1. Henry is going too hard, too fast. He’s a challenge asset but he is giving his tribe reasons to target him. Nick needs to keep his fellow Adelaidian at arm’s length. Lol – green tribe can’t work out who is missing from yellow

    • Nick also needs to step back a bit. Not going with Henry’s move against Sharn was wise but floating a move against Henry was ridiculous.

      • Totally agree. Where was his excellent advice to chill a bit.
        Henry, and I’ve said this before, can be so dangerous to himself AND OTHERS. I get that Nick sees that, but trying to oust him now when the whole tribe was banging on about “strength” was poor timing. Just say nope, not the right time to take out Sharn. I kept thinking of Elaine saying in US Survivor “stick a pin in it, come back later, but now is not the right time”. It was a tactic desperately needed here.

  2. That’s a bit rough promising fishing n chips and the “fish” being fishing gear. And then they all became stunned mullets watching Mat find an idol

  3. So it’s episode 4 and everybody’s back to their old style of game. Henry is playing too hard, too fast, and David is busy faking an idol. I don’t know if that trick is going to work twice.

    I wished they’d cut Mo’s back-story (that we already knew) and cut back to the other tribe, to see the ramifications of everybody finding out that Henry and Mat were involved in some idol-swapping.

  4. I am surprised they did not weight the barrels proportionate to the contestant’s weight, as they do in US Survivor. Some of those women weigh only 50kg yet they had them holding 26kg weights. It puts women in a position to be blamed for being weak links. I am not a fan

  5. I loved the team-work, involved in swapping the barrels. They managed to last 75 minutes, which is pretty damn impressive no matter how you cut it. Lydia continues to be a freaking machine, in terms of challenges. Zach had a good day, too, which makes me worry that it’s doing his ego no favours.

    I enjoy it when the show plays its hidden idol clue games, but none of the players figure it out, so the clue goes wanting. To be honest, I’d be going after Sharn (who seems little more than a passenger), but Michelle would be a pretty easy vote too.

    As an aside, I love the different hair styles that John’s mullet always is fashioned, every new challenge.

    • I thought they did amazingly well at the challenge. Abbey, Lydia, Jackie – WOW.
      Actually, speaking of Jackie, did we get the shot of her abs at the start to show why they put her up against a BLOKE in the pushing reward competition? That was a weird challenge.
      it’s so early in the season I don’t get why you don’t just take the easy vote and go with the majority vibe – this was a tribe who clearly want “strength”. And when Locky is on the other team, I get it! I disagree Wind about Sharn – I’d be tempted to go after her too, but because of her 5-4 loss at final, not because of her effort to date on this tribe. Nothing says she is completely dangerous like that!

      • Re: Jackie … I’m hesitant to praise Zach, because, well, obviously. But I had to laugh at him toying with Jackie during that strength challenge. He’s standing there, having a mild chat with his team-mates, and then he’s just, “Okay fine” and shoves her off the platform with minimal effort.

        You’d think they would’ve put him up against Locky or Dave or someone. You’re right, that was such a weird challenge.

        • I actually HATED Zach doing that, Wind. I found it part of his annoying arrogance and reminded me big time why I hated him so much!

  6. A reminder US Survivor premieres this Thursday, and it’s the All Winners season, so it should be good (even if it has Edge of Extinction).

      • Turn off the TV when Parvarti is on screen, especially if she is smiling. That generally means she’s about to turn someone into a toad or something. You could be her next victim. 🐸

  7. So they tried to take-out Henry, but settled for Michelle instead. Henry did not look too happy about that, but I imagine the revelation of his idol-swapping with Mat didn’t exactly earn anybody’s trust.

    And c’mon guys. It’s Michelle. Every time JLap asked somebody a question, Michelle interjected after they spoke. I can’t imagine putting up with that for an entire tribal council (which can run on for hours), let alone another month.

    I like Nick and Harry, and the Nick/Harry/Shonee alliance will hopefully keep them around for a while yet, at least. Nick’s observations about Henry were perfectly right, though. Henry’s too obsessed with playing big. “Survivor” does require some element of subtlety. That’s what’ll do Henry in, in the end.

    • I don’t understand why AK blabbed to all and sundry that he saw Henry give Mat an idol. Surely as a student of the game he knows that there will be tribe swap in the wings? Why would he call Henry out like that and erode Henry’s position in the game – I thought they knew each other outside of the game and he might be an ally later?
      Even if not, it makes him look petulant and a dobber to JLAP for no real advantage.

      • I imagine AK’s only thought was that he was trying to sow dissent among the competing tribe, but planting seeds hinting of Henry’s treachery.

    • I was thinking of you Juz – noticing that even Tarzan looked under a bench when he sat out a challenge – but Shonee? Nothing!

    • Thirsty me is tempted to say he was invited back because those abs are too good to go to waste … but Henry *is* a good, strong, strategic player.

      He’s just not as good as he thinks he is.

      And he’s about a thousand times less annoying than Michelle.

      • I agree. If Michelle had SHUT up at last night tribal she might have had a shot – but she kept going on and interrupting and generally reminding people that she was annoying.
        ZenHen is fun to watch, even if i think he is dire danger of exploding and I get why Nick wanted to remove his BigPlayItis-grenades from the game to avoid becoming collateral damage.

    • He was a big personality in his season and quite good at challenges. He got a lot of air time. I might be the only person who liked him.

  8. I’m really glad Michelle is gone, she really annoyed me last time and only made it as far as she did by luck rather than good play. I find it really interesting that both Michelle and Daisy have let the bitterness shine through in their post eviction interviews. Both seem to think they were much better at the game than what the viewers have seen.
    Brussels you are so right about Michelle needing to keep her mouth shut at tribal – her rant against Lee definitely cost her his vote.

    • From what I call, no one had liked Michelle (in her grubby green bikini) which is why she was kept. I thought it was funny that she claimed her social game as her strength. Is not being liked a strength? Maybe on a canibal island.

    • To be fair, once you get to tribal, the dye is cast so getting it all off your chess may be good therapy. I would whinge away if I knew I was about to go.
      Not much chance on changing anything, with the exception of last week where Dave arranged for an idol to be played unnecessarily. There’s always an exception to a rule.

    • I’m glad too. I didn’t like her last time and didn’t like her this time either and the fact that she joined Delusional Daisy in thinking they were ACTUALLY all stars makes me even more pleased.

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