1. LOL. Ivan has just told nosey Trish that this is not an adult film and it is none of her business whether or not he and Alex have been intimate.

    • To be honest, the highlight of the episode was Ivan telling Trish to shove her inappropriate sex questions. I wish all the couples did that.

      The low point of the episode, by contrast, was Michael and Stacey declaring they loved each other. No. No no no. No. No no. No.

  2. Alex has just said they would leave and pursue the relationship outside the experiment if they keep harping on about their sex life.

    • Good for her. Yes, Windsong and Max, the sex on TV is too far and supposed experts pushing them to do so then talk about it on national television is disgusting.

  3. “Stacey and Michael, it’s disrespectful for you to talk over the other contestants, when they’re trying to have their say. Asking total strangers about the intimate details of their sex lives, on the other hand, is perfectly reasonable and rational behaviour.”

  4. Ivan and Aleks made the night. Up until then we were zoning out. Then Ivan and Aleks as good as tell the sexperts that can p off.

    I checked out mafs FB and 98% of comments were cheering for Aleks and Ivan.

    • They threw a sexual spanner into the dodgy sexperiment they signed up for.

      I missed actually seeing the rebellion of Ivan, heard it but I’m up for the encore. Seems like yesterday his world collapsed when his phone fell behind the seat of a Rolls.

      • We were getting bored with it until Ivan the Terrible unleashed his rebellion and Aleks politely gave them an ultimatum.

        They made the sexperts look like the three dumb monkeys.

        • “They made the sexperts look like the three dumb monkeys.”

          Be fair, though, that’s just shooting fish in a barrel. Using a hand grenade.

      • I enjoyed Steve being sentenced to another week by Mishel.

        The Ivan/ Alexis uprising I heard over the phone, the sexperts had nothing. They could have crushed the rebellion by threatening to cut off the toilet paper and alcohol supply.

          • The rebellion is on at any minute, the sexperts haven;t been wheeled out, yet.

            Lizzie, you’re not Dr.Phil. Shut it.

            Steve gets the gloomiest muzak for his fake tears.

  5. Ch 9 could get on the front foot and send drones into the bedrooms and avoid having to ask embarrassing questions about the intimacy.

    • More clingy than Jonethen’s black skinny leg jeans with the knees completely missing? What a poseur.
      And aren’t they jeans for a 13year old skater boy? One who wants to wear the same clothes as every other 13 year old skater boy.

  6. These home visits have not done anyone any favours.
    1. Josh is a Mamma’s boy who will tell her everything (and we mean everything).
    2. Stacey is all about the money, money, money
    3. Michael’s life is one big frat party complete with leftover bikinis
    4. KC hates stuffed toys
    5. Drew will soon find himself bereave of Cornelius, the oversized unicorn
    6.Lizzy’s diet is still consists of the five food groups of junk
    7. Seb does one better than Sam and actually gets Lizzy to run.
    8. Everyone on this show is messed up

    • “1. Josh is a Mamma’s boy who will tell her everything (and we mean everything).”


      “2. Stacey is all about the money, money, money”

      Wait, someone on this show is pathetic and shallow? Say it isn’t so.

      “3. Michael’s life is one big frat party complete with leftover bikinis”

      This isn’t much of a surprise either. He seems chronically immature. Not in the charming way of someone who’s earnest but lacks the life experience, but in the “I have zero concept of what actual responsibility is” kind of way.

      “4. KC hates stuffed toys”

      Divorce her. Instantly.

      “5. Drew will soon find himself bereave of Cornelius, the oversized unicorn”

      Cornelius seems to be the lucky one, then.

      “6. Lizzy’s diet is still consists of the five food groups of junk”

      My gosh, people. Eat a salad occasionally. Yes, cauliflower is foul, but it won’t kill you!

      “7. Seb does one better than Sam and actually gets Lizzy to run.”

      Well, that, and Seb doesn’t seem like he crawled out from under a rock to participate in the show.

      “8. Everyone on this show is messed up”

      But ratings!!!!1! (as channel 9 destroys their lives on national television)

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I haven’t watched much lately, so tonight I noticed that Lizzie is matched with a mouth breathing knuckle scraper.

  7. Ivan’s dream of a real estate empire is shattered when Alex decides Ivan is not her soulmate.

    Cornelius is left an orphan as KC murders his buddies and disposes of their bodies.

    Jonathen has just realised that his life is slowly descending into Fatal Attraction. Producers are scrambling to mitigate their liability.

    Lizzie is working hard for her $100 000 rumoured encore appearance fee.

    • You know, I think Lizzie is almost lucky that her past husband was such a gigantic asshole. Because it took all the attention off her. Truthfully? Lizzie comes across as kind of a douche-nozzle, as well. It’s just her first husband was so amazingly-awful, as a human being, that nobody noticed how crass and awful she is as well.

      • Have to agree…but she was like that on Talking Married last year.

        Has she been living off hotwater/honey/cinnamon for the past twelve months?

        • Thin Lizzy.

          I can see her kicking Seb’s balls soon……and not talking about his three footballs.

  8. Ivan emotionally eats his way through the cheese platter. Devastated at the lost of Alex (and his job).

    Drew gained a new companion for Cornelius. A sleeping roo.

    Lizzy brags she was intimate with Seb.

  9. Lizzie thinks Adelaide’s flat.

    It’s on a gently sloping pediment plain.

    Actually, Lizzie’s flat and we have these things called the Adelaide Hills.

  10. Michael goes into the mafs douchbag hall of fame. I suspect he can be joined by Ivan.
    My take on it is that Aleks would never have had sex with him, but even if she had, he wasn’t supposed to tell the lads. I wouldn’t believe anything Michael said, but with Josh’s comments, it looks like Ivan hasn’t been quite the gentleman. Team Aleks. Can someone throw wine on Michael.

  11. Some unscrupulous wardrobe person told Connie she would look good with her white boobs falling out
    Aleks did a good job of standing up to that dickhead Michael. I hope she doesn’t come back. That was horrendous.

  12. I was reading about Drew because he looks familiar. I like what he said to his “wife” about her not being his type because he was thinking of what it would be like to have a 13 year old daughter.
    It seems he was smart enough to keep his nose out of Alvan.

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