1. Why is Sharn so annoying- if she’s not always stuffing her face with her hunched shoulders she’s trying to strategise but it comes off as manipulative/icky don’t know what it is – but where other players you can excuse as playing the game with her it’s like oof shut up

      • Daisy you’re always in my feels!
        I’m starting to think that she’ll be taken to the end because the players will be believe she can’t win (she’s not popular) – I think in her season she reached the final two but didn’t get one vote right?

        • No, she utterly crashed and burned in front of the jury. I don’t think it was completely one-sided, but she didn’t get many votes, no.

          • She lost 5-4 to Shane, so it was super close. Even Wind’s flame Robbie voted for Sharn 🙂
            However, this time she has burned so many people and blew up so many games, that I just can’t see that happening. To me, she would be safe to take to the end!

        • Snap Boulders. I guess you too find “the feels”, “Say what?” Cheesy. But who doesn’t?
          Although when I was 14 and on a school trip to Thredbo, I did have a ski worker “cop a feel”.
          And no, it wasn’t Rolf Harris. He was young and hot so it was more thrilling than the cable car ride he just helped me off. He didn’t get much though. I had 4 layers of thick winter Woolies on top. Me too wasn’t invented so I just it was pretty cool. And it was. There was snow.

          • LOLs – by feels I mean you share the same feelings.
            lazy but cool expression 🙂 but not cool like you being 14 and at the other end of an octopus -doesnt matter what he looked like.

    • Yep. It was completely unfair and totally stupid. I put it down to production spending way too much time with Nick.

      Worse than that, Dave’s confessionals about blindsiding Sharn were obviously prompted by production. It would have been a crazy thing to do and destroyed his game. Golden Gods don’t goof.

  2. So Brooke continues to be the badass we didn’t know we had, but we needed. Bless her.

    I genuinely felt quite sorry for AK, when he got to the top of the ladder. You could see his inner monologue, written on his face, clear as day. “I’m going home tonight. Why am I doing this to myself?” Of course, with Brooke’s immunity win, AK’s pretty much boned. Gosh, I hope he finds an idol.

  3. My honest thought, right now, is that if Brooke does make the final 2, she’ll have gotten there because of an immunity rampage, and how good will that look on her game resume? I reckon if she’s in front of the jury, she’d beat even Dave (I couldn’t see Harry, Locky, Shonee or AK voting against her, and she’d only need one more).

    • But AK said he thought that David was a great player and deserved to win- I wonder if that is the sentiment with the other players?

      • I actually think so. The reason they are all paranoid about David (mind you, without actually voting him OUT) is that they know he’s good.

      • David does seem to be running the show, oh, and the game. Nor only is he eye candy, but he knows how to play to camera.

        • And that’s the danger of David in front of the jury. He knows how to work a crowd, and play to an audience.

          Sharn’s an idiot if she really wants to be standing next to him, in front of a jury (full of people she’s betrayed), with half a million dollars on the line.

          • Her strategy was begging at the last minute. “Please don’t go to rocks. I will be in your side”.

          • “Please give me the half million. I’ll be your best friend forever! I promise!”

          • Going to rocks would have looked so much better to the jury. A ballsy move and she doesn’t anger people still in the game as she is not making false promises, which makes for poor jury management

  4. Tarzan doing his best Con the Fruiterer impression.
    Jono cheering and encouraging AK to jump – I half expected him to run up the ladder to AK. You don’t see Jeff shouting encouragement at the cast

  5. Brooke and David are the only ones I think who can win. Brooke loses an immunity and she is gone. . . Which she totally knows so she is completely motivated!

    • Oh absolutely. If Brooke loses, it’ll be heart-breaking, because I really want her to make it to the end.

      • In all seriousness, she’s played a nothing game. She joined Locky in destroying her own tribe by ‘voting off the weaker players’. When she talks to the jury she needs a resumé better than doing what Locky wanted and then doing what Shonee wanted. What she should’ve done was reached out to someone in the majority alliance as an individual, in stead of crazy schemes that meant destroying the majority alliance because reasons. The one time she was directly involved in actually making a decision she chose to believe Sharn and it was catastrophic. She’s a seriously great physical player but that should not be enough.

        • 👍👍👍. Yeah, Brooke seemed to play the “just hanging with the incrowd” game. She’s strong, but I like the strategists or….. wouldn’t it be fun if we got to finaltribal, Tarzan was there, and he just said, “I was loyal”.
          Whaaat??? Winning for a virtue. Unheard of. 😂😂😂

        • I dont know, Brooke’s game is more thrilling than Moana’s – who seems to be impersonating a sloth in her game play (including when she’s on a challenge – how crap is she!).
          Where you land in an alliance can be a crap shoot especially when the tribe swaps. I can’t see Moana staying as long as Brooke has if she was in a smaller alliance. I dont see her social game as particularly great .

        • That’s what I see, Alan. The winner is meant to be good at all three aspects, not just one, and I see challenge wins as the weakest as it doesn’t involve actual strategy.

          Moana has done heaps of moves within the game – second only to David, but her downfall may be that they have been too subtle. She has also survived many plots to remove her, and survived them by her wits, not Shonee-style. She worked the tribe to remove Dave’s shields, so that he would have to turn to her. I also think she has been underplaying in the challenges, to stay off the radar. However, I can’t see her and Dave together at the end, it will be one or the other, I think. Sitting next to Sharn or Tarzan.

  6. Do we need anything more blatant than tonights tribal to convince anyone of the interference by production throughout this season?
    What a complete crock.

    • It was not good. I was somewhat mollified after seeing they had voted for him anyway, so at least the outcome was the same.

      • It diminishes trust in the game and rules: outwit, outplay and outlast has no meaning if the production is another player in the game.
        Plus, How often do we have to have the close up in tribal council? it’s not thrilling it’s tedious. Just stop it.

    • I have to believe it was preplanned (because those in the know say so) but regardless of which players were involved, it was a pointless twist maybe placed at that time on the likely chance that someone (at 6) would need a lifeline.

    • I love Tarzan. I may have to run screaming down the road if theres another confessional where Mo explains how she is controlling the game.

      • She doesn’t seem to be controlling David, Sharne or Tarzan. Unless she is hypnotizing them in their sleep.

      • Mo the Minionless is getting delusions of grandeur. She used to have four. Dave stole Zach and then he stole Tarzan. Jacqui proved a totally reliable and under control minion too.

  7. Wasn’t AK adorable tonight. What a gentleman player…except for throwing out the water and rice. A gentleman loser.

    • Yeah. AK and Brooke were particularly adorable when they were gloating over Dave’s back bruising and calling him the ‘walking dead’.

    • I thought his exit was indeed gracious. However, chucking over the water and having a tanty was not “adorable” to me. I just don’t get the AK love. I DO get the AK dislike. oops. People will now come out of the woodwork and abuse me for not being Kind.

  8. I am conflicted over AK.
    I liked him as a player but I was perplexed as to why he was still there. He didn’t seem to make any contribution, except numbers for the cannon fodder group.
    It all seems a bit like a tread water non event episode.
    Hopefully they are building up to something interesting tonight, or else an otherwise great season is going to end with a whimper.

    • Sharn and Mo have to get rid of both Dave and Brooke to have a chance. Unfortunately it’s not clear if Mo and Sharn actually know this.

      • Sharn seems to think she’s in complete control of the game and everybody loves her and the cheque is already made out to her. She’s betrayed just about every single person there, at some point or another, and I can’t see her picking up a single vote. I would absolutely imagine that’s why David wants to keep her around, and Mo too.

        • And she made a terrible speech last tribal – banging on about loyalty. When someone pointed out that she had betrayed them she looked like an idiot. At least this time she won’t be able to play the loyalty card!

          • Dave can’t keep both of them. He has to make a choice if Brooke wins another immunity. Even the Golden God is not quite up to stealing Mo from Sharn and Sharn from Mo simultaneously.

            I think.

            Juz is about to tell me I have too little faith again.

          • Actually, I meant that Mo would want to keep Sharn around for the sake of sitting in front of the jury.

            Hell, put me there next to Sharn and I’m fairly certain I’d have half a chance of convincing them to give me the cash.

          • Windsong

            I’d certainly vote for you. You’ve been far more influential than Sharn or Mo in this season.

          • You have too little faith in the GG! He definitely could do both. And he would smirk at camera while so doing.
            But I’m voting Wind too. Knocked Sharn out of the park. In breaking news he takes the cash to buy Robbie a lovenest far from the virus.

          • If Dave and Wind both make the final I’m afraid I won’t be voting to fund the love nest.

          • … awww.

            You can come and visit? You know, when Robbie and I have our honeymoon, you can come and house-sit for us.

    • I think AK is a really smart player, especially good with the numbers and seeing ahead. But this season has not been kind to him at all. Not sure whether to call it bad luck, or getting himself into the wrong alliance, but he so often found himself knowing that things were dire for him, yet absolutely powerless to change it.

      Never winning a challenge doesn’t help.

  9. I know they need to split Mo and Sharne, but they are in trouble if they don’t get Brooke out when they can. But then you all know that.

    • There’s going to one hell of a lot of adverse comment if Brooke goes to tribal without immunity and JLap throws in another twist.

      ‘Tonight you can only vote for people whose name doesn’t start with B’.

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