1. I missed most of the 2013 season so I want to known if Dan and Steph were that “well loved”, or if it’s just hype from Channel 7.

    (And what is it with those horrible neck tatts? Did a pic search and found he was a cleanskin around the throat back then.)

  2. 😭😭 I have been a loyal fan of MKR and I am watching the tennis.
    How can you say those are the fans favorites. Also Dan is now a qualified chef. They shouldn’t be allowed on this show.

  3. This came on while I was making dinner, ironically, and I gave it a half an hour … which was exactly how long it was before Sophia and Romel showed up and began talking trash about their own ex-show-partners and how horrible they were (poor Ibby. He’s going to make you sleep on the couch tonight, Romel).

    At which point, I switched off and didn’t regret it for a second.

    From what I saw, once again, the show cast people who swear that cooking is their lives, but have clearly never stepped foot in a kitchen before in their lives. I’m not going to miss it, I don’t think.

    • excellent.
      but mind you they picked a ridiculous day to start with Australian Open tennis and I’m a Celebrity finals.
      However, I am firmly not watching still!

  4. What can I say… the first time I knew it was on last night was ten minutes ago. Last year was so bad, I really don’t think I can watch.

    • Maybe they finally pushed their limit on what the audience is willing to put up with?

      Plus, Paleo Pete losing his audience makes me feel warm inside.

      • Yes especially since he was photographed recently posing for photos with a leading US anti-vaxxer – and I hate how the word leading makes him seem like an authority, but you know what I mean

  5. ‘Favourites’ = ‘Fame whore’
    I watched last night as I couldn’t fathom how this 2 house thing worked. It doesn’t.
    I’m so over the nasty pasties.
    I think Dan and Steph cook tonight. I might switch over during ads hoping that Dan doesn’t do well. Now I’m a nasty pastie

  6. The faves house looks like Ibby and Rommels place. I’m a goldfish when it comes to RTV but I liked I&R place and this sure looks like it.

  7. Does anybody else think this new format is designed to save heaps of money instead of flying people around the country? Also. I’m pleased there are time limits from the start .. some of the initial instant restaurants went on for hours and hours.

  8. Who decided that those teams were favorites? Obviously not the viewers. Haven’t watched and don’t know if I will bother. The only faves that I can stand are Jac and Shaz. Surely there were better choices than the others but, of course, they want ones who will create drama. Dan shouldn’t even be allowed to compete.

  9. Hi guys, new year, new season. And I’ve got things to say.
    Like: Still don’t like Dan and Steph, no matter with kid or with kilos or without. The story has been outtold and to be honest I really don’T want to see them cry again and again. Plus he’s doubledipping which is disgusting and he’s a freaking chef. What the hell is he doing there?
    And who brought Roula and Rachel back? They were neither loved nor skilled chefs. A joke.
    Loved Romel annihilating that obnoxious douchenuzzle pokerplayer. Also the stoned dudes who’re just there to kill their munchies.
    Not sure about the new format – then again: half the time the people weren’t in their own homes so it doesn’t really make a difference I guess. Let’s see how it goes.

  10. Oh gooood. I taped from servongthe main, watched the critique of the judges, saw a bit of dessert plating, Shaz & Jac eating/critiqueing, and Rommel and dominating poker dude with trash talking.
    They’ve kiled it. Perhaps they have long teem contract with Pete and a dead show is the only way to rip it up without penalty.

    • It is interesting to think of MKR as a depreciating asset that Ch 7 is running into ze ground.

      We’ll soon see how “our most loved contestants” went in the ratings last night.

  11. I had it on for about 20 minutes last night and that was enough, I don’t need to see any more. Bitchy backbiting, people I didn’t like before, people I don’t know, more bitchiness…pffft.

  12. Can’t see MKR being shown at prime time. Will be gone soon. Last night rating is just above 400K. Beaten by show from ABC and SBS.

    Now I have nothing to watch in the evening. Back to SBS food channel

    • You could give Survivor a try? I wasn’t going to watch, this season (because last season was pretty underwhelming), but two episodes in and it’s hooked me.

    • I’m with you Littlepetal. I’m happy with authentic approaches to food, even if it’s the 100th re-run of an episode of The Cook and The Chef. As for MKR, we could probably get nostalgic about the blue domes of death (or were they red?)! They played their part in culinary creation, not in a pantomime.

  13. I cannot believe I watched parts of the first 2 episodes…. but, I did. Is Not so porky anymore Pork Chop really a trained chef now? If so, how embarrassing is it to ask in a Coles which chicken is best for a Chicken Ballotine.
    That “love story” is so badly scripted, it was just a cringefest. Speaking of cringefest, that older Asian lady, what the…???

    As for Pete: https://www.facebook.com/scibabe/posts/pete-evans-is-pete-evansing-hardwhen-your-medical-advice-is-to-do-the-thing-we-a/1401436373326467/

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