1. It’s a Commitment Ceremony night. Of course, most of these desperates would rather get the Corona Virus than write “leave”

      • I wonder if they die a little, inside, every time 9 comes to them and tells them, “Good news, guys, the show’s been renewed for another year!”?

      • But I’m guessing they all chose to “stay” because, hey, those instagram posts aren’t going to like themselves, are they?

    • It’s great now that I can use my phone. I think the trick was waiting about 5 or so seconds for it to load before hitting ‘post’.

      The faces are all courtesy of the cast and their cosmetic surgeons.

  2. I live the comments.

    Here’s a good rtv. I went on a romantic Corona virus cruise.

    I would be saying to Woolif right now, “I told you we should have booked the grand suite!”

  3. You would think I am a romantic given I watch First Dates, B&B, MAFS, FWAW etc.
    But really I am a love cynic.
    Perhaps B&B has made me that way. 😝

  4. At least two of these idiots are more in love with their phones than they could ever be with a real live person. Ivan and the fool who rates his partner’s cleaning skills.

  5. This is where they delve into the gutter, “Who is having sex?”. Who asks that in real life? Are we like those cultures where the old ladies of the tribe go check the sheets? Perhaps they could show the sexperts doing that.
    I couldn’t help wonder what make-up Stacey had removed. It must have been all tattoos and extensions because she still looked made up.

    I had been thinking Hayley was too rough for her partner,…until he pronounced, “asked”.

      • Polly.
        I just read that the real reason Poo Poo Poppy left was because she didn’t like the Chubby little Cubby that she married. Number one complaint….too positive. Far out. How dare he.
        I prefer that over a grumblw bum.

        • Ech. She, honestly, sounds kind of awful.

          And, okay, maybe she had reason to be awful because of her patented tragic back-story ™, but that just feels like an excuse. She volunteered for the show. She knew what it involved.

          • ‘Xactly, Windsong. She was pathetic. I would have hated leaving my kids but then you don’t sign on. I hope Luke gets another go.
            I still think they should all throw their carkeys in a bowl and hope he gets Connie, who has the goon who thinks he is hotter than he is.

            Did I mention I like Connie? 😁 She is so ordinary. And just a good amount of off beat.

          • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΉπŸΈ
            Yes. Poppy is terminally immature but hey she is special as not only does she have kids (thereby rendering her a paragon of all virtue) she has twins (untouchable sainthood right there).

            She was just rude slobbering on the couch while Luke was trying to engage in conversation. Stop using the children as a shield for your bad behaviour. Be an adult and tell him, it is not working.

          • I feel for Luke, but I imagine, most people ended up feeling quite sympathetically towards him. He’s not my sort of bloke, but he seemed like a decent guy, and on paper, a single-mother would’ve understand the pressures of his life better than other potential matches.

            It’s just such a pity the potential match that the three idiots found for him was *Poppy*.

        • β€œHe just annoyed the sh*t out of me constantly,” Poppy said about Luke. β€œHe was so overly positive. I was clearly struggling at times and he was so positive about it and that just made me want to throw him down a staircase.”


          I read that, tonight, as well.

          Yeah, she sounds like real keeper, doesn’t she? Yikes.

  6. Not really a big fan of this season. The participants are non-descript (ironic with tatts) and the sexperts have ramped up their perversion.

    For the ones we can remember:
    Mikey: Alcohol issues (twice out all night drinking) combined with been gifted the family business tends to suggest that he has never had to deal with the consequences of his actions. Immature.
    Stacey: Very low self esteem with hints of an unstable childhood. Seeking security in the wrong places.
    Jonenathen: Not into Connie. Uneducated narcissist seeking Insta likes.
    Connie: Maybe smart enough to negotiate the post MFAS media profile she seeks.
    Haley: Once an addict, always an addict. She has issues and should not have been selected.
    David: A man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. He lacks a good fortune….

    • I’m cool with not judging Hayley by her past, because most of us have murky pasts we’d rather not see on national television.

      I’m perfectly fine with judging Hayley right now, because right now, she seems like kind of a trainwreck.

  7. Agree. Poppy was rude.
    Petulant, pouting, party-pooping Poppy,
    Perfect partner Luke put down for Positivity
    Pack your bags Poo Poo,
    Pile on the kilos on own Patch.
    Poor Luke. Perhaps it’s a pity parental Poppy didn’t participate.
    Persist with your peppy, personable positivity. She wasn’t even platonic.

    • And damn it, I missed it thanks to a vastly-more entertaining episode of “Survivor”.

      At least the half-naked people on “Survivor” are actually attractive. Mostly.

      • I can’t watch Survivor. My annoyance is too high that production are moving goal posts, and not playing fair.

        I would rather watch the vein in Hayley’s forehead than listen to whiney Shonee boasting about her game play. What game play. She wouldn’t even be there if she wasn’t put back in by production. Gggrrr. It’s TAR Aus all over again.

  8. Line of the night came from Connie.

    Jonethen: “You’ve got nice lips. They’re not too big. They’re not too small”.
    Connie:” “I grew them myself”.

    Hayley’s husband is finding a connection with her now. It’s on the end of his willy.

  9. Jonethen didn’t just break the phone rule. He broke the wan*we rule. Jonethen can’t stop taking selfies. Jonethen, you aren’t hot.

    How did Mikey get that run down with his wife’s head between his legs, with no sign of life in the budgies?

    Stacey and her hubby are in it for the exposure.

        • ……mmm, the guy who’s boss of a nursing home,he was a bit touch phobic at the beginning. Don’t know how else to describe him or his tactile “wife”

          • Oh yeah, Mikey’s the actually reasonably-attractive one.

            Natasha, his happy bride from the show, was seen making out with some random dude yesterday, while today, she’s gotten a restraining order out against this fellow.

            So clearly, her and Mikey last the distance.

          • Ages ago, I saw a creepy movie about a wheelchair-bound, old lady who hired a young man; a perfect gentleman, to be her live in carer. He had a head in a hatbox.

            Even the name, Mikey, is scary.

    • Damn auto cue…or was I drunk (no).
      Wan*er rule
      rub down not run down

      I apologize for my lack of proof reading.

  10. Oh my Gawd. These “intimacy” activities are a bit much.
    Wait what? Mishel blindfolds Steve and makes him smell fish? Okay.

      • I don’t know that one, but my mind went to a very unsavoury thought….as perhaps did Steve’s.
        He probably thought “Bingo. I know THIS game.

    • Jonnythong couldn’t go ONE HOUR without Instagram. He’d be a better match for the drug addict.

      Looks like men behaving badly dinner party tonight from the promos.

    • He seems like a classy guy. Meanwhile…

      “But f**k this s**t, I’m going to tell everything!” — Poppy.

      Well, sweety, you’re not on the show anymore, so the floor is yours! Twenty bucks says she actually contributes nothing whatsoever to the conversation.

  11. Woh. How bad is Mikey going to regret going on this show. He will be known as the 10 second man everywhere he goes.

      • Michael is like The Roach; spreading trouble and breaking up relationships.

        Mikey will need help leaving the show. Mikey doesn’t want the people at the table know his time limit, but all of Australia; no problem.

  12. Woh, Michael went on the attack. I can’t blame Steve that his pride took a hammering and it got out of control.
    Hayley wants a job as a sexpert.
    I just realized Jonethen looks like Larry the original from The Three Stooges.
    Dave, you are correct. That dinner party was ugly…but still not as horrible as that screaming Cyrel.

  13. Poppy did an interview and it’s in the paper, this morning. Apparently, she left because she felt super-uncomfortable married to a complete stranger.

    Who’d have guessed she would’ve had to marry a complete stranger on a show about people who marry complete strangers? I mean, what a shock, right?

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