First Dates with Daisy

Decades of watching The Bold and the Beautiful have prepared Daisy to recap any show involving true lurve. Here, she takes a look at First Dates, which for some reason has been buried in a lateish time slot when it is not that bad a show. Over to you, Daisy (with thanks):

For those of you who are, like me Watchers of People, I have done a brief recap of a recent First Dates. Some people will do anything to get onto TV. First we saw Carmen Duncan with a man who scrubbed up all right. She behaved badly by leaving the phone on. He let her go Dutch. I’m old so that would concern me. He tried being funny and she laughed at his jokes. Carmen was happy, and he was really into her. Thinking they had found ‘the one’; someone with who they could “snuggle”, they both voted “stay” and walked out arm in arm.

Then we had a girl with an awful laugh, who I suspect was playing it up. Embarrassing. Her date only had hair on half his head, wore his old wedding suit, and was an amateur body builder, but was otherwise OK. There was no way he was going to be into laughing girl, and he wasn’t.
We had a young couple, neither of whom had ever seen a knife and spoon…or restaurant or table before. They shared a passion for chicken nuggets and chips. She was pretty. He was a plain-looking farm boy. They voted “stay” and left for Maccas, giggling about how “spatchcock sounded like penis. They both declared their ๐Ÿ‘’ for each other but their ๐Ÿ˜ซ for vegetables. Let’s not tell them how a chip is made.

Then we had DJ girl in the semi-revealing two piece. She got a self-declared well-mannered man, in a tight black and blue suit. He lived with his mum and learned from her how to be a gentleman. She chomped on her food like a horse eating hay. Again, I wonder, “staged?” She thought she had the goods, while none of his chivalry was on show when he made a rude comment about her eating and got up and walked out. Still, he got the finger.

I noticed we saw Richard Reid will be on in upcoming shows and another Geordie Shore regurgitation. Sadly, I think the show is probably being over man-handled by producers. I think we will call it pran-handled. We will probably see horse girl and hyena girl again.
– Daisy

Juzโ€™s note: First Dates is on Seven, Wed at night. The blurb says: โ€œOne of Australia’s top international models, Simone Holtznagel, is looking for a tall man to meet her strict height requirements. At 203cm, will Peter prove to be a slam dunk for Simone?โ€
Thatโ€™s Simone who was on Top Model as a youngster and then Iโ€™m a Celeb.



  1. Love the preamble, Juz. “Fist Dates”.

    Thanks , daisy. I’ve watched. That was Paula Duncan and not her sister Carmen btw.

  2. Graham is Woolif’s favourite worst, and he says, “That stupid Thai lady who kept asking to see the guy’s nipples”.

    I have to agree, but also chubby girl in the white coat who thought getting shirt faced is the way to live life.

    Sorry these weren’t included in my nightcap. It was written after ep1. I will include pics next time. Belly dancer lady needs a pic

    I thought the old, genuine couple were heart-warming, although he looked more like 80 than 58.

  3. “Some people will do anything to get onto TV” ~ from daisy’s recap.

    When I was a boy, a friend of my father’s pretended he’d seen a Bunyip and got on the ABC’s Today Tonight. I think it was done for a bet, complete with yarn. Tasmanian Tiger sightings are still good for a story, I imagine.

  4. Daisy! I was hoping youโ€™d be watching First Dates. Itโ€™s the only RTV show Iโ€™m still watching these days. I too love the people watching, analysing and the fact it doesnโ€™t take itself too seriously.. compared to another show that shall not be named ๐Ÿ˜‚ Looking forward to more recaps and screenshots!

    Agree though, itโ€™s getting more and more over produced as is the route most shows go!

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