1. I’m torn about this.

    I do like Locky. I mean, let’s call a spade a hot spade. He’s pretty easy on the eyes, even with the wild facial hair. He looks scrumptious in a suit. And he does seem to have a certain aura of genre savviness, to him.

    But he doesn’t seem like he’d really go in for the typical Bachelor contestant (most of whom are there to be bitchy on camera and get hits on their instagram pages).

    More to the point, remember how much we loved Matty J, and then he got his own season of the “Bachelor”? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that.

  2. This was a really tedious episode – about 40 minutes seemed to be about discussions with David always leading the major portion of the interviews. I could almost hear the direction of the producers to the contestants re “say alot without saying anything and whatever you say, remain uncertain about everything including your own name” . This is when I switch channels and avoid the repetition of the tribal council and just go back for the reading of the votes. And surprise surprise, no surprise even though the editing tried to make it seem as though anything could happen.
    This is why I don’t get the criticism of the US show – that they dont show enough strategising. Look at the Australian show, there is too much which seems artificial and overblown when people are merely repeating themselves ad nauseum.

    • I’d like to see a happy medium, less on the Aus (or the same amount but more interesting and less repetitive) and more on the US (so that you at least have an inkling of whose names are out there before TC).

      I suspect that the producers now are struggling to find enough interesting stuff to edit. There is only 3-4 who are playing hard now and saying unique stuff, so we now hear a lot from them.

  3. I have zero knowledge about him since I don’t watch Survivor. I do remember Matty J. Such a darling on The Bachelorette but not on The Bachelor.

    Locky has a business. Is this stint for his business?

  4. He barely stays in one place so his girlfriend will have to be a bikini influencer. Which seems to be a thing, these days

  5. I find Locky a bit of a bore on Survivor so I think this season of the Bachelor is going to be as tedious as hell.
    No girlfriend that he finds through this franchise is going to stick so there goes that incentive for watching.
    How do the producers make these decisions?
    We, who know nothing, collectively can tell them that they have made a(nother) mistake.

    • The contestants will have to wear face masks this year. Surely The Bachelor is a coronavirus minefield with all the mindless kissing and groping.

  6. Locky up yer daughters, Australia, before they lock lips with lucky Locky and his love lizard..

  7. Who’d have thunk it but Lee is hilarious on Twitter. This exchange is in response to the Bachie news, following AK playing Osher at camp.

    In case you’ve forgotten, Matt was on S1 and regularly sells out his magic shows

  8. I just had a thought.

    For the promos of Locky as the new bachelor … if they don’t use all that footage of Jonathon saying, “Locky’s taking nut after nut!” then, frankly, there’s something wrong with the world.

  9. Anyone having trouble watching the jury villa videos on tenplay? I cant seem to see them….thanks..

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