Survivor Winners at War

Guessing we will start with the Rob and Amber reunion.
Who is looking good in the post-swap trio of tribes? Will Soph and Sarah try to team up with Ben or Adam? I’m thinking Adam.

Yul is in a good spot and even Wendell knows Parv is a bigger threat than ex-girlfriend Michelle – oops, I mean person he “kicked it” with.



    • I don’t understand why she burned the idol, unless it was to make Jeremy feel tight with her (he must have voted for Denise)? I did wonder whether Jeremy was the name she was told was going, and she needed Sandra out – so if there were votes for Jeremy they wouldn’t count and she could be guaranteed that whoever she wrote down would go.
      Either way – INCREDIBLE tribal. WOW.

    • US episodes feel so fast these days.

      I say Denise has been watching Australian Survivor and has learnt from the Golden God. She played, not burnt, the second idol because Sandra is entirely capable of voting for Jeremy after selling her the idol. Plus it’s great resumé stuff.

      Sandra’s expression was pure gold when she realised she’d been double crossed.

      While the episode was a whole lot of fun, and we did get a spy shack at last, the season is getting very, very predictable. The big dogs are all at Exile.

  1. Wendell is getting a nasty edit, hey?
    He looks like a dick to Michelle and his arrogance in running the tribe and making decisions is plainly unpleasant. I thought showing him say “oh, look at this Jeff” just before he dropped the ball was telling – why are they showing him in such a bad light?

    • In a season of all winners I guess they need to create a villain. Tony is the only villainish one left in the game but he is now more amusing than villainy. Sandra was a villain, as were Rob and Tyson, and they are on EoE. Am I missing anyone?

    • I was thinking, while watching, how Michelle was showing exactly why the relationship didn’t last. I suspect that they are trying to paint Michelle as the “wronged woman” to try to pretend that she deserved her season. But there are snide undertones to everything she says about him.

  2. We should have a merge next week or the week after, so at least we don’t have to suffer through much more “ex on the beach”, as they are calling it. Geeen tribe has better keep winning or Adam is goneski. It’s interesting that Ben, who I thought would be such a chaotic Tony-ish character, has done such a good job calming things down.

    • I am OVER Ex on the Beach!
      Adam is super painful, hey?
      Agree – I thought Ben was a wild card, but he has really positioned himself well.

  3. Is anyone else still watching this?
    Sandra has always grated on my goat but she went waaaaay up in my estimation by deciding not to continue the charade on that island, which is Probsts backup option to bring back preferred contestants to take out the title ‘sole survivor’. And it appears, as usual, ‘Boston’ Rob is the man. What does he know that Probst is willing to continue to bankroll him?
    I wanted Yul to win and I’m happy the side circus exists only because it gives him another chance.
    I kept tuning out last night. I think because there are more ‘survivors’ on the island of losers than there is in each of the remaining ‘competing’ tribes.

    • Pretty much all my favourites are now at exile, so I like it. I also think it was very brave of Sandra to do the right thing. Imagine the faces on the island people when the return challenge happens and they realise she didn’t stay – Denise will be over the moon.

      Last night’s ep was quite bland, and it felt really rushed. Only highlights were the coin hunt on exile and the challenge. Everything else suffers in comparison to the Aus version.

  4. I watched last night.
    Totally agreed with Sandras reasons for leaving The Edge, especially the part about not being good at the challenges.
    How good is Boston Rob!
    It’s no fun all my faves are on The Edge.

  5. Okay – everyone’s faves have been voted out now. I am impressed by Sandra calling it – she was voted out, she goes. Take THAT Edge of Extinction.

  6. Out of those left behind (who are now starting to look like the losing tribe), I favour Sophie and Jeremy, and maybe Sarah. Kim I know little about, so she may come into the winner’s pick later.

    I really want Ethan back but I am not sure about his health. Rob is very entertaining so he would be okay to come back, and I like Parvati. Natalie would be a cat among the pigeons if she returned.

    Looks like merge at 11, so will they bring one, two or three back?

  7. Today my sister and I both made ourselves into pretty rabbit faces and had an audio chat.

    Oh btw…I told you my other sister’s ex boss had CV…… Well actually he has MD; major dickhead. He only thought he had it and told everyone he had it. There were multiple reasons my sister left her job.

  8. Did anyone watch apart from me?

    It should have been one of the special episodes, but somehow it still felt flat. Either name up for elimination was fine with me, and the scramble seemed predictable.
    I think the problem is that these people are all too good at the game – it feels formulaic because we know exactly what they should do or say in any situation, and they do it.

    Only interesting thing is that the Exile guys get a second chance (yay, because the one last night was not my choice) and that they are ALL part of the jury. I imagine that was a twist to ensure that we get the most mileage out of all the great players, but Jeff should have played it up more. It could really make for a great finale.

    I wonder if knowing she could be on the jury would have changed Sandra’s mind?

    • I watched! Did buying peanut butter give Tyson the edge over Rob?
      I am expecting the women and maybe Adam to be there at the end as the “lions” are making the mistake of thinking only men can be threats.

    • I watched. I am glad it was Tyson who made it through. Most, if not all of the others on Exile annoy me, especially Rob and Parvati. Also I was glad it was Wesley or whatever his name is who got evicted.

    • Yes I watched. I still don’t get keeping all these players – those on exile edge whatever are on the jury, but why are we still seeing them? Only saving grace is that Rob & Parvati can’t win. Or Ethan. God he is a whiner. I’ll keep tuning in to see how this pans out.

      • I presumed that it would be because these people command big money now, and would want to be guaranteed a certain amount of exposure in their contracts. Doing it this way, all the fans get to see their favs for the whole season even if they can’t win. Imagine if all those legendary players had just disappeared after one or two hours of footage.

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