1. Callum has a young baby and Laura co-owns and cooks at a hot new restaurant here in Adelaide. She worked for ex-MC alumni Andre and her husband Max Sharrad is a hip chef who has made a guest appearance on MC. She is a great all-rounder.

  2. Simon is back. Dani is back. .. spew.

    But overall I feel positive and think it is good and I am looking forward to it! Tess was great. Sarah was robbed. I love people like Poh and Callum. Courtney has been cooking for the Swans. I always liked Laura (she was the super young one, right?) and Tessa seemed to really understand cooking.
    Was Brendan the one who broke the olive oil and got badly cut? He was great.
    I was never a huge Khanh fan (sorry to his many fans).

    of course, my memory is fuzzy so I could well be praising the duds and ignoring the good ones, but I am sure it will all come flooding back.

    Can definitely do without chris (he is the nose to tail beer bloke right?) and that’s a hard NO to his greasy hat – but SIMON. No for the love of all that’s holy. NO. Mind you, Dani and Simon may struggle without the judges favouritism.

    I wonder if the contestants knew when they signed up that the judges they could manipulate so easily were not in the mix?

  3. I wasn’t planning to watch since I’m not impressed with the new judges. But this twist has got me somewhat interested again, so will see how it goes. It’s a smart move to bring back some familiar faces. I, too, am glad to see Brendan again. I could do without Tessa. Ugh.

    Some of these contestants will know more than the judges.

  4. Well that was exciting: dropped into Burch and Purchese in Chapel st South Yarra, met Darren Purchese and he signed a book for me (Chefs do Breakfast too). He said he’s filming for Masterchef next week but is unsure how the new judges will go. Said he could understand the returning contestants to keep some consistency for viewers. Also admitted Poh is a favourite.

  5. Why is Reece back?

    I think those Dessert Kings and Queens are in it to promote their brand. They can’t win.

    They are


    There are 6 runner up from previous series. I think the winner will be from this group:

    Ice Cream Ben

    • I wonder if, having so many dessert people there, the challenges will be more flexible. Given it’s all stars surely they want a lot of wow dishes. No one wants Reynold to go night one because it’s a steak challenge.
      If someone makes an ice cream that fails to set in the first week I will be sooo cranky.
      I wonder what the “it” ingredient will be. What did we have last year? Was it beetroot? Is it time for fennel to make a comeback?

  6. I can see more vegan or plant based challenges for sure! I’m looking forward to a cooking show where food is centre stage, not that MKR rubbish.

  7. No Marion?

    She’s the most memorable non-winner for me. And the only one I remember who truly invented new dishes in invention tests.

    • I thought maybe Marion doesn’t want to be in it as she now lives in Thailand. But I just found out she is expecting her second child and just about to pop – next 3 weeks.

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