1. Any chance that tonight, they’ll finally get a decent reward challenge?

    They’ve had coffee, oil for chips, fishing equipment, and ice-cream. Is one of the challenges, that the castaways have to face this year, diabetes?

    • Agreed, they have all been things that would give you the runs straight away! Not good on an island.
      Just starting tonight’s ep – I like the low-key way Harry is talking to Zach about joining the Rascals. There was always a lot of chat about Harry being strategic but we never got to see him interact a lot with other players as he was often on the bottom

    • Exactly. I don’t have sympathy for them. Getting rid of Henry was a good idea, but the timing was so messed up. He’s gonna keep alienating himself, the whole entire game, so getting the numbers against him, in the future, wouldn’t be hard. And this early on, they need to be winning challenges.

  2. I liked that reward challenge because it was not all pure strength. Still would like a puzzle one or even a “balance these balls on a paddle” so it’s not all pushing/carrying/holding heavy things. Or the amazing “lie in the water until the tide comes in” one

  3. Abby is like an overgrown puppy loose in a china shop.
    She is running around thinking she’s doing great things but she is just leaving saliva trails everywhere.
    Please, make her the first casualty of the merge.

    • Playing again so close to her last season Abbey has obviously twigged that people like her don’t make the finale, so she is surrounding herself with fellow meatshields. Not a bad strategy but it won’t last

    • I can see what Abbey is doing – I found that comment of hers quite revealing- that she didn’t want the social players to have a free run to the end. Clearly that burns her from last time, so that made me realise why she was saying “strength” all the time. Her meatshields are all “strong” and although I hate the language about eliminating the “weak”, her tactic of eliminating social threats makes sense.
      I do think she will be eliminated soon – I went into that episode thinking she could be going.

  4. Anyone else want to push the spag bol aside to see if there was a clue on the pants?
    AK is a gun at throwing things on Survivor

  5. Bloody Exile Beach. And to send TWO at the same time. Is it going to work to say to Zach: we sent you because we knew you could beat the other person

    • I’m afraid i think Nick seriously needs a few less cones. He’s not playing well, he’s doing big moves at all costs.

    • I HATE Exile Beach. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but it did look awfully like Save Shonee. If the re-entry challenge is a puzzle/thinking game I will believe the fix is in!
      I feel very bad for her however, to be marooned on the beach with the guy who was such a dick to you before. Not Good.
      Zach was surprisingly (to me anyway) insightful in his reflections that he had tried the all strength concept before but it didn’t work out for him, so he wanted to do something else. Picking everyone’s favourite John though – not good target.

    • Zach is incredibly annoying. He’s not stupid. To believe that Shonee’s two closest allies sent him to Exile Beach so he could beat Shonee would work only in the event of clinical brain death.

    • So, next week Zach beats Shonee in a physical challenge (urgh) and they do a tribe swap. Will it be two or three tribes? I want David or AK to join whats left of Lil Rascals

      • Geez, didn’t Nick look on the edge of his seat, the entire time Jonathon was reading out the votes? Clearly his plot to spare Shonee by ousting Zach didn’t quite happen. I imagine it was Zach who voted for John.

    • I would’ve turned on them, something fierce, if they’d ditched John and saved Zach.

      Meanwhile, Sharn is just as dangerous at the social game and was just as useless at the challenge, today. Votes from anyone?

      • That explanation makes no sense at all. Nick clearly didn’t raise voting for Zach with the Meathead Alliance until tribal was already happening, but he says he launched the plan to get John when Sharn changed her vote an hour before tribal. If Sharn’s vote was already gone who did he think his anti-Zach numbers were? Lydia? Zach? Lukey?

        The tribe had 9 members. 5 is a majority unless there is a serious 3 way split. Abbey+Lee+John+Sharn is 4. Even if Nick had talked Lydia into voting with the Rascals (I think that is incredibly unlikely, Lydia is as committed to Meathead Rule as Abbey) that is 4 against 4 with Zach voting for John.

        All Nick’s done is isolate the 2 surviving Rascals by voting against the most popular Meathead under a plan that was never going to work anyway. He better hope he and Harry do very well from the tribe swap.

        • I thought what he meant is that the plan to have 3 Rascals, Zach and Sharn to vote FOR John fell apart, so they only had 4 left. So they changed TO Zach when taking out John plan failed.

          • Whoops, typo. The thing is because the John plan was dead, they did not have the votes for Zach either, unless they could persuade Sharn and Lydia. There’s no sign of any attempt to persuade Sharn and Lydia and Nicj seems to have approached Abbey John and Lee after trial had started.

            The sad conclusion is that the Zach plan, just like the John plan, was a big move just for the sake of bigness.

          • Yes, absolutely agree.
            Nick for all his talk of “I am going to play a low key game this time as playing hard got me chucked out before” is addicted to BIG.
            I really like Nick the commentator on the game. Nick the player, not so much!

          • If you could combine Henry and Nick into a single player they might make a great player between them. I expect Nick to go home soon for playing roughly the same game as Henry without Henry’s physical skills.

            If Nick hadn’t started a completely unnecessary get Henry campaign with someone who had been his ally up to that point the Rascals would now have one more vote and might even still have Shonee.

          • Does anyone remember/know how the votes actually went down last night? I assumed the 5 votes for Shonee were Abbey, John, Lee, Lydia and Sharn and the 3 for Zach were rascals.
            But when I looked on wikipedia it said the five votes for Shonee were: Abbey, John, Lee, Lydia – all as expected – yet they have Sharn voting Zach and Harry voting Shonee.
            That would be interesting! Does anyone know if this is correct?


  6. Henry was much more interesting to watch than either Zach or Shonee. Thanks goodness there’s a tribe swap because I was beginning not to care about Mokuta just continuing to cannibalise themselves. Itseems the green team are all spooked by it being “All Stars”.

      • I don’t really get the Shonee love either – maybe you have to be younger than me, a bloke, or with her in person. To me she seems a bit entitled and not all that interesting, but I realise saying that will get me gunned down on twitter!

        However, I mainly feel bad for her to get shoved off to Exile with Zach – I can’t imagine anything worse.

  7. The whole two people at once to Exile really screwed things up. Why not do it the usual way, one person one tribal, another the next. If they were lucky and won the next immunity, it could have been someone from the other tribe. Just because you have the second highest number of votes does not mean people actually want you out

  8. It is a really odd choice, hey? Especially because it is high odds that those two people on exile voted for each other.
    e.g. if there are huge votes are on one person and the next highest number of votes could easily easily be the vote cast BY that one person. Which would mean you are sending to exile the bitter and twisted person who was shunned by everyone AND the person that the bitter and twisted person wanted out.
    This is kind of what happened here – majority wanted Shonee, Shonee’s alliance voted for Zach, so it’s Zach and Shonee.
    I hate that it means two from the same tribe. I hate that it shoves Zach and Shonee together.

  9. I’ve just watched tribal. Damni it, if only exile was next week Shonee would be gone!
    Noone xan convince me production has not orchesteated results for last two eps – Shonee finding the idol clue after so dimly missing the one she was sat on, and now the only way to save her is bring on exile island.

      • Yes they did. And Shonee, who didn’t search under her seat when sat out of the challenge, found it in the log. I can’t believe she found that without help. And now she has another chance at exile. Was exile a thing before tribe switch/merge in the past? I can’t remember. But I’m convinced, right or wrong, she had help. Production interferes in Aus and US Survivor, as in all ‘reality’ tele.

        • They have done Exile Beach before but never with the first and second highest vote getters at one time. Normally you would vote. Either wait a week or just sit down, then vote again.

          • Yes never two together before. Assuming I’m correct about interference, they’ve saved a boring as bat doodoo, IMO, social player and are reducing beefcake.

    • I think the fire tokens could end up as important as hidden immunity idols. They could also kill off the early game cut down all the tall poppies strategy that most of us hate. (Yes, Nick, I’m looking at you)

        • I think they will. In Heroes v Villains the early game people like Colby ignored idols and went home. Sandra may just have made the same mistake.

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