• I had to explain to DH, who doesn’t watch much, that GG is hamming up his ego. DH thought he was very arrogant. I suppose you need to watch him a lot to see how much he is taking the mickey.

  1. Now, *that* is how we Tribal Council properly.

    I knew Phoebe was gone. The only reason it was a tie, was due to Nick completely wasting his advantage trying to oust Mo — once that was taken out of play, and everybody voted the same, Phoebe lost (and she doubly lost because Sharn changed her mind). She seemed pretty angry, in her closing interview, and I imagine she was *enraged* at David with the idol (her idol, and she knew it, too). David wearing it, but not even playing it, came across as very petty, but he was angry that she betrayed him several weeks ago. Only she knew the significance of the idol (because she and David were the only people who knew about it), so the fact he was flaunting it, right in front of her? Man. That was personal. That’s how you knife someone, right between the shoulder blades.

    Still, props to the golden god for his giant brass testicles. Everyone knows he’s got an idol (and they don’t know about the second one), and Sharn revealed her status as a double agent (which I don’t think is going to end too well, for her, all things considered). Plus, realistically, I think we could stand to lose Phoebe.

    I love Mo, at the moment. I love how she’s playing the game. In Mat’s absense, Mo’s really stepped up. I mean, it really looks like she’s in control of that tribe, right now. I also liked her ominous warning re: taking revenge for Mat’s demise.

    IIRC, the tribes merge when there’s 12 people left. There’s currently 14 (6 yellow, and 8 green) so I predict they’ll vote out somebody tomorrow night, and somebody on Monday night, and merge will happen on Tuesday (unless there’s another exile twist or something. But I think the odds are good it’ll happen next week).

    Hang in there, dirty Harry. You’re not done for yet.

  2. I thought Phoebe was really immature and petty writing Moan-a, that was unnecessary and only reflected poorly on Phoebe. But I’ve noticed how bitter and twisted some of the females voted out have been this year (Daisy and Michelle) and now Phoebe can be added to that list.
    I too am loving Mo’s understated gameplay.

    • Yeah, I thought the “Moan-a” thing was a bit petty … but she was also on the receiving end of that, when Dave pulled out her idol and put it around his neck, for no reason whatsoever (because he didn’t end up playing it) other than to let Phoebe know that he’d betrayed her.

      But the depth of feeling from Phoebe towards Moana, really for the whole duration of that tribal council, I mean, there was definitely some bad feelings there.

    • She seemed to think it got personal, and while it’s hard to discredit that (with plenty of players acting on a motivation of little more than revenge. Hell, David showing off her idol was pretty personal and targeted), it’s also hard to ignore the fact that Phoebe was pretty personal in her attacks on Moana, so, I can’t really call Phoebe as a poor, innocent victim on this one.

    • That’s really a bit rich. Phoebe broke the close alliance with Dave when Phoebe leaked the plan to blindside Nick and then tried to blindside Moana without warning her close ally from Day 1. She could have told Dave she couldn’t back a move against Nick. She could have asked Dave to join her in the Moana blindside.

      The really sad thing is that Phoebe ran exactly the strategy Moana needed to make Dave flip to Moana.

      I put it down to Phoebe spending way too much time in Nick’s company. Some strategies are so brilliant they blow up your game.

      And yeah to what Windsong said Phoebe getting personal.

      • Pretty much nailed it, Alan. I think Pheeb’s big mistake was thinking that she had got Dave back after the Nick incident. It is understandable that she felt a bond to Nick after shielding him to get the advantage-in-the-box, but she mishandled everything after that. From Dave’s POV, if she had blindsided him he would have applauded good play. But he could not forgive making a plan and then running to the target and spilling it.

      • But he’s married. Maybe another TV gig? But he’s based in New York so not sure he’d even want that. I love the GG but his actions last night were a bit much.

        • Dave’s actions were all in confessionals, except for showing the idol. The other players won’t even see it until they watch the series on TV.

          I like the moustache twirling and I think it’s about as serious as players declaring they control the game immediately before they get blindsided. Survivor is stressful. Moustache twirling is a way that Dave lets off steam and deals with anxiety.

          Showing off the idol was obviously a message for Phoebe. It was also a legitimate strategic message for players like Nick, Sharn and Moana. I’m looking forward to when Dave wears both idols and then doesn’t play them. Hopefully without going home.

          You must be strong in your Davism, Juz. Or you will get challenged by Davists who are truly worthy.

          • Yes, cunning.

            Did I see that in the second vote Share ran with the pack. She might end up being a goat because her play is all over the place.
            Obviously she had to switch because it was clear before the second vote “Pheebs” was going.

  3. It’s annoying when people play this game, then complain, even in a round about way about getting shafted. I admire people who don’t take it personally or have a double standard of, “It’s okay for me to be deceptive, but it’s not okay for you to deceive me.

    I thought Moana handled Phoebe’s snipes at her “sitting in the shelter” well. It must have been annoying.

    Anyhow… Go Mo.

    • I was going to start a new comment, but I will piggy-back to yours re Moana’s comeback to Phoebe’s “reasons” for targetting her. I was very impressed not only with that very neat turning of the statement against her, but by all of Mo’s words at this tribal. She answered every request with a quality, reasonable answer which put the negative slightly back on the asker. Several times I thought that she could have blown it with an emotional rant. I can see her being very good at a final tribal, if she makes it.

      But..and a big but…I don’t think she is trying hard enough to control her facial expressions. I think she did herself no favours by showing how annoyed she was by Mat’s elimination. And the little asides to her alliance at TC could backfire. She needs to remember that “minions” (in her words) nearly always consider knocking off the boss at some stage, and she needs to treat them with respect.

      I thought Lee made a good point to Zach, that Moana probably would not have allies on the other tribe, and would therefore be easy to eliminate after merge.

      • I cringed over the minions strategy. What it actually means (as shown with Zach) is that she only knows what her minions tell her.

  4. Glad that Nick has burned off his advantage. I sort of like him, but not always – it depends on who he is for and who he is against. He went way too far trying to keep Phoebe as a number/goat, and should have given up on that earlier.

    I think Sharn has blown her game. It is okay to try to play both sides (hard to do) but to promise undying love to both sides on the same day is going to get you in big trouble. And then voting two different ways in the same tribal? Possibly a desperate move to try to save the situation.

    • I agree, I don’t think Sharn’s playing a great game, right now, and the fact is that the initial-tied vote against Phoebe, last night, told Dave that he couldn’t trust Sharn at her word (and Mo’s probably figured that out too).

      OTOH, Mo and Dave are playing great games. Lee, Nick and Sharn have settled to the bottom of their tribe, while Mo has two minions, and she’s working with Dave (with Zach floating around in there as a swing vote).

      • Agreed. Sharn is not playing nearly the social game she did last time and this is the second time she’s agreed to vote one way and then flipped. Maybe losing narrowly last time has effected her confidence.

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