1. Oh great question Juz! I suspect she might scuttle back although she liked the idea of some power. She seems a bit of a dark horse, but I just can’t see that if she did possibly get to final two against say, GG, she would garner votes. But of course it all depends on how it goes down in the next few rounds – if she does something wowee and manages not to leave a trail of embittered castmates, she might do well.

    With two idols and not much left to go I just see David as looking so strong.

    • Brooke and Shonee should be nominated for Oscars for keeping a straight face when they were welcoming their new Jacqui overlord.

  2. Hi Juz, Just wondering if you can create a new topic please so we can discuss filming production for TV. I’m thinking namely of MasterChef and The Block, which are both being made in Melbourne at the moment.

    • Well that was a satisfying episode and tribal. Bye-bye Jackie. Although it was disappointing that David wasted an idol.
      I would like to add Tarzan to my list of people I don’t mind winning. And AK. But how good is Tarzan’s bumfor an old guy.

      • For whatever it’s worth, Jury Villa is super-awkward, because Zach and Jacqui still can’t stand each other. Harry and Locky just, sort of, awkwardly sit back and make the best of the situation.

      • He had to use it, even if there had been no suggestion of a Tarzan vote, because he just couldn’t afford to lose another wingman. He would have known that they would try to weaken him further.

        • Yes. And he should be able to convince Zach that by playing for Tarzan he was sincere in his plan and would have done the same for him “if only i’d known you were truly in danger – but see how I looked after Tarzan as I am loyal to my buddies and I wasn’t going to be caught again”.

  3. Wow Jacqui really went on a power trip after the Zach vote, she became quite unlikable.
    I’m so over Shonee and her little girl act. She really annoys me.

    • Jacqui, in the space of thirty seconds before the opening credits, managed to turn not only all the viewers but also her alleged alliance against her. I have never seen a bigger case of post-blindside hubris before. And then, of course, the two people who had manipulated it, came to claim their plays as well.

      Regarding Shonee, each episode I am seriously wondering how many more I can watch if she doesn’t leave soon. Of course, the show keeps me on the hook with the possibility every show.

  4. Wow, there was a lot of interesting strategy tonight, and darn it if I don’t love it when the castaways start playing the damn game.

    I completely agree with the yellow-three’s decision to force a rock-picking tie-breaker. As awful as a lucky pick is … it’s better than zero. As it was, they were going to be knifed one-by-one until they were all gone. If your odds are zero, you might as well flip over the table and try something crazy.

    Plus, the added benefit of that was it totally revealed David’s scheme — Jacqui ended well aware that her allies just tried to blindside her, and had lied to her (about ousting Shonee) all afternoon. She looked mightily annoyed, and I can’t say I blame her.

    I also loved that Jacqui had all the power in the tribal council situation, and was sitting back, very satisfied as the teams fought over her … until right at the end, where she was a non-factor and had her fate decided for her. I think she’s going to be a vengeful jury member, like, I don’t see that ending well. She’s going to be annoyed at David’s alliance for her attempted blindside, but AK’s alliance threw her under the bus once Sharn started trying to cut a deal.

    Not a good night for Jacqui, no.

    But Sharn? Mad props to AK for forcing Sharn into a corner. She was so freaked out at the idea of rocks that she would’ve promised them the world not to go through with it. Sharn’s gameplay really does seem spineless.

    I also raised my eyebrows when, at the second vote, Sharn still voted for Jacqui but then seemed to have second thoughts about it and pleaded to Tarzan, “vote for Mo!” No, Sharn. If you wanted someone to break the tie, that’s what you should’ve done. I really don’t think much of Sharn’s game, right now.

    I initially thought the teams were mad in going after Moana — Mo doesn’t trust Dave. Like, at all. They should’ve asked her to join them in attacking Tarzan (and thusly weakening David’s power-base even more) — but then I remembered, they all know that David has an idol, and of course, if he was going to use it to protect somebody, it would’ve been Tarzan.

  5. That was a fun tribal. Dave played that idol on Tarzan with great thought, having figured out all of them but Sharn would be safe in the event of a tie. I don’t think AK would have really gone to rocks.

    • The two things that strike me are that Dave and Shonee will find winning physical challenges a whole lot easier now that Whatsername’s overlordship has ended, before it ever began, and Mo has ended up exactly where she did not want, at the bottom of a minority alliance.

      David is handling the physical and mental challenge of back on back seasons a lot better than Sharn.

      Last week Jacqui flipped from one alliance to the bottom of another and went home like everyone else who has ever done that. This week Sharn flipped from one alliance to the bottom of another alliance…

      • Did Sharn really flip? She and Mo have a preexisting relationship, from their season.
        I did a little cheer for Tarzan when he was ahead in the challenge but the minute he hit the puzzle I knew he was trouble

        • I doubt Sharn knows whether she’s flipped or not. She voted for Jacqui but then told Tarzan to vote for Mo. Call me a cynic, but Mo may not find that endearing. I don’t think anyone knows about Dave’s second idol, although they should.

          There will be a get Dave campaign tonight, unless he wins immunity. Sharn, Shonee and Mo all stand at fairly high risk of being idoled out tonight. There’ll also be an idol clue if there’s a reward.

        • Tarzan winning that challenge would have been the best option for Dave.

          Mo and Sharn (this season) have always been a bit iffy – more an alliance when it was convenient. Mo’s real team was Jacqui and Tarzan from the start. but somehow they are making it look like Tarz is more Dave than Mo now. That might not be true as there has never been a point where Tarz had shown any disloyalty to Mo. Jacqui’s betrayal hurts Mo more than anyone. But it does cement Dave and Mo together for the moment. One of them could try to ingratiate themselves with the other, to sacrifice them, but I don’t think it will work. The minority three’s hope now rests on idols, twists or advantages.

          • But Mo is hardly David’s biggest fan, and I think she’ll throw him under the bus the very first chance she gets. The problem is, he’s still got an idol that nobody knows about, although the preview shows him revealing it to Sharn.

            Sharn’s the biggest question mark, right now. Who the hell know what she’s going to do next? She was desperate to avoid the rocks (I take my hat off to AK for forcing her into a corner where she had to make the deal), she asked Tarzan to change his vote (when she could’ve change her own vote, but didn’t) which, as said upthread, I’m sure Mo is thrilled about.

          • It was Tarzan who warned David his name was being mentioned by Mo and Sharn three episodes ago. Since then he’s repeatedly said he doesn’t like double crosses. Jacqui did not alert Tarzan to the Zach blindside and neither did Mo or Sharn.

    • oh God. you slay me. I get that with all her friends from her “social game”
      she would get votes if she makes it, but NO. Please no.

    • Shonee and Dave are getting about equal time. That could be a winner’s edit or it could be desperation trying to get confessionals worth filming.

    • There was an ad last week talking up Shonee being in trouble this week. It also seemed that the ad showed her in a setting outside of Survivor. I was walking through lounge at the time so not focused on the tele. My 1st thought was they are grooming the audience for more Shonee after Survivor and that may be a consolation prize, a la Angie.

  6. At first I thought the Rocks team were mad to be taking a 75% chance of losing one of their own, but eventually the over-acting became clear, with the realisation that they were playing Sharn like a fiddle. They did draw it out for a long time, though – they might have been just enjoying reducing her to begging status. There was also team acting awards happening when Dave played the idol. You could almost see the fake pouts on the two girls as they put on the forlorn faces.

    Loved that challenge. No endlessly boring endurance task to fast forward through. I did think, though, that each stage would re-start, not carry on.

  7. Shonee is stuck up. Both this series and last time, she made condescending comments, looking down her nose and people who were, “boring”, or “not my type” (said in a mocking, sneering voice), and said she had to pretend to like them. Stuck up. Like someone who would have her elite group.

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