men this season. One of the footy guys was pretty good, and Christian, well, he’s a gem. I’ll watch again and dust or play with my dog or something when Amanda and Grant are rabbiting on.

  7. Dami may not be the best dancer but she could win be because all Koreans will vote for her. Just like when she was won the X Factor.

    • I would vote for Dami. I really like her and I’m not even Korean 🙂
      Chloe bought all the assets she had – enormous boobs and her famous mother – but failed to bring anything interesting.
      As a non-MAFS watcher I’m not even sure what position I should take on Dean (please advise – happy to go along with consensus if we all hate him), but I enjoyed Travis.
      DWTS is kind of pleasant wallpaper, so I am not very invested but don’t care if I tune out and miss some.

    • Yes, BS, it’s not the sort of show that I will rush home from … well anything, to watch but it is enjoyable.
      I like Dami too. And I was especially amused by the learning-how-to-walk-heel-toe. It’s the sort of idiot thing I have seen and done, and it’s always funny. A bit like watching someone walk into a pole when they’re on their mobile phone.

  8. So long the winner is someone who can dance, work hard and improved through the series. No favours from judges, no sob stories.

  9. I dislike judges who try too hard to be controversial and difficult. There’s no reason to mark some dancers so low – remember, they are doing it for their charity.

  10. I want Angie to stay. I have just noticed that her partner is gorgeous. As in absolutely an 11 out of 10.
    Be still my beating heart. This is my new type.

    • I love it when you want a contestant to stay because of their partner. Some people were sad to see that guy voted out. They love his dancing partner.

  11. Okay, here’s the summation.
    Claudia opened. She is excellent but a bit stiff. Hard to watch. Then a whole bunch of people not as good as last time. Ed was a shocker, and, to quote one of the judges, Christian looked like it was a drag show. Given that he is one of my favourites, it can’t go on like this.
    Special mention to Olivia’s daughter, Chloe. The judges loved her but she looks like a human version of Jessica Rabbit. I don’t like to single people out because of their looks but there is a plastic surgeon out there who should be ashamed of himself.
    And then there were a couple of people who really improved. One was MAFS’ guy but he went home anyway. I’m guessing his marks from week one could not be compensated for. Judges were kind. I’m guessing because they had an inkling. It turned out to be a bit sad because he was really trying hard.
    And then the show ended with Celia. I love her. ❤️
    Just quietly, I’m glad this show is only on once a week. Some parts are a bit like watching paint dry.

  12. A gave it a shot last year….until Curtly outdanced 🤣🤣🤣 Olympia Valance. They should have done a TAR Australia….let the bad dancers, vote out the best ones.
    Fool me once….
    I have become cynical. 🧐

  13. Okay, here’s the summary. I can’t remember much so a bit ho-hum.
    I did cry all the way through Angie’s piece to camera and dance. She did it for her Nan to the song Unforgettable. She put on a brave face. The judges absolutely hated it and it was all over for her. I will miss her Gorgeous, 10 out of 10 partner.
    I was still crying through Christian’s dance. This guy was back to form, and is a bit fun. There was a lift during the dance and he repeatedly fell in his partner during rehearsals. “Can confirm: Gay”. Line of the night. That, and poking fun at his father who was crying in the audience.
    Ed was so annoying. I think he thought he was going home so he overplayed it. Based on that after-dance performance, I hope he does.
    Celia – awful. But then we can’t have everything every time.
    And that’s all, folks.

  14. Celia did not get glowing critiques last night, and she didn’t take that very well. She gave a good impression of a sulky five year old for a few minutes.

    I didn’t pay attention to the back stories. I watch DWTS for some light entertainment and am not very interested in everyones sob stories. I enjoy predicting the judges’ scores. Last night I was wrong only twice, by one point.
    Aren’t I clever? 🙂

  15. Summation of the episode.
    It started with Beau without his shirt. He is an incredibly handsome looking dude semi-naked but his hips don’t wiggle. Sadly, being the best eye candy on the show was not enough to save him. He was really, and surprisingly, disappointed.
    Christian came out with an amazingly large bow on his bum and continues to charm both me and the judges.
    Ed got top points for the night. He took it very seriously but I could not. He has a face for comedy.
    Poor old Chloe has an injury. I did feel sorry for her, and I don’t normally give sympathy for injuries on this show. She was elegant. She can stay a while longer.
    Someone is voting for Dami. It wouldn’t be me. She dances like a happy puppy.
    Celia danced much better this week but was still not great. Just on the previous comment before, she suffers from depression and it kicked in last week.
    They had two teams of group dancing. They are just filling in time. Stop it. Stop it now.
    Someone on the show said that Grant looked like an Iced Vovo – A heartfelt Yes.
    I am still watching but barely hanging in there.

  16. I’m still watching, although I don’t sit in front of the tv totally engrossed for two hours. I did enjoy this episode. Ed’s posturing was excellent, almost sexy, but you’re right Bobi, his face doesn’t quite match his performance.

    I like Christian and he is very funny. I wish he would rely a little less on using his gorgeous hair as part of his routine though. Dami is aware of her limitations and can poke fun at herself. The judges seem a lot more tactful this year. Even after a harsh critique, they end up saying something nice and sweetsy.

      • It’s hard to say, Juz. The audience seems kind of…programmed. They tend to give standing ovations to the first three or four performances, whoever they are and however well they danced. Then the audience gets tired of standing up and just applaud the rest. And they start to boo at any sharp criticism from the judges. That’s my impression. Can’t pick a crowd fave, but I like the funny ones, Ed, Christian, Celia sometimes.

      • Von has summed up the crowd perfectly.
        You would think that Claudia would be favourite. She doesn’t really put a foot wrong 🤣 but there is something not very interesting about her. If she wins, she will win by default.
        Apart from that, it’s almost anyone’s game … except Dami. She’s gotten as good as it’s possible for her to get.
        Have I left anyone out? It feels like there are not many dancers this year.

        • Demi is not the best dancer but her fans are working hard to get people to vote for her. I still think her fans could get her to the final.

  17. I didn’t make it through this episode. I only watched the individual dancing out of a sense of commitment to you guys.
    It was beyond boring.
    It was so bad that the hosts couldn’t even be bothered writing an extra joke (and they only had 5 in total). They do a little prelim on The Project where they pretend to be gloriously funny, and then we roll into the show itself where they repeat the…exact…same…joke. And it wasn’t t even funny the first time so I knew we were in trouble.
    We started with Ed who wasn’t half bad. He’s turning into a dancer.They tried to make a joke of his childhood experience. I’m sorry. School can be heartbreaking. No amount of time makes it anything else. It’s always too soon.
    Claudia has a seriously interesting upbringing but you have to work hard to stay awake through her telling of it. How does this woman manage to be so tedious?
    I liked Dami’s dancing. It was pretty.
    Who is the footy guy again? Who cares, he’s gone. It was awful, the judges hated it,the voting public hated it, I hated it.
    Christian was good. He is the saving grace of this show. He was a delightful young lad and he’s now a delightful fully grown man.
    And Claudia, Claudia, Claudia. Sigh. I had high hopes. They are unfulfilled.
    I’m not sure that I can tolerate another episode.

    • I sort of half watched it last night as it was wallpaper and I couldn’t raise the energy to change the channel. They had to use Claudia’s mother as the role model as Claudia herself was so uninteresting! Yikes.

      Really and truly though – Chloe – do you ACTUALLY think those things welded to your chest are attractive? I find her completely uncharming – even though her dancing is not terrible, she totally missed the charisma train, so it’s difficult to warm to her. It must be so hard to have a mother who is more talented,popular and prettier – maybe she would have done better to be a plumber or something not related to Show Business. Poor thing, comparisons are hard, but a bucketload of surgery is just not going to help. I agree with Bobi that looks shouldn’t be the reason for commentary, but she has clearly engaged in such full on surgery that it is impossible not to link her appearance with commentary. The endless shots of her mother and her mother’s stories are just more and more evidence that on her own she isn’t all that interesting. So I ultimately feel sorry for her.

      Someone like Dami is effortlessly charming and interesting and way more interesting. Also, way more talented.

  18. I had trouble sticking with last night’s show, too. I missed Ed’s dance and mostly listened to the others, pointless really. The footy guy was not good, but he always accepted the judges’ criticisms graciously, and he gave a nice little farewell speech. Oh, I did watch Christian’s dance. He is a little treasure, funny and charming. I may have a platonic crush going there.

    I don’t think having a theme for each show is working. What’s next, their first pet, and they’ll all dance to Who Let The Dogs Out? The group dance-offs are stupid. I like to sit on my ass and criticize the dancing and can’t do that when everyone is on the floor at the same time.

  19. I enjoyed last night’s show, particularly the routines involving the judges and their teams. Craig’s group was more about camping it up than dancing well, but it was amusing, and Christian used those long legs well, as usual. The other two judges’ teams performances were, I thought, very well done. I applauded at the tv during those bits (dorkily). Celia and Claudia came through in their group, and even Dami impressed me. She seemed to relax since she wasn’t the centre of attention and it was the best I’ve seen her dance.

    The individual numbers I didn’t pay much attention to.

    I wasn’t sorry to see Chloe eliminated. Not only did I not warm to her at all, I found her quite annoying.

    While it must have been an adjustment to have no audience, Amanda and Grant didn’t need to remind us every 15 seconds. Amanda particularly seemed to take it as a personal affront that she didn’t have an audience to bounce her jokes off.

  20. I forgot to check in here after the show and, i must confess, didn’t make it through the whole.
    Von may have to take over from here. I pretty much mirror her thoughts with some minor variations.
    I warmed more to Chloe as the show went on and she relaxed, but she’s still an odd one, I know she’s got a fiancée/husband (depending on the magazine which I no longer buy) and yet no mention. Wiki has her pregnant … clearly not. Sorry, I love a bit of gossip. I was just looking for reasons for her being so …. something, something, something.
    Still, I prefer her to Claudia. Seriously, she could put my dog to sleep and he doesn’t do much moving at the best of times.
    Celia was okay, the judges liked her dancing more than I did.
    I, too, have a huge crush on Christian.
    And echoing Von again, the hosts did not handle the lack of audience well. Given that this show is the umpteenth to proceed without an audience, have they not yet figured out that we don’t really care.
    I am invested in Christian winning. If he comes back with a positive test to the virus, I’m out.

    • No, no, Bobi, you continue please with the summary. I was only making a comment. I only liked Claudia’s and Celia’s dancing when they were part of the judges’ routine. Otherwise, Celia is not as good as she thinks she is, and Claudia is, yes, soporific.

      I will barrack for Christian, but Ed would be okay, too, because he has tried so hard.

      • Happy to share. It seems like it’s just you and me so we will be talking to each other.
        But I seriously can’t make it through the whole hour. The group dancing doesn’t do it for me.
        I did hear that Christian is virus free, so that the good news.
        And yes, Ed is growing on me. Apparently he went into lock down as well. He and Christian share a dressing room and they shared a hug after Christian got those 10s.
        I bet Channel 10 were holding their breath and crossing their collective fingers.

  21. Here we are. Grand final.
    It seems so long ago that this all started.
    A bit of a dud of a season, for many reasons.
    I just watched Claudia dance. They are still trying to say nice things about her. Just give up. I am no longer sure that I could bear to watch her in anything from here on.
    Bring on Christian.

  22. I had a phone call and had to watch with no music.
    Celia’s dance looked good, Claudia zzzzzz, I loved Christian’s costume and the judges liked the dance and now I’m back for Ed. His Mum looks lovely, just as an aside.

  23. There is thunderstorm here and the dog has put himself to bed.
    I could only just here the music. Ed’s dance was fun. He was emotional.
    The scores are close

  24. And we wait with bated breath.
    Many ads. I have no tolerance for ads at the moment. I can’t buy anything.

  25. Ed and Georgia came fourth.
    Claudia and Aric came third. They were first with judges scores and before viewer votes so I am not the only one who found them a snooze fest.
    And now ….. more ads. Crikey.

  26. And the winner is Celia.
    I am happy with that.
    I would have been happy with Christian who has been an absolute delight, but Celia really did dance well. Mostly.

  27. Thanks, Bobi. I read this a little too early, but it’s fine, I was having a hard time paying attention. Christian’s and partner’s costumes were distracting so I can’t comment on his dance. And Ed finally got his facial expressions under control. Yay Ed. Celia won. Okay then.

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