1. I just watched the interview with Abbey on The Project as she described herself as being a triple threat. She said she had it all: strength, strategy and social skills. That, according to her, is why she was voted out.
    Clueless. Just simply clueless.

    • She said several times on the show that this time she knew that she had to play a social game. I think she was using the strength narrative as a smoke-screen initially, but the competitor in her just couldn’t be suppressed.

      I note that the US version first two episodes, not one person mentioned keeping the tribe strong to win challenges. As someone said, it is like they enjoy going to tribals. That may be a clue to a good strategy – not being afraid of TCs.

    • When I was a channel flicking I barely recognised Abbey on The Project. It’s like all Survivor finales: they always look better in their Island grunginess.

      • She is commentating on AFLW and they haven’t do-ed her up as badly as on Project. It is weird to see the contestants on other shows now, when to us they are still in the Pacific Ocean. Have to remind myself that Survivor has already finished.

  2. Interesting that Locky and Brooke’s romance seems to be quite obvious and yet nobody is marking them for a “power couple” yet? Glad of that because I tend to think that two allies are more dangerous than those who are distracted by a love interest.

  3. Can I say at the outset that I disliked David on his season and was pleased to see him blindsided.
    He’s not really doing anything different on the Allstars but I am completely in love.
    I could be persuaded otherwise but bring on the final two of the Golden God and Matt, or maybe Nick, or Harry. I do have a fondness for Harry.

  4. Much as I like Phoebe, that was disappointing – I would rather have Lydia. There’s a batch of blind followers in the yellow tribe, and for a moment I thought some were going to break away, but no, they can’t. Great to see Mo trying to shake things up. If she can pull David in and Mat survives to merge, they would be an amazing (if volatile) triad.

    • It’s close for me, too but I’d rather have Phoebe. She’s a surprisingly strong player and is the mix for most things. I was surprised to see her at the bottom.
      It’s looking like this is the guys game. All the women are slowly being picked off one by one.

  5. So glad they finally showed Mo doing strat chat.
    At the challenge JLP reveals there are two immunity necklaces, one for each tribe, as both tribes are going to tribal council.
    Yay for an endurance challenge that’s not just lifting a heavy weight

    • Me too. I had a good vibe about Mo from last time as I recalled her being super strong in challenges until she got sick and checked out. I was hoping that the “got sick” wasn’t a euphemism for couldn’t cope, so it’s good to see her back playing hard. In that tug of war challenge she was fantastic. If she is indeed playing a considered and strategic game she will be one to watch, especially as she knows the truth about Mat and David!
      I hope she can sidle through this “but who voted for me” minefield and get David on side.

  6. Yay for a challenge women can win. Great effort, Jacqui. Brooke was always great at these kinds of challenges in her season. Amazing effort from Flick

    • Brooke looked completely safe throughout. She is fantastic at this. I get that she has buried the hatchet with Flick, but I like her more and want revengeon her behalf!

  7. Now this is the kind of twist I don’t mind: the two people with the most votes from each tribe have to make fire and the winner gets to stay

  8. I much prefer those kinds of twists. They’ve gotta vote all these people off the island *anyway*, why not take out two at a time? Plus, nothing exposes tribal dynamics more than watching how everybody votes. Tonight’s tribal council was beneficial to *everybody* still playing, regardless of their new alliances. Oh yeah, sure, the fire-making save ruined it, but I appreciated it. Even John voted Lydia, so there’s that.

    Shocked that Lydia did so poorly at making fire, she wasn’t even in the fight. Impressed the Phoebe did quite well, comparatively.

    But I’m kinda disappointed that Phoebe survived. She’s the same person as Flick, right? I legitimately can’t tell them apart. And they both have the same camera-presense.

    Of course, David now knows that he’s on the very bottom of his tribal’s heirarchy, and people aren’t buying what he’s selling. He’s damned entertaining, but they’ve all figured out he shouldn’t be trusted.

    I like that Moana’s stepping up and taking a more active roll in preceedings. She’s a strong, smart player, and I much prefer seeing her in front of the camera, as opposed to being a silent figure in the background.

    • It’s so weird that Flick is getting the Purple Edit. On her season she got decent airtime for confessionals and she made it almost to the end. But then Benji was invisible for the start of his season and he turned into a huge breakout character. Let’s give Flick a platter of nachos and see what happens. Phoebe is waaay more dangerous than Lydia. I want her to last til merge so we get a power trio of Nick, Phoebe, AK. But at this stage I reckon Harry could win

  9. Lydia and Phoebe go to fire and Phoebe wins. Bit of a surprise but well done. Bye, Lydia – I am glad that from this last episode I could tell you have actually watched a lot of a Survivor since you first played

  10. Looks like Phoebe had her own little acting moment when she convincingly pretended that she was clueless about fire making. Her comment afterwards – “thanks to my Dad” – was telling. The side effect is that she won’t be underestimated if she gets to final four.

    • It’s not a name I ever bothered learning to spell. If I did it phonetically, I would probably go Phe (fee) o be. I probably have written Pheobeth. 😂 It makes more sense for it to be Pheobe(th). But then, hey, it’s a name….
      Timm, Jonethen, Aleesha, Alicia, Alisha, Elicha…..

      I saw a checkout boy with name tag, “Jaysen” the other day. I said, “I bet you get sick of spending your life spelling that”. He said, “Na”. But spelled it, “Nar”. 🤣

  11. I am *this* close to checking out of Australian Survivor. Why do they feel the need to keep inserting stupid twists that do nothing except drag the show out longer than needed? First Shonee and Zac go to Exhile for one night (ONE NIGHT!) and are then just thrown buffs and put back into tribes. Seriously, WTH? Then last night with the ‘double’ tribal. Give me a break. Why not just do a normal tribal and IF THEY MUST insert a twist, have the top two vote scorers do a fire-off. It’s like they make things up on the spot in order to elongate the game. And don’t get me started on J Laps cringeworthy questions before each challenge. So unnecessary! No wonder each episode goe for over 90mins. OK, rant over. Actually feeling much better now. Just feel the season had a great start but everything has come undone in the last week.

    • Oh?
      I love this season and am still riding high on the mega first week :).
      Agree with you Pie – I am not a huge fan of the twists either. However, even though I was wildly positing conspiracy theories around ‘Save Shonee’, as Juz rationally pointed out they pretty much always have a non elimination in Au Survivor about now.

      It did occur to me that Au Survivor is much longer with more people than US but I have no sense that it’s drawn out.

      But if you criticise JLAP we can’t be friends as I really like him!

      The firemaking was fun way to do elimination although it did occur to me that having both tribes there gave everyone a lot of information about the thinking in each tribe and where they were placed, which would be valuable intel.

    • Thankyou, Pie. I thought, “Am I the only one who thinks it stinks that the producers returned Shonee and Zac to the game?”. It wouldn’t make any difference who it was, it removes any integrity from a game that is supposed to be about lying and back-stabbing, but not cheating. I learned my lesson now. First TAR producers rip off the victory from the footy players by introducing, ‘vote out a team’ right at the end. (Gee, what a surprise that they would vote out the most likely winners). Now producers just re-insert players. Well they can re-insert this *. I dropped out.

    • No, no, people.
      Just one word.
      David. Daaaaaviiiiiid.
      Everything this season is about David strategestizing, David conniving, David being nimble on his feet.
      I know he’s going to get ejected but won’t even that be a blast?
      Are you back in yet?
      As you can see, I’m a convert.

      • Na. I occasionally take a peek and then I see Shonee banging on about how cunning she is at outsmarting everyone. I remind her she didn’t, in truth, even make the jury, then I switch her off.

        It’s Shonee who annoys me but it’s the production team I blame. I refuse to be cheated of a fair result.

        • She DID make the jury, Daisy. She came fourth and was the last Contender standing after they were all picked off early when the Champions kept winning challenges

        • What I meant Juz, is that she and Zac were in fact booted a few tribals ago..

          Why has she been evicted again? Who knows if producers will move the goal posts or change the rules again.

      • I don’t disagree with you.

        He’s so charismatic and charming. It’s no wonder he does such a good job playing this game, I absolutely believe he could wrap someone around his finger with two words.

          • Between the two of us, I think personally I’d rather jump on Harry than David, but Harry makes ice-cream and that’s something not even a super-model can counter.

            Maybe that’s just me?

    • I am still loving this season, but a little vomit rises every time Shonee smirks, or even talks. But I agree this week has been a letdown after the high of the amazing tribal. I think it is because the best players who were making great play all on one tribe, have now been split, and the tribe who has been at most TCs since the swap are ruled by a mindless “democracy”. Because of this, the fire twist was a bit of good entertainment.

      Last night, though, really stretched the time with endless repetition of player voice-overs. In particular, they had Mo talking about David being vulnerable every 10 minutes. And of course the challenge, of the style I dislike, went on forever. I am hoping they tighten up the editing from next week.

      Just seen an ad saying one of Mat, Harry, David, Phoebe or Shonee are going on Monday. Please, please, please be Shonee.

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