First Dates with Daisy

By Daisy
It’s a busy night tomorrow for romance. I do believe we have First Dates and MAFS on Wednesday. I look forward to both.
Seeing that I am sitting alone in a café, waiting for my date to arrive, I thought I would write a FD spiel.

No, I do not have my boobs out. I am not wearing a stretchy, too tight dress. I do not have a weird laugh, or strange table manners.
My date might be a tattooed gorilla. I will be paying my own bill.
See you tonight.

First Dates screens on Seven, Wednesday at 9pm



  1. Thanks, Juz. Yes I got my days confused. It’s either the privilege of the semi-retired….or just a senior brain.

    My date did not show up. He must have gone on mafs instead. 😁

    • She looks super familiar! I really want to know where they find these people. I feel like they honestly stalk them down on social media.

  2. Next week……Richard Reid tries his hand at love.

    Wait what? Rephrase.❤️

    Now I will watch the old FD. I haven’t seen it before.

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