1. I love that Mo is really stepping up. She’s suddenly getting all this focus, and it’s great because she seems like she’s really playing hard. It’s just, once again, Dave and a bloody idol are the thorns in her side.

    That auction was hilarious, purely in terms of the tribal dynamics. Phoebe says, “screw you all” and blows a quarter of the entire tribe’s budget on a reward guaranteed to piss off every single tribe-mate. That was awesome. Nobody looked very impressed. Forget voting her out, I half expected they’d find her floating face-down in the surf, the next morning. Johnny, once again, misses his chicken parma by one bid. I loved watching the tribes outbid each other, purely to screw the other tribe out of money.

    Locky’s beef burrito looked nice.

    Watching the immunity challenge now. I loved how Locky and Harry both realised they weren’t going to hold it, so they just agreed to quickly dive out of the way (of the bucket of water above their heads). Great team-work from the pair of them. Meanwhile, Tarzan is literally turning red.

    • Agree Wind. I can only imagine Abbey and Lydia watching Shonee take it right to the end with that challenge. And Brooke who I always thought was a super strong challenge competitor seemed to be suffering if anything a little more than Shonee.

      The auction was hilarious. Good work Phoebe – that was funny. She was already on the bottom, so why not go for it? I thought the scroll might have been a game advantage, so definitely worth a shot.

    • You are not worthy. Never count out the GG. Mo is giving him a run for his money – I love it. It was obvious Flick was not going to flip to be the bottom of a new alliance.

    • Never lose faith in the Golden God. Mind you, some doubt and concern merely confirms his greatness when once AGAIN he triumphs.
      I cheered so loudly at that moment when he got the idol. He is BACK.

    • I think you can be forgiven considering he seemed to have lost the faith in himself. It looked so wrong – the world tilted a little. Maybe a moment of self-doubt may strengthen him for the future?

      • I agree. There are so many possibilities in this type of season – likewise US survivor. I have no idea who to pick for going out.

        Can we have a who we WANT and who we THINK will win? For me, those are different!
        I would LOVE Golden God to win – the preening would be off the scale. I think Harry, Brooke and even a dark horse like Jacqui could win (post merge challenges always seem to help out lighter women). I would never write off Sharn who again is in the conversations but not being controversial and is going forward. Lee is super popular.

        I don’t think Mat, Flick, Locky, Shonee, Mo, Tarzan or Zach will win and I would be surprised if Nick or AK could sidle to the finish.

    • Mo was brilliant. She wanted to separate Phoebe from the one true allegiance and she succeeded. Phoebe better hope the Supercouple alliance at Vajama holds together until the merge.

      Dirty Harry did a Ciera. That’s not a complement.

      Ciera first appeared in Blood v Water I. She voted out her mother to prove she was capable of big moves. She ignored doing any actual big moves, such as slowing Tyson’s triumphal march, until the tribal after the outgroup had the last chance to vote off one of Tyson’s minions. Naturally she switched to the outgroup at the next tribal when her vote could make no difference. Dirty Harry just pulled the same brilliant strategy. Or not…

      • Mo is playing super strongly, but Phoebe has recognised this and blabbed to AK so she will be targeted for sure. I don’t think Phoebe can last, but who knows – she is a good competitor.

        I agreed with you about Dirty Harry/Ciera, but then Juz posted some interesting twitter disclaimers, so maybe Mat brought it on himself? It just seems to weird for him to overstep by trying to rope in AK.

        (sidenote: Ciera’s vacillation enabled a Tyson win and I am a huge Tyson fan, so i’m okay with that)

        • I guess Harry’s explanation is possible, but it strikes me as a very stupid move and we haven’t seen a lot of stupid moves from Mat. If Mat was going to make any cross-alliance move he would go to Lachy or Flick, not AK. You’d also expect Harry to have told Flick.

    • C’mon Daisy, get with the program! It’s still so good – I am now over the fake Exile eviction kerfuffle and ignoring conspiracy theories.

      • Aawww. Kind of you Brussel. I have peeked in here(ttv) and there (TV). I am reading most of your comments. From afar, I would probably choose Mo or Tarzan to cheer on to the win now that my (probable) favourites; Henry and Lydia are gone.

  2. I was busy last night and was only to turn in for three minutes – just enough time for the Gods to reward me with the sight of David finding an idol, and his subsequent glee was only matched by mine.
    I am just loving this season.

  3. C’mon. David was so obs getting the nod from production. He looked at the tree, had a fossick, looked at the crew, a bit more of fossick and voila, he’s saved.
    Thank god for Mo. Wanted to see Lachy out.

    • With the greatest possible respect, ummm, no. David spends his life in front of a camera and he knows how to play to the camera. In any case, if production had shown him where the idol was, he would not be checking them for visual clues, he’d just grab the idol. For that matter production would just point out the idol and he would not need visual clues. You are seeing things that just aren’t happening.

        • Production does not tell them where idols are. They follow them in the bush for hours. However, some players from US have said they knew they were close because the cameramen seemed to pay attention more. Possibly Russell said that? Dave just knows how to milk his camera time

          • There’s no obvious reason why a camera crew would even know where the idols get hidden. Even if you were telling players where to find idols (assuming the conspiracy for the sake of argument) why would you tell the camera crew? Throwing the game in that way would have serious legal and commercial consequences and you would want as few people as possible to know about it. Picking up excitement from the camera crew would be very, very easy to imagine and Russell is not the most reliable observer in the world..

  4. So, out of the five shown on the ad (Mat, David, Shonee, Phoebe, Harry) as going home on Monday, who do you think is most likely? And who would you LIKE it to be?

    • Mat most likely. Unfortunately. I’d like to watch his game at least to final 5 or 6. Feel the same about David & Mo as well.
      Hope it is Shonee, or Phoebe, we say bye to.

    • I, unfortunately, think it’s Matt, too.
      It can’t be David. He has an idol. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but he and Feeeebeee are in one tribe and the others … not.
      So, if that tribe go to Council, it will be an instant give away.
      So, by deduction, it’s either Matt, Shonee or Harry.
      Shonee would not be a surprise.
      Harry would be an absolute shock and I would cry bucket loads of tears (he is my anonymous pick for winner). Damn. Now I think it’s Harry.

    • I would be happy with either of the girls, but Shonee would be fabulous. I don’t like the idea of Harry going because I don’t think he has shown what he can do. I take comfort in the fact that he has had very little edit, so I am hoping his name has been thrown in to make up the numbers.

      I want both Mat and David to stay (well, David for obvious reasons..) because I want to see them back together post-merge to see if they can pull off more havoc, even with Mo. Mat can go sometime, but not until we see more of the evil alliance.

  5. Wasn’t there mention that David got sick?
    Maybe this “shock exit” is simply David being too unwell to go on.
    That would be such a let down.

  6. I know Lee has to have surgery after the game but don’t think it was a medevac. Surely not the GG! Imagine if Ross did not break his leg. They would have brought him back for sure.

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