1. Not sure if I just haven’t been paying attention but I noticed tonight when they showed GG name they also showed two idol symbols next to it.
    Good reminder since the game is so long and he got the idols so long ago.

    • They started doing this with US Survivor a season or two ago after a fan suggested it on Twitter. And the show actually listened! It’s cool. I think there is also a symbol for advantages

    • It’s such a great idea, and how great for the person on Twitter that suggested it.
      Once I know all their names I don’t really look at the names on the screen after a while.

  2. Sure, these stunts are part of the game, and always have been … but it’s still kind of frustrating, as a viewer. The last two nights have just been treading water, wasting our time with a silly Exile Island gimmick. Nobody’s been eliminated or gotten a knife between the shoulder blades. Get on with it, guys.

    David was coughing his lungs out, right the way through that tribal council. And it doesn’t sound like a dry cough, either. He must be in really bad shape. This is exactly what Daisy and I were talking about last night. These people should have medical help available to them, in situations where something is clearly wrong with them. It’s actually not fun watching someone’s health disintegrate, on-camera. If I wanted to watch c-list celebrities tortured on camera, I’d tune in to “I’m A Celebrity”.

    I’m frankly amazed that Zach is still here. At this point, I’m thinking, for sure there’s this unspoken agreement that everybody plans to keep him around as their pet goat, because he still doesn’t seem all that likeable. Birds notwithstanding.

    Finally. OMG Sharn. Once again, Sharn’s wishy-washy strategy accomplishes nothing but making her look like baggage. All afternoon, she talked about going after David (which wasn’t a bad idea). She voted for him, then immediately changed her mind, backed down and voted for the other guy. Do something, Sharn. Just do something. Anything. How on Earth she made it to a final two situation, I’ve got no idea, but I can understand why she lost.

    • Yep, and it’s a lot worse because of the longer season and the tougher challenges. They’ve all got banged up hands and lots of cuts and bruises. A couple of them, not just Dave, look awful. They’re on Day 36. If it was the US show they’d be finishing in 3 days.

      Medical attention should include replacing the backbone that Sharn somehow misplaced between this season and last.

      • Sharn’s backbone was actually hidden on Exile Beach as a hidden immunity idol.

        After all, Sharn’s not making much use of it.

        • LOL Wind. I think you can still see Sharn’s backbone on EoE on Winners at War – pretty sure Natalie Anderson crushed it under her feet as she picked up her 17th fire token.

      • Small cuts and spider bites might not sound like much, but if you’re run down anyway because you’re not eating properly, you’re stressing, and you’re doing very physical challenges, they can get very serious very fast.

        • Remember when Neale from Aubry’s season had to me Medevaced against his will because a knee cut turned into an abscess that started eating his knee. A lot of the Aus players have mentioned spider bites, which just cements my belief I could never play

    • I am sure David was exaggerating his symptoms for effect at tribal, but he has looked genuinely unwell for episodes. When virtually everyone had strapped hands as well as the usual banged up knees and scars it was clearly a bad look. I hope future challenges can be fun and hard and taxing, but not actively dangerous.

      • Agree, the coughing was more pronounced during TC, and absent during all the to-cameras and challenges. I think that is why the camera kept going to him when he coughed. He was trying to emphasise that he wouldn’t do well in an exile challenge.

        I loved Sharn in her season, but she is playing completely differently this time. I think she is out of her depth, and trying too hard to make big moves.

        • I think Sharn expected courtroom skills to work in Survivor (they certainly did for Nick Wilson) and completely lost her confidence when she crashed at the final bar. She was decisive, a bit of a challenge beast, and fun to watch last season,

          All the players from last season have said they were wrecked by playing two long seasons only six weeks apart. Dave is the only back on back player who is performing at anything like last season’s level in challenges. Malcolm’s talked about how physically challenging back on back seasons are, and that’s short US seasons that are much further apart.

          Maybe they all needed a much longer rest between seasons.

  3. Dave sounds like he needs antibiotics. It was so interesting that Tarzan all of a sudden was Dave’s BFF. Where did that come from? Sharn was smart not to vote Dave. He is never going to be the one out of six who loses a challenge, so send him to Exile and he comes back, gunning for her. And she knows he has one idol (I think the second is secret). She needs to blindside him when he is more relaxed. Once again Zac is overconfident about his challenge chances. I want it to be balance or a puzzle, so the chicks can thrash him

    • We don’t see David’s social play – just the theatrics for camera – but one of the exit interviews said how friendly and warm he is. So there is a whole lot going on there that we don’t see and would be interesting to see how he got so tight with Tarzan.

    • Sharn said (with truth) that if you gun for David you have to make sure you get him. The edit chopped her off there, but I suspect she went on to say that doing it last night was pointless because it wouldn’t be a knock-out blow. Her body language implied that she had said more.

    • But still. She spent all afternoon wanting to get rid of him, and then, nothing.

      What actually has Sharn done, this season? She’s been there a month, and I can’t recall a thing.

  4. Sioux Denim – that is EXACTLY what I want to know! Why didn’t they show the votes so we could work out whether Jacqui did it. The wikipedia page says it was Jacqui who initially wrote down David.

    Sharn seemed to play so well last time – she only lost by ONE spiteful Mat Rogers point – but this time? She looks so out of control and ambivalent and unable to determine a strategy. Last time I felt she was in control of her vaccilations and it was done to lure people into false sense of security but she had a firm plan. This time it feels like she really doesn’t know which way she will go.
    In any event, when only one person leaves from Exile it seems pretty dumb to think that David – who is nearly always up there with the finishers in challenges – couldn’t (however sick they think he is) beat at least ONE other? And a vengeful David is not someone you want targeting you! So Sharn made the right call, but it seemed that JLAP throwing shade on Sharn and (maybe unfairly) implying that she had taken a shot and missed.

    • My theory is that it’s misleading editing, which seems to be par for the course this season.
      If I believed more firmly in this view, I would guess that she’s the overall winner.
      How’s this – I predict Sharn and Jacquie for final two.

  5. Wow, I fell for the impression that Sharn had changed her vote, but it was Jacqui? That means that Jacqui thought Sharn was going with her on a Dave vote, so no wonder she looked so annoyed. Sharn forgot to, or deliberately didn’t, tell her that she had changed her mind.

    Now can anyone explain what JLap said about how the exile challenges would work? I listened three times and still couldn’t understand what he was saying. It seemed to contradict the previous night where he said that one person would be eliminated. Last night I thought he said two challenges, maybe one or two from each challenge is out?, then the non-eliminated come back to be voted out? That would make three eliminations from the exiled six. Please help…

  6. On Share, I think she really lacks any kind of charisma or likeability. I bet those things would help in a court room. She might be a lawyer but is she a good one? I find her kind of unpleasant.

    • Maybe the editing means we’re not getting a very good picture of Sharn … but I found her pretty dull and underwhelming on her first season (I think she was happy to make it to the end because she assumed she could easily beat Shane Gould in front of the jury, given what she does for a living … and we know how that turned out). She’s had little to no impact on anything that’s happened this season (aside from an immunity win, but even then, Shonee would’ve been going regardless, and Jacqui seems pretty low, down the totem pole of the tribe’s heirarchy). She doesn’t really seem to have any tight alliances with anybody, and you’re right, she’s not all that pleasant to watch (unlike, say, David or Mo, who’s game-play has been scintilating, if at least entertaining). And at least people like Shonee or Tarzan have onscreen charisma. Whatever Sharn has? I don’t see it.

      • Cutesie poo Shonee would have more chance winning over a real life jury than unpersonable Share. I’d hire her or David to plead my real life case. They are far more appealing. And I don’t even like Shone, but she knows how to use her charm.

      • I find Shonee’s cutesie-poo incredibly repellent and so transparently fake.

        It’s funny in our place during the episodes because DH can’t stand Dave’ arrogance (he didn’t watch the other season, and I can’t convince him that it is play acting for the camera) but he likes Shonee and I get in trouble for making snide comments aside about her during the show. We have had to call a truce.

        Sharn I don’t mind because I think we see the real person there, but I agree that it isn’t the survivor-winning persona.

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