Survivor Winners at War ep 3

Surely someone will take down the Robfather soon?
Although he is a delight to watch. Why doesn’t Rob work as a police interrogator? He’s perfect for the role.
Then he could join Tony and Sarah’s Cops R Us alliance.
That’s if Tony doesn’t break his neck climbing that so-called ladder.



  1. When Michele won her season everyone (me included) was upset Aubry didn’t win because a) There was a bitter jury and b) The edit did not show us why Michele deserved to win. Tonight we got to see the strength of her gameplay – and she was a gun on the puzzle. Well, done, Michele.
    The Tony shark scene was fun, as was the Tony/Sarah Cops R Us night stakeout.
    So who will Ethan will his fire token to? Parv?

    • Very clever play by Michele. Very stupid play by Adam. Sort of a bleah episode though. The best part was Nat proving she is the Queen of Extinction. It’s a bit of a worry no-one at either camp seems to be counting fire tokens.

    • Sorry, I still can’t see anything about Michelle that would justify her default win. So far, she has played about on par with the average players on both the current seasons – not terrible, but nothing special either. Her actions last night were standard for the situation.

  2. After Adam foolishly went into the spiders’ nest to blab, I thought Rob was the next best option, as Rob, Parvarti and Ethan would have been buying an Adam or Parvarti vote. So they kind of went that way, but I would have preferred Rob to Ethan, who I don’t mind.
    Then again, you don’t want Rob and Amber together.
    They are better off keeping Adam for the time being, just not trusting him. Although Adam is likely to become Ron’s pawn. He seems a bit starstruck.

  3. We aren’t hearing any discussion about who is the smart option (or not) to send to Extinction. They all know that the voted out people go there, and several now know that the Extinction people are sending advantages, so surely it is a big factor in choosing who goes. That may have worked against Ethan, who was basically innocent in this vote, but if there was no Extinction surely Rob would have been the logical choice.

    Bit sad, because Ethan was one of my two favourites (so far) but at least he has a chance. I don’t like the look of the promo, though, which hints at a medical evacuation.

  4. It was pointed out online that this ep gave Nick his first confessional, which was just an “aaargh!” In reaction to Tony and the shark

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