1. Tony is being painfully quiet this season. Not even a hint of a spy shack.

    Nick’s got a strange habit of not doing much at camp early in a season and then picking up his work rate. He’s a whole lot better at puzzles than he showed tonight.

    That 20 log challenge was brutal.

  2. How do Parvati, Rob and Sandra make it so far? wow. Seriously impressed.

    I picked Tyson for the win, so I was disappointed he was send to EoE. But why did he give Nick his token? Why not Rob? or one of his “allies”. I’m not clear on his thinking.
    Yul is in control, hey? Wendell and Sophie are in great positions.
    Sarah, who I have never much taken to, looked way more relaxed this week. She must be more social and friendly than is shown, but this was the first I can remember seeing her have fun.

    Sandra didn’t win twice by accident! Mention her name and she’ll take you down. Love the vengeance.
    What do we think the tribe swap will be? Two teams still?
    I see on twitter lots of controversy about the EoE footage. Yes – it went on a long time, but it was ETHAN! I hope Tyson will give Natalie a run for her money on edge. He won’t believe everything the way some do, but at the same time, Natalie is all over stuff, and has familiarity with the layout and where not to look. Should be fun at least.

    • I don’t understand why they didn’t put Rob, Parvarti and Sandra out first. Disappointed that it was Tyson last night.

    • Tyson will definitely give Natalie a run for her money but she now has a natural advantage. Maybe to get back into the game it will be the person with the most fire tokens plus whoever wins a challenge. Former players say Sarah is fun to be with – she just has a flat voice and the larrikin bits don’t make the edit

  3. Also, Adam is damned annoying. I have a kind of positive/admiration from him but not sure whether this is misplaced now I see him like in this game. Certainly I’m not a fan during this season!

      • Adam has clearly been spending way too much time with Nick, and I don’t mean the Nick from Kentucky.

        • Oh Adam. He’s such a superfan; it’s clouding his judgment. It must be so exciting for him to be playing with people he watched on TV when he was a kid

          • I just find Adam so annoying this time and I remember thinking he was pretty good.
            He did all that hard yards trying to be the busiest worker bee around camp and creep up in everyone’s estimation and then all it took was one teeny lie from Boston Rob “so, what do I do about Adam – he’s always trying to talk to me” to totally whiteant him! Hilarious.
            I would be happy for him to go. If he stays over Tony or Parvati or Rob I will be mad as a cut snake.
            Yul is looking soo sooo good though.

          • Can’t believe that Rob was immediately believed. Surely everyone weighs his words carefully before deciding he is being truthful? Maybe that is his superpower, being ridiculously believable.

          • Well the thing was, Jeremy and could see Adam chatting to Rob and then rob immediately comes over and says ‘what do I do?”. It was very clever as it was truthful and verifiable with Jeremy’s own eyes, but it skewed Adam’s involvement.

    • I had to laugh at him being “castrated” by everyone in the game. I am sure everyone preferred castigating him, rather than making him a eunuch.

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