1. Aaahhhh. Satisfying to watch US Survivor, even though my big wish would be for Rob or Parvati to go. These players know what they are doing, and while there is an Extinction Island, it might be too dangerous to get them offside.

    Who are we liking?

  2. I think Yul and Ethan are playing very cleverly, although Ethan’s aw shucks I’m an Old School player who doesn’t understand anything line is starting to approach Davidic levels of shameless overacting. Ethan did an awful lot of aw shucks stuff in the season he won. Denise is playing a very quiet but very effective game and not getting drawn into the Old School New School thing, although giving the half-idol to Sophie was obviously a mistake.

    I think Sandra could find herself on Extinction Beach fairly soon. No-one in their right mind would want to put Amber+Rob or Amber+Parvati+Rob together on Extinction Beach.

    It’s just not fair to have Tony playing without a spyshack.

  3. I would want Amber and Rob together on EE because it means only one of them has a shot to get back in. And now Jeremy and Sandra know EE people can send advantages to the in-game peeps, Hunger Games style. Denise gave her half idol to Adam. It was Kim who gave hers to Sophie in a terrible move. She should have given it to Tyson. What was Danni thinking!!

    • What about Denise suggesting she hive the other half to Parvarti? Has she never seen her play? She would have taken it. Privately laughed at what a fool she was, then bitten off her head. 🕷

      • Yeah, I was relieved when Denise chose Sophie, although that’s a mistake as well, it’s not as cosmic a mistake as Parvati.

    • If Rob goes first, then Parvati most likely ends up with 3 fire tokens, her own and Rob’s 2. Rob would give Natalie a run for her money in finding saleable items and could end up completely dominating the fire token economy. If Parvati followed him that could set up a player with a potential 4 fire tokens.

      We don’t know only one person is coming back. There have been seasons where multiple players came back.

      They are very big on twists this season.

  4. Are you sure that that Danni was a previous winner? She was completely safe until she suddenly thought that Parvati wasn’t being as sociable as Danni expected, so she runs around telling everyone her name is out there. She annoys everyone so much that they resolve to put her name down. Jeremy and Ben have no idea how well she shielded them.

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