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Poor Hazzy Pie is gone so Brooke or AK must be next. And Brooke is an endurance challenge beast (and AK has posted on social media that he had health problems during the series) so she could be safe.

This week, someone gets some terrible news from home and has to leave (so, no, it’s nothing to do with GG’s terrible cough).

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  1. It’s funny that, the longer we go, the more stories we’re hearing about how many of the contestants had serious health troubles. I still think Dave is the one getting medically-evacuated tonight (his voice, last episode, was the clue that his body is fighting off something). Lee needed a shoulder reconstruction when he got home (and, like a lot of the others, apparently he ended up with an infected spider bite that needed medical attention). But AK had health problems too?

    Geez. Are they just trying to kill the castaways? At what point is the half a mill not worth it anymore. You can’t spend it if you’re dead.

    Anyway, tonight it’ll be another one of the yellow-five. Shonee plays a good social so she might just weasel her way into a new alliance, but AK’s too clever and Brooke is a challenge threat, so the greens will knife those two as soon as they can.

    • If they’re going to keep filming new seasons through the coronavirus epidemic, they need to provide basic sanitation and hygiene to castaways.

      • Given how beaten-up all these contestants have gotten, some first aid (beyond “strap it up and we’ll deal with it when you get eliminated!”) wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

        I’m not tuning in to watch people getting tortured for two months.

        • I agree Wind. I am all for physical challenges and testing the survivors. Not here for having them beaten up!
          Tonight’s water slide into muddy water to wrestle ball & throw into a ring was FINE. Didn’t appear super dangerous, but it was fun to watch. And I can’t see the need for everyone to have bandages next day which they seemed to have required after practically
          every other challenge this season!

  2. Lee’s mother passed away during or not long after filming so given his family confessional at the start of the episode, I’m convinced it will be Lee going.

  3. Yep, Erin called it. Lee’s mother had a massive stroke, so Lee immediately left the game.

    So I guess it’s a final 2 with nine on the jury, after all.

    Meanwhile, Shonee continues to be disarmingly powerful, winning her second immunity challenge by outlasting the golden god. I’m starting to feel like there’s magic involved, here.

    • We thought that too Juz – all tht muddy water in the reward challenge and then all that battering by the ocean. Another good win by Shonee. Im not on the Shon-train but I think it was very impressive.

  4. Urgh more Exile Beach! Mo drew the short straw there. And she could well be out as a result as it’s likely to be an endurance challenge. Tomorrow night’s three are likely to be David, Zac and Shonee, unless one of them wins immunity. So more people will be on Exile than back at camp. Not cool

    • I don’t mean to make light of a serious subject … but I think Lee having to leave threw a spanner into the production’s works, so they had to scramble to mix things up a little bit. That’s what it feels like, to me.

      Plus, gosh, anything to break up the monotony of “green whittles down yellow one-by-one until they’re gone”.

      • Agreed. It seemed hurriedly patched together, when if they wanted a non-elim round they could have just said “Lee’s gone so – surprise – no vote out tonight”

        • Mark Burnett, US Survivor’s original showrunner, did not actually invent Survivor but he now controls the worldwide rights. If you want to run a Survivor season you need to pay Burnett for the rights and agree to his terms and conditions. One of those terms and conditions is that all twists be written down and approved beforehand.

          Doing anything else would give rise to civil and criminal liability, and contractual liability that could include outright cancellation. There is a chance production are ready to risk that, but it’s about the same chance as Tarzan getting a spot on the Australian swimming team for the Tokyo Olympics.

          Moreover, if they were manipulating this series in anyone’s favour it would be David, who they’ve pushed in all their publicity. This twist does not benefit David, its a lifeline thrown to the Yellow team. And if anyone doubts for a moment that Dave would sue if rethought the producers were messing around, then there is a bridge in Sydney I’d like to sell them. Plus Tasmania.

          That said, this twist is just ridiculous and all it does is reduce Survivor to a random walk. They could pull names out of a hat and it would be fairer.

          • thanks Alan. I always feel bad when I sign up to conspiracy theories, which I half did here!
            I hate the twist. Totally with you.

          • I was of the same opinion as Windsong – a ploy, possibly slightly preplanned but tweaked for the circumstance but you have convinced me with facts, Alan.

            Maybe this twist was preplanned just by knowing from 30+ US seasons, that this point can become dull and needs a shakeup.

        • Yes, so obvious Daisy. Including the excessive probing by JLap at tribals in attempts to manipulate the vote. I’ve cheered whenever the vote has actually occurred as planned. Survivors playing Survivor is fun to watch.

      • I wrote a long post and lost it. grrr. . . . stupid incompetent forum user. . .oh, wait – that’s me!
        Agree about the machinations. It seemed that they had a non-elimination planned and on the fly decided to double it up – which increases the odds of someone not going from the ‘chosen’ old yellow group.

        It is bad for green numbers to lose Lee – the producers’ action of doubling up the non-elimination totally favours the vacuous team as there would probably have had a straight pagonging of AK/Brooke/Shonee otherwise. Whoever didn’t win immunity would have been chucked. Now there is a better chance of surviving and only one could go and maybe a green number like Mo gets it over old yellow.

        So even though pagonging is boring, to me it should probably be the reward for getting rid of the right people. Which means green feels robbed. They carefully shafted their threats like Nick and Harry which was wise play, but now they have got rid of numbers they still aren’t placed in the great spot.

        The interest for me was seeing when Mo would flip and try to oust Dave and how far into the pagonging that would go. I thought Brooke would be the immunity winner but Shonee has achieved that!

        So now I’m not sure what to feel. My gut feel says GG will be okay, but I fear the blindside. I am also seriously astonished that no one has tried to at least flush the idol they KNOW about yet. Don’t idols played come back into the game? At least try to get it out of GG’s vice-like grip and into your own mits! But no one seemed to even consider it?

  5. Girls have “floaties”. When I was 14 and skinny, treading water was difficult. Now, I have it in the bags.

    Body fat, light bones, low muscle mass all help. Look at old people. They can just sit in water and Bob like a cork.

      • 😂😂😂😂😂
        No. Reference to me. I have floaties.

        When I was a little d my cousin used to point out all the old people “sitting” in the ocean.

        BTW I find Shonee really annoying. I hate when grown women do cutesie. I hate when even children do it. Shonee thinks everyone will eat out of her hands because she turns on the charm
        Bluggh. Give me dagger eyes Moana any day. No bullshirt.

  6. I am going to have to watch the replay now – with tissues.
    I thought it was Sunday, all day ( public holiday here), and got caught out. Plus, of course, I was absolutely convinced it was GG.
    So much for my skills of deduction.

  7. Well, that was a little bit amazing.
    You can say that GG lost because he was sick but Shonee last 2 hours, with minimal support from the crowd.
    I’m a strong swimmer and I would have made 10 minutes. Good on her. I am warming to her. Maybe she does deserve to be there.

  8. So, who might the other three be, tonight. Obviously Shonee unless the challenge is again made to suit her (please not another endurance one, I’m hankering for a good old obstacle course). But the other two, will that show who is on the bottom of the G7? Tarzan, Jacqui, Sharn, Zach? They will have to remember that these people have a 5 in 6 chance of returning to the game, probably with a grudge.

  9. And I did cry a little when I heard about Lee’s Mum but not a lot because I’ve had a crying day.
    My old boy went in to have his teeth cleaned and has come out with three less, and minus 2 very tiny tumours on his leg, (the vet is keeping my credit card) plus the man before me had to tell his two small kiddies that their dog wasn’t coming home (that was hard to listen to) and the greyhound with the appt after that is having his toes amputated.
    Today sucks.
    Who would be a vet.

  10. I liked that twist.
    I think the alliances are going to be more shook than GG can control.
    I know we complain endlessly about the Producers but sometimes they are as clever as.

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