1. Hilarious start to the ep, with Locky admitting both Brooke and Daisy are hot but Daisy “is as big an as all hell”.
    And then AK doing the best Osher Bachie whisper

  2. The episode begins with a note of mild comedy, with Daisy talking about how she’s in a majority alliance.

    Just like the last time you were in a majority alliance, Daisy? Do you remember how that ended?

    I like the idea of David and Mat in a secret alliance to totally manipulate their entire tribe. Honestly, between starting a fire without flint, turning Henry and Locky (and was just in one episode) and now going after Daisy, David is my new favourite player. Until Locky and Lee start wrestling, again. Oh gosh, I’m a thirsty boy.

  3. “Locky swinging his sack!”

    Oh my gosh, Jonathon. Stop it. Just stop it, right now. You know exactly what you’re doing.

    “Locky taking nut after nut!”

    I’m out. I’m done.

  4. Jacqui and Sharn get to speak – Sharn rather movingly. How fascinating that Mat is being sought as a secret ally by both Henry and David. I fear Mat won’t trust David enough to do it, when it’s actually a solid plan

    • It was a *great* plan. That way, Mat plays the idol which saves him, and his tribe’s votes go towards Daisy, so David gets to knife someone he wants to knife, while remaining totally blameless. That’s genius play from both of them.

      I just don’t see the two of them trusting each other. But if they pull it off…

  5. Kudos where they’re due. Even Zach’s own tribe-mates are saying that he’s mellowed out a little, and he won that immunity challenge today through a display of sheer, gutsy strength (and it looked like he almost passed out at the end. That wouldn’t have been good, standing in knee-deep water).

    The highlight, though, was Locky so casually dismissing Nick with one hand. Holy crap Locky. That was pretty freaking cool. I also liked Lydia trouncing Daisy (which seemed a lovely payback from episode 1).

    • I agree about Zach – it does seem as if he has had a bit of self-awareness since the last time. I suspect some inappropriate stuff will still slip out, but at this stage he looks like he is working towards some better social skills.

      • I haven’t seen enough of Zach yet. Still upset that he came back and feel bad for Shonee as he was so scathing, but let’s see how it goes. I agree with Fijane that under stress he may revert, but so far so (as much as we have seen) good.

        • Shonee’s mouth said “yes, he’s changed” but her eyes were saying “too little, too late – you’re done come merge”.

  6. So who is whispering to a rival after that brutal challenge? Btw have never seen so much blood on Survivor! Michelle and AK, Mat and Henry do the idol swap although it looks like a nightclub fumble. Omg AK saw it! Amazing

    • The challenges are very brutal, hey? (I love them and they are helping ramp up the excitement.)
      I think we need a puzzle one soon to get the bandage count down.

  7. I couldn’t help myself and checked who was evicted before tribal. It may have diminished the excitement of a WOW tribal but it was hilarious watching the dialogue knowing the outcome. I highly recommend watching it again – the comments were so amusing when you know the outcome.

    • I sort of hoped that the plan would go off, without a hitch. But even without reading any spoilers, watching that tribal was highly entertaining.

      And given that the first two boots were past winners … Daisy becomes the first Australian Survivor player to be eliminated *twice*. Honestly, I know I’m being a little petty, but I haven’t forgiven her for ruining last year’s show, so, I’m okay with this.

  8. The promos were right.

    That. Was. AMAZING.

    The plan worked, and it worked perfectly and beautifully. David and Mat spent the entire night bickering at each other — and everybody thinks they hate each other. Meanwhile, the pair of them played that entire tribe like fiddles. Mat got to weaken the opposing faction, the viewers won because Daisy got knifed, and David? He got to eliminate somebody without even writing her name down … while also flushing out an idol, and tricking one of the team-mates he’d betrayed into protecting him.

    Major props to both Mat and David for spending the entire afternoon playing speed chess, coming up with stuff on the fly whenever a new obstacle presented itself … and pulling it off.

    My gosh, golden god. I am here for you, right now.

    • Oh, he’s cute. Not cute enough to make me watch, but not bad at all.

      Who is he? I glance through comments here, but don’t know enough about the show to understand what’s what, I just like TTV comments.

        • Mat’s not as beautiful as David. But damn the pair of them played off each other well. It was just amazing to watch. The second idol damn near gave me a heart attack, until it was played on David.

          • “The second idol damn near gave me a heart attack, until it was played on David.”

            But Daisy was a real blind-side. They had no way of knowing that Mat’s faction was going after her, so Brooke had a 1 in 7 chance of picking the right person to give the idol to.

            As it stands, Mat spent all night bickering at David (and there was probably a lot, off-camera, that we didn’t even see) and that sealed the deal.

            And I didn’t even realise the beauty of David’s plan. If Mat didn’t go with the plan, and targeted David … David’s protected by the idol, and Mat still loses a faction member.

          • David did a good job of pretending to be nervous and, also, only Daisy had met him previously. So the rest of the Cookie Alliance were more easy to fool. Daisy has no excuse for trusting David after how he played on her season.

        • I am a total hypocrite! I am totally team David. I disliked him so much last season for being totally up himself but now I have joined with the fan base and him nearly as highly as he rates himself!
          He got everything he wanted. If Mat had betrayed him and written his name down he also had Brooke’s idol as insurance AND got it flushed. Plus he did the world a favour in taking out a totally unreliable player. PERFECT.

          • I suspect you may have chances to come to revert back to your original view, but last night was enough to make anyone bow down at his feet.

            I am just desperate to see how he and Mat move on from here. Is it onwards and upwards, or will someone flush them out? One of the girls made an offhand comment at the end that made me suspect that she will be the one to discover the plan – Flick, I think?

          • I’m completely with you.

            I didn’t care for David much at all, last season (for what I feel were entirely valid reasons. His plotting was too obvious, his villainy was too over-the-top, and his ego was a bit out of control, so of course, he was one of the first residents of Jury Villa).

            But so far, he’s owned those three episodes. He started fire without flint, he and Mat played those people like fiddles to achieve everything they wanted (Mat’s faction was probably also pretty glad that Brooke got rid of her idol).

            I’m loving his game so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he and Mat do next.

            I can just imagine, Henry or Harry, watching this at home, going, “… damn, I wish I’d done that.”

          • See, I don’t think David IS up himself. I think he is intelligent, knows his capabilities and sets out to entertain – and he is having fun doing so

          • Thanks Alan. I hope he can continue to deliver! And if not, go out in a blaze of glory with a tonne of unearned confidence and a misplaced sense of trust from a former tight allegiance.

  9. It was probably not the BEST tribal ive ever seen, been fortunate to see some amazing ones…. but I’m calling it… David is one of the BEST players Ive ever seen…. Bravo maestro….you nailed it..
    Props to Matt for his acting skills too at tribal 🙌🏻
    Thank god Daisy is gone!!

    • It’s all perfect, hey?
      Unfortunately I haven’t seen enough of the US tribals, but from my limited experience it was easily the best tribal that I HAD seen. But David – wowee. . . I was holding my breath thinking this complicated plan couldn’t work. . until it DID.

    • Best tribal was probably when Parv did a double idol play to save her alliance and sent JT home after he gave up his own idol. But this one was funnier

      • Or the TC where Eric gave his idol to the Parvati alliance to prove his loyalty and they voted him out immediately. I am looking forward to a cast with Parvati, Boston Rob, and Tony all in one series. They’ll either murder each other or form the Supreme Evil Alliance and take over the planet.

  10. For once the promos were right – one of the best TC’s ever!
    And beautifully preceded by the development of a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” plan. David and Mat were amazing in their ability to design the plan (probably mostly David, but Mat was very quick to see the advantage) but mostly in the way they both held their nerve all the way through. Any slight blink of distrust and it would have been disaster. Mat could have been very spooked by the choice of Daisy over a more dangerous player, but he understood the need for revenge. It is maybe not wise to beileve that next time.

    The cabaret show put on by the two of them at TC was masterful, but I especially liked Mat’s comment “are any of you loyal enough to save one of YOUR players?” (paraphrased) and Brooke fell into the trap with a crash heard on mainland Aus.

    Please, please, please let the plan continue until all the hangers-on are gone. It is the anti-plan to the standard one that dictates that threats should go first, and leaves the viewers with a batch of lesser players by the end.

      • I feel Brooke made some Idol Finder Rookie errors. Mainly, telling people. Why do they rush off and blab – just tell no one or failing that, the person who saw you get it! That’s it.
        She then compounded the error by being suggestible at tribal to PLAY it. I mean, losing David wouldn’t have been the worse thing for her, right? He is a good challenge player but not the Best and she burned an idol because of the power of suggestion and got no benefit from it. Her tribe still ended up with one less player.

    • I agree, but she was actually much better this season than last season. Just saying, still glad she went home early.

      • In our defence Alan, as the self-appointed Leader of Team NO MORE DAISY she hadn’t been there long enough to stuff up the good plans of other people! In time. . . .

        • Yeah, I was thinking that too. She’d only been on the island for a week, so there really wasn’t enough time for her to make a complete mess of things.

          • Oi – I read these you know! If you give me a jar of bickies (it pains me to call them cookies) I will switch to Team AK or Team Nick. Although I am hoping they team up at the merge for a Wendell/Dom style pair

          • She walked in on our secret chat by the well. D’oh.
            Okay. At the next tribal there is a massive shake up and you NEED to be on the side of Tarzan, who has a secret alliance with Mo and they go ALL the way. You heard it here first.
            Jump now Juz and get in the Winner group and drop that Dodgy Dave.

            (As I write that I actually reflect that Tarzan and even Mo have probably way more chance of getting far in the game than David!)

          • I can’t be Team Zach (spew) purely from a fashion point of view – black compression tights not a good look on me

          • I’m not sure David is playing evilly enough to keep my support. But Boston Rob, Parvati and Tony are coming. Go Team Evil!

  11. David’s pretend shocked face was hilarious. I wonder how long till they realise he played them. Or will they not realise till they watch it back?

  12. I do have to give props to Daisy for defeating Lydia one on one – never thought I’d see that. So perhaps if they ever do an Aus version of Brain v Brawn v Beauty they will cast Daisy on the Brawn team. David would be Beauty, AK and Nick Brains, Tarzan, Lydia and Locky Brawn, Shonee Beauty … Interestingly two former Brawns have now won: Tony and Sarah

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