Survivor Winners at War ep 5: tribe swap

What a welcome relief WaW has been for the US franchise, after the shock and angst of last season.

It’s a tribe swap episode and we get to see who was swap screwed. The promo had Michele bemoaning the fact her ex is on the tribe so I googled …. it’s Wendell!!! Awkward. I just want Yul and Tony to be safe, so we get to hear Yul’s thoughtful confessionals and see Tony struggling to dial his personality down a notch. And then someone like Sophie takes the whole thing out.



  1. Poor Michele, stuck with Wendell. Awkward! Wendell says they “hung”. Is that what the cool kids call it these days? It will bring Parv and Michelle closer.
    Still, it’s a strong tribe and they should last a while. I like Sandra and Tony playing together but Kim should definitely jump to Denise and Jeremy for now. Oh the ole buddy system. Makes for such boring TV. Can we just skip to Rob and Amber’s reunion already?

  2. Rob voted out. Good. But I wonder if that might not help him being with Amber. Parvarti is getting a good collection of fire tokens.

  3. Why is Michelle so surprised – they are both in the game, the chances were high they would end up in a tribe together. There was no reason to cast both of them unless it was to manufacture drama, and it seems corny to me. Easy fix – get rid of Michelle.

    Clearly Sarah used her extra vote as the writing was identical on two of the sheets. But Rob didn’t know about that advantage, so he will probably think one the boys turned on him. Maybe they did, but we won’t know because they won’t show us the voting.

    I had never heard of the buddy system, but how could Rob make them stay? Is it just perception, with noone willing to be the one to be seen to be scrambling?

  4. Have to say, with little prior knowledge, these are mostly quite a likeable bunch. Did they win because they were nice on the beach ie strong social games? I still have no idea what it is about Sandra’s play that is so special. Wait and see, I suppose.

    • They were all generally likeable on their seasons. Tyson is the closest one to a a villain but really he is just sarcastic and a bit of a rascal. Sandra maintains a low-key presence when needed but apparently is personable and kind. But she is not afraid to spread misinformation to cause rifts. Usually she lets the alphas duke it out but on this season she is a type of alpha

  5. I noted the first sentence above with interest, Juz, as there was a jarring moment last night when one of the girls (Michelle?) said “okay, let’s give the boys some eye candy” before going down to bathers and swimming. Was that an attempt to use feminine wiles? Probably wouldn’t have noticed except for the debacle of last season.

    Also noticed one girl asking permission to hug a fellow – nice respectful moment for both of them.

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