1. I love it how Nick is this dreaded force, when it comes to puzzle challenges … but rightly so, since he single-handedly clawed back the advantage and won that challenge for the green team.

    AK is just not good at puzzles. He’s just terrible. And it’s a shame, because Locky was totally blitzing that challenge (and I loved his strategy of riding the cube up, as it spun over, using the thing’s own momentum to take him up. That was awesome).

  2. So, they finally get rid of Mat. Fair enough. He survived longer than he should’ve.

    The vote revealed a few things, too. They all went for Mat — except Brooke and Locky, who voted for Harry. Obviously, the theory was, just in case Mat pulls out an idol, they picked Harry as the next most-disposable castaway. Which not only tells us that Harry and Shonee are at the bottom of the pecking order, but Locky and Brooke are a Power Couple, which should cause some angst, later on in the game.

    Meanwhile, the yellow tribe continues to get Ulonged into oblivion. That’s what you get you for knifing John and his speedos, you bunch of in-grates.

    • But why is AK no. 3? I’m not getting it- he seems pretty useless to me. So it must be all social – yet I’m not seeing charm or social graces!

      • AK is a good social player, good at throwing stuff in challenges, fine at puzzles (if Nick wasn’t there), a Superfan and he is the numbers guy. Plus he has gorgeous hair / We just don’t see it

        • I acknowledge he is good at throwing things. In fact, excellent.

          But Juz, I honestly can’t understand “fine” at puzzles. If I was categorising his performance I would use words like “useless” and “terrible” and “woefully inadequate”! And I mean not even compared to Nick, who is clearly a puzzle master, but just generally. He has cast himself as the puzzle brains, but hasn’t delivered!
          As a Superfan and numbers guy he is definitely delivering because he is still there – so I get that he must have social game, but his attraction isn’t visible to me.

          • I will have to rewatch AK’s season. I remember him being good at puzzles but could be completely wrong

    • Harry volunteered to be the two-vote, as a way of ingratiating himself. And yes, Locky and Brooke have evolved from a romantic power couple to a rock solid strategic one, played completely in the open, and yet Tribe Lemming merrily follows them over the cliff.

      The game players on the other tribe will eat them alive when the merge comes. Mat was the only one playing with the high standard that the other tribe have shown.

    • I find the waste in the food reward scenes disturbing. I keep thinking they are in a poor country and are completely wasting perfectly good food, even if it is cake. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make those cakes and they were trashed. I know it’s part of the game but it just never sits well with me.

      I prefer the feast with a random napkin containing a scroll type ones.

      • I just can’t believe the producers keep trying to give the players diabetes. The rewards have all been junk food, which I’m sure is great for a temporary sugar-rush, but if you’re living on a beach and starving, some actual substantial food would be preferable, surely.

        • What they’re not showing is what happens if you gorge on cake with an empty stomach. Survivor The Australian Outback showed Colby throwing up and then that particular aspect of Survivor was quietly dropped and has never made the screen since.

          The cake shop was about getting footage of people with cake all over their bodies. It had nothing to do with what the players felt like eating or wanted to do.

  3. Did anyone else cheer when Nick won the swimming challenge?
    I was happy to see they set another challenge in that same stretch of water – last season it was just a good ole swimming endurance race. They could never do this with US Survivor – too many poor swimmers.
    Interesting play by Harry to put his name forward as the decoy vote. So risky. But he’s been playing it pretty cool so far so it should pan out for him. Surely the tribe would target Shonee before him purely on a winning challenges basis. Although merge can’t be far off.

  4. And juz- I totes agree about ten promo. Way to ruin the suspense- I felt the tribal edit showed lots of AK sweating and looking in danger but we knew it was between Mat and Harry. Not good.

  5. I watched tonight to see what was going to happen. A good result AND fair play. I just ask for fair play. But the result was a bonus. Pretty funny that Mat said that the “last 24 hours had humbled him”, then says, “If I had made it to the merge, I would have won”. Wow, what do they always say in Survivor? You can’t ever get comfortable.

    As for Dave, I went right off him for being so selfish with those cakes.

    • Let me suggest an experiment. Eat nothing at all for a week. You are allowed to drink water. That will get you at roughly the level of starvation these people are.

      Then sit down with a dozen donuts and see how well your brain is working after the sugar hit.

  6. I couldn’t watch tonight. I didn’t want Matt (or Harry) to go.
    But it was inevitable. I just wanted it to be later, after the merge. I was so looking forward to the silent game with David. My fun has been spoilt.

    • I was cheering for yellow to win the immunity (undeservedly) just so that we could see some good play, instead of the “Brocky” old-school alliance.

      • I am over the Brocky power block too.
        If AK is the strategic brains, he will have to blindside one of them ASAP.

        • I think Brocky is going to be something to keep an eye on. Nick still has that voting advantage, too. Come merge, I think I know where he should use it.

          I dreamed about this series of “Survivor” last night. The contestants split into two teams, for a sailling challenge on big yachts, but I was there. And everybody was mad at David, but I figured out it’s because he had been flirting with Brooke, who was into Locky and that had upset a few people. But then, I was hanging out with Locky and Brooke, and Locky started flirting with me (with Brooke’s approval), and one thing led to another and … and that’s where I’ll stop talking about it, I think.

  7. I really enjoyed the machinations at the Cake Shop. Compared to the popcorn one, everyone knew the stakes and were jockeying for the best position. It broke my heart to see Phoebe find the clue, but overjoyed to see in the promo that David is going to fix the situation.

    At first, I thought the swimming challenge was just too hard. Sharn is a really good swimmer, so it seemed that it might be impossible. Loved seeing Locky knocked down a bit for breaking the rules.

    • Yes how good was JLP telling him to get over it! I was delighted when Phoebe cut all the cakes. She must have been told she could not throw the clue into the jungle, as has happened in the past

    • Yes. Thank you, noticed it yesterday……… would have pressed a “like ” button.

      Just saw a Ma$terchef sneek peek. Not really amatas . Guilty Harvey Weinstein. Not a bad day at all.

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