General chat Feb

By Bobi

Just a quick chat this week because I am still recouping after the school holidays.

I am exhausted. My sweet, sweet darlings are finally back at school after an excruciating, mind-blowing eight weeks. Let me just run that by you again. EIGHT WEEKS everybody. Who dreamed up that torture? And btw, they, too, were bored silly and couldn’t wait to get back to their friends and a solid routine.

So quickly :

It’s raining here. YAY!

Our fire is not quite out yet but as this rain is predicted to continue for another week so, hopefully, any day now. This photo was on Twitter taken by a student flying back in. When I find his name I will post it to give him credit because it’s pretty amazing.

I have very little on my radar, apart from Survivor and DWTS. (Juz’s note: Bobi wrote this before the Oscars. Parasite, Bobi!!!) I will watch the Oscars for the dresses. The movies this year were mostly crap. I reserve the right to retract that statement if Parasite wins Best Picture. Unlikely, but I can dream.

The dogs are happy, drugged and fed and all is right with their world.

And mine, too.

Here’s hoping the weather is being kind to you all.



  1. True to form, I watched the dresses (and Parasite!!!!!).
    Isn’t it a lovely year when the best dress on the red carpet is worn by a man.

  2. Bobi, that fence thing actually happened to me when I was about 11. I was standing on a portable fence railing holding onto one of the long joining spikes watching my uncle’s very large pigs, when one of them charged at me.
    I tried a hasty escape by jumping off the fence but my clothes got caught on something so I was caught air-running, terrified that any second I was going to be “this little piggy had raw meat”.
    Apparently, and according to my caring family, it was hilarious. At least an adult got me down. A laughing adult. FFS I was nearly killed by a giant pig. 🐷🐷🐷. And his brothers.

      • It was better times for pigs, too. Not as much hormones, factory farming and untimely deaths. Food wankers going off about crispiness of pork belly.

        Now , I imagine relatively few children would see a real live pig unless inside watching tv or I Pad. Maybe some footage of George Pell.

        When a boy, my friend got his jumper caught on the bumper bar of a moving FJ Holden and went for an unplanned ride.

        Thanks Bobi.

        • Woh on the FJ Holden story.

          My grandad had an old (then new) Holden in the late 50s. I found an old pump can of oil and all over (had to climb on the roof) with oil. Made it nice and shiny. 😝

          • My grandfather owned a Holden 48-125 (FX).
            I learnt to drive in it.
            It was the best of cars. Drove a bit like a tank.

  3. Did anyone watch Fire Fight? I watched some but had to change the channel every time Kochie came on. K d Lang’s voice was so pure

    • It was on delayed telecast to SA (boo) and I felt sick to see Kochie. He ruined the whole thing for me. I was waiting for Alice Cooper and thought he was great. Ronan Keating and Tina Arena were $hite. The bits of Icehouse I heard were good.

      I heard Queen were good and I wasn’t hanging around for Jack Farnham. No way, get fucked , fuck off. The Geoffrey Epstein doco on 9 was better viewing by this time.

      Where was no show Jimmy Barnes in all this? He could have done something useful and belted Kochie up.

      • I just saw the video summary. Not bad. Johnny Farnham is still an icon. That finale looked rousing.

        I was given free tickets to Darryl Braithwaite on the beach, which came with a clause, “You can’t give them away”. Oh dear. He’s never been on my song list.

    • I watched k d Lang. She’s fabulous.
      I couldn’t handle failed-finance-guy and the only blonde who can tolerate him.
      I would have loved to have seen Queen.
      Darryl Braithwaite has never done it for me. I don’t get the collective adoration for Riding Horses. Is it because people actually know the words?
      I started to watch Jeffrey Epstein and then it became too real. I know that it makes people feel better to talk but the only message I took away was that the police were told over, and over, and over, and over again that he was doing these things and they refused to prosecute.
      Like with the Catholic Church (and St Kevins College), power will remain with the money and nothing will change any time soon.

      • Why was Kochie wearing a suit to cover a concert? Did Sam have an accident with the fake tan bottle? I don’t know why they even needed hosts. Just pre-record some footage about how to donate and play it every now and then.
        I wasn’t up for Epstein so flicked to Lake House. Do they get together in the end? I missed the ending

      • Patsy Klein or KD Lang….I just love Crazy.

        Just hearing that they had two boring old f**ts hosting a concert….slaps own forehead.
        They should have had someone from the music industry or a great comedian. That automatically excludes JM.

  4. Anyone else think it feels futuristic having ‘Death ships”, or Ships of Doom’?
    I am imagining a future where ships must be returned to sea, to sail in circles while the plague ravages everyone.
    Cheerful thing, aren’t I. I bet there are some great cruise deals atm. Bargains.

    • Isn’t it funny. That’s where my mind went, too. Maybe it’s because they played Exodus the other day – not that I watched – I remember it being a propaganda movie with handsome people.
      But I am a Paul Newman fan, not only because he stayed with his wife but also because he didn’t feel the need to sleep with every underage girl that appeared in his movies.
      Still some movies just date and some crash and burn.

      • My friend loves Paul Newman so much she even found a look-alike boyfriend…my husband’s brother. She also loves JWw. And Doris Day.

        I saw Voyage of the Damned in (about) the late 60s. It was very sad. The abandoned cruise ship reminds me of that.

  5. I’m pretty devo about Holden. I have a nostalgic sentiment; thinking about greasing up my grandad’s beautiful light green Holden in the late 50s or early 60s.

    • I would have been devo except that, at the very same time the government was trying to save 250 Toyota jobs, they were busy firing 17,000 public servants (yes, that’s a real number. I didn’t make it up). Hypocrisy, maybe?
      And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday waiting for someone to help me. But far be it for the government to employ more staff while they are trying to have a surplus budget.

      • 😭😭😭. It’s footballs, meat pies, kangaroos…and my youth.
        At least I don’t think I had teenage 🥰🥰🥰🥰. in one….or did I?

    • How lovely to have someone who understands that you don’t have to scream at the highest register to be a fabulous singer.

    • But have they kept it off.
      I am speaking as a expert on losing and putting on the same kilo, week after week, since Christmas.

  6. I just saw the ad for Masterchef and, ooh, ooh, ooh, I’m all in.
    That is a surprisingly unexpected reaction from me.
    These marketing people can be so clever. They have hit on one of the few ways to draw me back.
    I can’t wait.

  7. “Survivor” aside, I think I’m in a “switch the TV off and burn all the newspapers” mood, at the moment, given that it feels like every single story is “child bullied and threatens suicide” and “family murdered in horrible way” and “end of the world” and “Meghan Markle is a bitch” etc. Like, I’m gonna switch the TV off, do a crossword and build some Lego tonight, you know?

    • I know how you feel, Windsong. Sometimes the news is so overwhelmingly sad and depressing that you have to step away from it for a while for your mental health. The family murder is going to stay in my mind for a long time.

      • I know it comes across as callous, but the human mind can only handle so much tragedy, and mine’s just about at it’s limit for “awful” for February. I need a break from “awful”, and if it means switching off the news then I’m switching off the news.

        • I get it, Windsong. I had to “look away” from that recent domestic killing. It was too unbearable.

          I hope you have a good day. What have you planned?

          • My folks are out-of-town for the weekend, so, quiet day in. But it’s all good. I’m got some chores to do, I’ve got to put something up for sale on eBay, and I’m gonna build a little Lego Spider-man robot.

            And maybe take a nap. The health stuff I’ve been dealing with, this week, has taken a lot out of me, and the doctor still has zero clue what’s actually wrong with me, so, that’s fun.

          • Well keep us posted how you are doing. We are here for each other.

            But whatever you do….if it’s a secret….don’t tell Katy.

          • I’d only tell Katy if I wanted the whole city to know and I couldn’t find somebody’s phone number.

        • Hugs, WS.
          This one has really got to me, too, so I am going to the movies: Emma.
          I know it is a crap story (one of her worst) but there will be zero thinking on my part, and I will get sidetracked by the lovely clothes.

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
      I have been resisting the downward spiral with good music and good company. Doesn’t help that Woolif’s happy places us grumbling, demanding and grouching. Such a downer.

  8. My little Spider-man robot. Maybe Tony Stark built it for him? He’s well-designed, you can’t see it but his fingers are making the web-shoot hand gesture. Good times.

  9. BTW….. we had booked to go to France and Spain (mostly France) for this winter. So we are watching and waiting to see if we make it, or if current events intervene.

  10. So no kissing strangers or shaking hands.

    I can imagine people going to shake hands, remembering, then quickly withdrawing.

    • I don’t kiss strangers anyway, but I do shake hands. I can imagine a few awkward encounters if someone offers their hand and I ignore it, or, worse, recoil in horror.

      Check out your grocery stores when you get home, Daisy. I went to shops yesterday for some fruit and vegetables. Had a wander around – shelves were bare of toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, hand sanitisers, and flour. Canned goods were sparse. Idiots panic buying make it harder for everyone.

      • Like an extra roll of shithouse paper is gonna help you in a Pandemic.

        Idiots is right. There’ll never be a shortage of them in the clever country.

      • I loaded up with poo paper for the trip away. I don’t know which grandchild is the culprit but he/she must have shares in Quilton.

        I’m not panicking. Nor am I necessarily believing all government reportsI have already self-quarantined for 9 days. ,🏖️🏖️🏖️

      • Perhaps we need to wear oven mits on occasions we know we will be meeting new people, to remind us not to shake. Could make coffee dates rather messy, though

    • I don’t have a problem with “bulk buying” as such (just in case we are quarantined for 14 days) but I do find it bizarre the things that people find essential.
      What do people think we did before toilet paper was invented 🤪.
      And seriously, who needs tissues when a hanky is a better proposition on so many levels.
      And our local has no chocolate. Really, does anyone think it’s not all going to get eaten on Day 1 as I sob through Days of our Lives?
      And just as a by-the-by, I’ve always had enough lentils in the cupboard to last me a year. It’s not forward planning, it’s just impulse buying.

      • It makes me wonder what supermarket item I would find essential. Probably tea (we buy on-line from Sri Lanka in bulk) and milk, for a cuppa.

  11. Because i have a dog, use public transport, and am a bit of a germaphobe, I wash my hands or use sanitiser frequently. But the “don’t touch your face” precaution is making me crazy. Every time I read an article about it, or just think of it, my face itches and I have to scratch. Have to. I’m trying to switch to patting my hair. Gah!

    • I have become a lip biter.
      It has minor annoying side-effects but an infectious disease is not one of them.

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