1. That Casey is a bit ofa hypocrite. The guy has to accept her how she is, but she didn’t accept him.
    Then she claims he doesn’t accept her as she is, bit she doesn’t accept herself. Now you know I am open to a little bit of self improvement but you don’t spend the time or money doing that if you like yourself as you are.

  2. Is this the most tedious season of MAFS?

    1. Jonethan continues his half hearted gaslighting of Connie.
    2. Mischel wants to sleep with Steve not that she is into him but to prove to herself that she is irresistible. No, you don’t need your daughter’s permission. Completely awks. Your Mum isn’t interested in your non-existent sex life either.
    3.Michael discovers that Stacey has expensive tastes and wants to be a lady who lunches. He is horrified that his allowance won’t stretch that far.
    4.KC and Drew…No they haven’t been intimate…how dare someone else steals Trish’s lines. Drew thinks pulling flowers from a street Oleander is a step up from buying a bouquet from the petrol station. KC twigs that Drew may be a cheap skate.
    5 Lizzy comes home to her dog who we are suppose to believe has been chilling on the back verandah for the past couple weeks home alone. Lizzy gets another tatt. Convinces Seb to get one who is smart enough to realise that if you tattoo the bottom of your toes there is a higher chance it won’t last #M.F.A.S #justsad if it is permanent.

  3. We are duly informed by the voice over (who by now is seriously questioning their life choices) that KC and Drew are the sixth couple to be ‘intimate’. Woohoo.

    At the dinner party, now that the sexperts are trying to put as much distance between their careers and MAFS, the couples are invited to submit anonymous questions about the other couples. Jonathen continues to channel Vicki Pollard, yeah but no, yeah but no but I really totally don’t like Connie like, but like I need to say I like Connie so that the producers will like give me the bonus that they like totally promise me and like totally not edit me like, the total arse that I like I totally am.

    We lost interest at this point.

  4. Have Stacey’s lips grown. She is going to need a bras…for her giant lips.
    She is like a giant clam.

    • Lizzie’s excuse for dumping Seb at the altar will be her parents. She won’t be able to get past their opinion. Yeah right.

      • They are all looking for reasons not to continue beyond their contractual obligations. Stacey will be dumping Michael as he has to work in Melbourne for 3 months. KC and Drew will split as soon as the camera stops rolling.

        If Connie’s persona is real then she may as well get the 10 cats now. She is unhinged. We suspect that it may be act as the only way to stand out in the room of extroverts is to be quiet. Slow applause for her last night as she managed to hold the camera’s attention for an extended period of time. It quite annoyed the more grasping wannabe influencers.

        Melissa the sexpert was patronising last night…Shy Connie…flourishing because of a relationship….again…we think Connie is playing a role. Connie is not a shy person. The producers were merely looking for someone to play a variation on the Matt the Virgin storyline.

        We do wonder at the professionalism of the sexperts…in their worldview if people are not physically intimate there is no intimate relationship. That is an extremely simplistic message to be broadcasting in a 7.30 time-slot.

        • Yes, agree Connie might be acting. It’s impossible to say for sure.

          Those psych are ba. How is it ethical professional behaviour for them to be talking like brothel madams.

  5. Its all game on moll with Haley enquiring whether or not Stacey sourced her law degree from a cereal box.

    Vanessa (the one with the badly acne scarred face) admits that she made up the claim that she had video of Michael and Haley exchanging DNA swabs.

    Mischel now understands why Steve is not attracted to her. Steve wanted someone twenty years younger.

    • Mishel is also *super* whiny, self-obsessed and annoying.

      I imagine that had some bearing on it, as well.

      • Steve and Mishel were the best part of last night. Mishel is embarrassing herself (which of them isn’t) with her segging (sex begging and whining). In the intro episodes, Steve said he likes them young. He probably also doesnn’t like them built like a bulldog. Harsh but accurate. She looks like she got train for junior sumo. But I have found her a whining victim since the ski honeymoon.
        Steve, is a wildcard. Although justified in wanting the Great Wall of China between himself and the Whiney Sumo, why is he there?
        I think Stacey knows Michael is a pig. He wears it all over his face. She too is just staying for the exposure.
        Except for Mo (Jonethen), the others are there to be on telly.

  6. Haley once again shows what a nasty gaslighting bitch she is. Who would employ her?

    Getting a law degree by the age of 25 is not that unusual.

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