Toilet paper chat

By Bobi

Good morning

Let talk about toilet paper, guys, because we couldn’t possibly be sick of the subject just yet. 

Now I know we’ve all had fun making jokes at the expense of the idiots stockpiling but it is beyond funny now. 

I am told that my locals (of any brand, any description) get a delivery every day and yet, one hour later, all the shelves are empty. 

I am not buying it, my friends and family are not buying it, and if it is being bought by an acquaintance, they are mostly keeping very quiet. So where is it all going? And, good god, why? 

I tried to have this (rational) conversation with someone. She has 42 rolls, she lives by herself, and she is still hunting for more – like it’s a game. You know that conversation where you do the maths? Why does she need more than a years worth? Seriously, I don’t think she had done the calculation. She may have been a little embarrassed but then she doubled down, as many people do when logic gets in the way of “the feels”. 

And just to dwell on that thought for a moment, if no- one I know is hoarding then there must be garages full of the stuff somewhere. Again, maths. 

I think it has reached that tipping point from a mild panic to a genuine sickness. 

Now here’s the problem. Da, Da Daaaah! I am about to run out. So now I care, and now it’s not funny, and now … I will Panic. 

Well, truthfully, become mildly concerned is more the issue. If I am sitting here programming Bonacini’s Italy into my tv before I go out, then the anxiety level must still be relatively low. 

But I may have to consider watching Prepper shows to get hints on breaking into people’s underground sheds. Where else could they be hiding all this stuff? 



  1. I am with you, who are these people buying toilet paper? So far no one I knew has gone out to hunt for toilet paper.

    Maybe we can have dunny roll hunt for adults in Easter.

  2. The people who are doing it definitely aren’t admitting to it. Even Scotty from marketing, as bereft of common sense as he is, got on TV and told people to, “knock that shit off”. Not that it’s going to make much of a difference.

    I eagerly await stories about those same shoppers attempting to return their excess stock, only to hit the, “no change-of-mind refund” policy that Coles and Woolies have instituted, and throw almighty tantrums about it. After all, they’re not going to stop being selfish jerks now.

  3. We always have a tonne of toilet paper as my husband who does our shopping ALWAYS buys when it is on sale. We haven’t had to buy any during the current crisis – I reckon we could go at least 1 month without needing any.
    The supermarkets are going through the equivalent of 6 weeks supply EVERY DAY.
    It is not that there is a shortage, it is that they physically can’t keep up with the re-stocking.
    Note got sent home from Coles to their staff saying if their family need work to call in – one of my friends is re-stocking nights which gives her a little cash but makes her feel good that she is helping out. Don’t think her son is thrilled that mum is shelf stacking in HIS store, but there you go!

  4. Send the maggots panic buying toilet paper to Manus Island, I just laugh and make snide remarks at the fools.

  5. A friend just happened to buy a 48-roll pack before the crisis got as it was on sale. When her cleaning lady came yesterday she hid it away, afraid it was a vulgar display of wealth. I have told Mr Juz if need be we can always use rags then bleach and wash them. He is horrified

    • Remind Mr Juz that the alternative may be to walk around with an unwiped butt.

      We all need to remember that most of our visits to a toilet are only for a pee. Use a spray bottle with water to clean up after a pee, then dry off with rags or cloths and put the rags in a bucket of water and bleach or Napisan. Ration your toilet paper for, um, solids.

      By the time you need to use rags for all functions, you’ll be used to it and no longer squeamish. That’s my theory anyway.

  6. agree, i don’t know who is buying the TP, no one i know is hoarding stuff, so they say.
    I couldn’t believe what i was seeing in coles last night.
    they have never said the supermarkets will close.
    they need to explain to people what lockdown will look like. Other countries in lockdown the supermarkets have stayed open.
    Down to my last four rolls of toilet

  7. I saw a statement that said that supermarkets are now going to able to take deliveries 24 hours a day.
    I didn’t know there was a curfew on truck deliveries?
    Hopefully that will now fix the problem, and then I’ve got to ask, why didn’t they do it sooner?

    • The curfews on deliveries are mostly local councils’ rules. Since most supermarkets are near suburban areas, evidently the noise of air brakes et cetera from prime movers with trailers disturbs us delicate suburbanites at night. I think the government suggested that councils suspend those rules for a time, but I don’t know if feds can overrule local government.

      However, truck drivers need to sleep, too, and can’t drive for 24 hours a day. Unless companies have a slew of spare drivers with MC or HC licenses, I wonder how much of a difference it will make. Not just anyone who needs work can jump into a truck and manoeuvre a big trailer into a tight space outside a supermarket.

      Every proposed solution seems to bring another problem with it.

    • It is impossible to fill the shelves with customers in the supermarkets.

      I was at Woolies on Wed. Most shelves were empty. The staff were trying to refill but really difficult trying to drag the pellets and crates to the shelves, even though the supermarket was not very busy.

  8. We have a KNOWN case of CV in the SW now. That means probably a lot more.

    Zhee, our govt is pissing me off with their tardiness. And the PM giving rousing speeches of encouragement. 😫

    • Stay safe, Daisy. Well, stay safe, everyone. I was at a butcher today and his farewell was “stay safe”, and my response was “don’t touch your face”. So much for wishing each other to have a nice day :).

      • Everything is so scary and weird I offered to pay for a ladies blueberries today. She thanked me by patting my shoulder. Aaaah. As Judge Just says, “No good deed goes unpunished”.
        I go shopping in latex gloves. Did I already say that?

    • Feels like breakneck pace to me. Announcements every half day, masses of emails “reaching out” to me explaining changes to processes. And all within less than three weeks. Maybe time for someone to take a breath and think calmly.

  9. I have just discovered that I am 4 degrees of separation from one of dreaded infected.
    That made me do a double take.
    But I am realistic. I was only in the same room but across the other side for a couple of hours. And she knows someone who knows someone.
    She has gone into self- isolation and I will scrub the house tomorrow, but carefully so I don’t run out of cleaning products.

  10. Now that QANTAS has suspended overseas flights, Scotty jumps in and closes the borders. Wanker. He should have done it weeks ago. He needs to learn the difference between reactive and proactive.

    • I am so angry at him and other politicians who are saying stupid things ATM. Stop it Scott. Just stop it.

      There are going to be hundreds if not thousands of deaths that are going to come down to poor govt and tardy responses.

  11. Hi guys, just letting you know that I had to put my best of boys to sleep last night.
    I could not have asked for a better companion and I will miss him until the end of times.
    My heart s broken.

    • Oh no, Bobi. Oh no. It was too soon for him. I know he was old, but it was too soon. You have my sympathy.

      Give your other boy an ear scritch from me.

      • Thank you.
        It was absolutely too soon. I thought I had another couple of months.
        The lovely one is a little lost and keeps searching the house.
        Sadness all around.

        • My deepest sympathies Bobi. It’s awful when your furry friend leaves home forever. But just remember what a great life he had.

          BTW I thought 2020 was going to be a time of hindsight coupled with positive energy looking forward. So far it’s completely fecked.

          • I know what you mean.

            I committed 2019 to getting out of the house and experience as much of life as I could. I tried to the same thing for 2020 and LOL complete social lockdown.

  12. Thank you everyone.
    I feel a bit wrung out and I look a treat. I look like I have been playing in a footy game with no spectators.
    My eyes are red and leaking so everyone is giving me a wide berth at the supermarket in case I am infectious. I am waiting for crowd with pitchforks crying, “Unclean. Unclean.”, to gather at my front door.
    Maybe they can use me to force my neighbours to self-isolate.
    You would have thought it would be a good day to stay at home but I am going to pottery today (we are firing so mostly outside).
    I am working on being distracted. The house feels empty.

    • Our pottery was shut down. Damn.

      Blame the sewing group. They kept huddling. Worse than Bondi beach.

  13. I’ve made my practice prototype, with a pocket for felt or some other lining. I have felt because it’s thick but breathable.

    • It works really well….I mean it fits and is comfy. But it looks insane and I haven’t tried it against an infected person.

  14. A mask is good but it won’t completely stop a person getting the virus if another person sneeze or cough. Its work better if the person who sneezed or cough has a mask on.

    But wearing a mask can still stop some of the virus. I guess something is better than none.

    • It might scare people away at least. When I went to the shop yesterday, a lot of people were getting too close.

  15. Bobi, we are thinking of you. We know you are still suffering, and now it’s a double or triple whammy.

  16. I did my last shopping trip for a while, I hope, for fresh vegetables and fruit yesterday. Vegetables I will parboil and freeze, fruit lasts as long as it lasts and I have a big can of pineapple slices in the pantry anyway for some reason. Aside from paper products missing, there are odd little empty spaces in the supermarkets. I noticed there was no mustard, tomato sauce etc. What the hell people? You’re hoarding mustard? It wasn’t even on special! Aside from stress, worries about health, and what to do during isolation periods, people are just getting weird Woolworths has tape markers at checkouts to show the distance that should be observed between each customer. The woman behind me got so frustrated that I wasn’t emptying my bag of veggies until the guy in front of me had moved further away, that she brought her trolley right beside me and glared at me. Of course (ha, wanted to shove her trolley back really fast) I explained politely why she should keep her distance. She looked as though she’d never heard of corona virus, but moved away. Yeah, it’s one person being stupid, but what if she was shedding her virusy germs all over me. The message is not getting through.

    Bobi, I’m thinking of you, trying to come to accept your old boy being gone. There’s nothing on tv that is distracting enough and there’s nothing I can say that will help. but I’m thinking of you.

    • Good for you Von. We have to do that if people get close. I hope everyone is ready in the likely event that lockdown will increase again.

      Don’t feel bad about shopping. If none of us were panic buying, Coles and Woolies would be much more behind the 8 ball. As it is, by starting the buy up 2 weeks ago, triggered by others panic buying, it’s forced the flow of truck deliveries to speed up. And we need that now. If France, Italy, China, Spain and the US are anything to go by, lock down is imminent. We don’t know how long we may have to stay home.

      I feel I will be like the Ant who got ready, while the Grasshopper laughed. Then winter came and the Grassholper came begging. That’ll be my kids. Rolling their eyes at my telling them to get their kids out of school. Buying nothing. And now it’s statsd; “Mum, can you get us toilet paper?” It’s Noah’s Ark all over again. Lucky for them, Noah had cabins for his kids.

      I’m that person who is always organized, always prepared always cleaning. No Scott Morrison. It’s not your shining moment. It’s mine. Dib dib dob. 😁..
      But pretty sure I am totally freaking out under the surface. The latex gloves and masks are a clue.

      I made my third mask today and embroidered it. It was for a friend who gets asthma. It’s a wonder I haven’t talked Woolif into getting a bunker. “You’ll thank me for this one day”.

      • I was chatting to a friend of mine, in town today, who’s a small business owner.

        He said that he’s been hearing whispers, for a little while now, that a full lockdown is inevitable, at this point. It’s just being staggered so not too many people hit up Centrelink all at once.

        But another lady I was talking to (she works in a newsagent) made the point of asking, what do you consider essential? Isn’t a clothes shop more essential than getting a hair-cut (since public nudity is kind of a crime and we are heading into the cooler, winter months)? How essential are newsagents and post offices, is there a sliding scale of essential-ness?

        It’s all very weird. I have a big bill due in April, I’m gonna have to go out to pay it, I hope I can still do that.

        • Even in China with the total lockdown, you are allowed to go to the supermarket once a week. The people just buy what is necessary, no hoarding. They can do that because they have army personnel watching your every move. They know if you try to shop twice a week.

          Like the disgraced Australian Chinese who decided to go out for a run without a mask on, She thought she is in Australia and can do what she likes. She was deported and sacked from the company.
          I also noticed most of the Chux wipes whether home brands or other brands were all gone.
          The difference between Australia and China, Vietnam or HK is everybody wear a mask. No if no buts, If everyone wear a mask, than the infected people has less chance to spread the virus.

          This is how Nanjing control the spread of coronovirus

          • It’s funny, but with the “panic buying” that started suddenly about 2-3 weeks ago, it seems like half of Australia knew about the lockdown before Scott Morrison…..and yet I bet he has plenty of toilet paper and mince.

        • “Yonks.” I haven’t heard that one for yonks. 🤣🤣🤣

          Yep, Littlepetal, I am making masks. About one or two a day, and giving them to whoever needs or wants one.

  17. I just noticed that the movie, The 100 year Old Man who climbed out the window is on SBS.
    I don’t recall the movie but it was a great book.

  18. CV has hit Busselton and Bunbury. My sister’s ex boss has it. She was still wot for him 10 days ago, yet she’s not required to get tested unless she shows symptoms. Nor is she required to self-isolate. WT….

    • Sounds like the Wild West. Still , I’ve seen farcical “social distancing” today and more toilet paper frenzy. Verily Moses will come down from the mountain and the gullible people will be worshipping a roll of gold toilet paper.

  19. I don’t mean to sound rude, Daisy, so I hope I am not, but it’s been a long time since I have relied on the Government for advice on things I should or should not be doing.
    I can’t copy the link but the experts tell me that if 8 out of 10 people stay at home, this virus can be controlled in 13 weeks. That’s all it takes for me. I need no further excuse to stay away from “people”. I have been in semi-isolation, well really for most of my life but mainly for 3 weeks, and in complete isolation for at least a week.
    I’m a grown up …. with issues.

    • Nothing rude there, Bobi. I’m not listening to politicians. Dickheads. This has been a massive govt bungle. Or a mass of govt bungles. What I was saying is, “Why isn’t my sister, and anyone else like her, tested?” WTF.

      I am only paying attention to what the medical experts and immunologists are saying, which isn’t unfortunately, what the govt is acting on. I have been pretty much on lockdown. Except going out on the Granny run for bleach and toilet paper.
      Wait no. Only the toilet paper is for my bum.

  20. They should keep all those people coming back from overseas by air or from cruise ship quarantine for 14 days. Many of these people do not self isolate. They thing self isolate is just not going to work. Some still think they can still go out for a walk. This is where our govt has fail miserably. More than 80% of cases come from people coming in from. overseas.

  21. I broke my full isolation this morning (to go to the Chemist – drugs) and I thought I would buy a coffee – doing my bit for the economy.
    First off, the younger generation, naming no names, think that 1.5 meters is a gap just made for them to jump into.
    Secondly, the lad making the coffee wasn’t wearing gloves. Eew, at the best of times.
    Thirdly, he took my 5 dollar note ( I left my tap and go card at home), and gave me a 50c coin, now disinfected and washed.
    I also sprayed the disposable cup and decanted the coffee.
    But most egregiously, the coffee was crap. They should go out of business just based on that.

    • I had to sing Spice girls to some old chap moving in to breathe on me. ✋ Stop right there….”
      He must have thought he was protected by my mask.
      BTW my weight has been dropping sans my café jaunts.

    • I wish I could say the same about my weight.
      Even with walking doggo twice a day, I think I am lacking incidental activity.
      Or maybe it’s that cheese with the use-by-date thats too far in the future to comprehend.

    • I’ve mostly put myself in lockdown, but, on Tuesday I had to have an appointment with my disability services lady (they keep changing ladies on me. She’s about my fourth case worker. Apparently they have a high turn-over rate, which is unsettling), and on Wednesday I had to get to the post office and bank, things that I simply couldn’t do, sitting at home. I’m resigned that, occasionally I have to leave the house (I’m lucky, at least, in that the closest Woolies is literally across the road, so I can walk there). I just tell myself, don’t touch anything, don’t eat anything (not that anything’s open any more), hands in pockets the whole time.

      I know I’ve been enjoying listening to Scomo tell people that it’s wrong to be relaxing on a beach during a national crisis. I pointed that out to somebody, today, on Facebook, and within an hour, I got a notification that my father (who’s a die-hard LNP supporter. Parents, what can you do?) had replied, and I just thought, nope, I’m not interested in seeing what he said.

      • Ooooo. For me left wing, right wing has no part in this. Sco mo and his govt seem to be letting this virus lead them by the nose. They have constantly been behind it instead of get t ing in front.

  22. Today is a day of reckoning.
    I am throwing out all those books that relate to all those hobbies I have finally realised I am never going to do, or revisit.
    I am never going to do quilting, stained glass windows, astrology, astronomy, palm reading, German, doll making, chemistry, the Warren Buffett style of investing, project management, change management, personality testing, EQ or IQ testing, and nursing.
    And that is only the bookcase in the front room.
    You say overly ambitious. I say I had big dreams.

    • You might need those books now. Put them back. Today I will be bead making, weaving and making a ….what do you call that profiterole tower. Tomorrow I will learn mechanics and service my own car. 🤣🤣🤣

      • Croquembouche. The trouble with servicing you own car is where to dispose of the old oil. I’m going to clean the oven. Maybe.

  23. I made this one for my niece. There are two bands of elastic that go around the back of your head. It has the pocket and is lined with removable piece of felt. I’m still not happy with it but I have an idea for imorovement. I don’t like ear loop ones.

    • You’re so talented , daisy. You could easily get a job designing for Forrester Creations.

      How long does it take to make these fashionista masks?

      • Aw. I haven’t timed it. Maybe an hour or so. Not counting the embroidery. But it’s fun, especially embroidering. Lucky I had sewing at school. I had to dig deep. I haven’t seen much over the years. My friends and I used to make our own bikinis. Jenny was in our group then. The girl who married Brian Denney. Now she is freaking out in Connecticut, making masks too. From bikinis to survival gear. Times have changed.

    • The best thing about this is that SiL’s will now stop hugging me.
      It’s not something that has to happen…time.
      It’s not that I am not fond of them but, you know, they are “people”.

        • Actually, yesterday Dr suggested not patting other people’s pets and vice versa because technically he said transference could occur from fur to human. Just what he said is all. I had a phone consult with doc, he rang while I was asleep , so I sounded like an absent minded idiot.

          • That’s just what I guessed. Two weeks ago I said to Woolif, we can’t let people pat the dogs. It’s kind of obvious and who knows how long it could stay on them.

            I just made a broccolli slice and ironed Arthur’s clothes including his pyjamas. Hell it is theWild West. I even atarted pegging stuff out instead of using the dryer. See, the Apocalypse is saving the planet and turning me into a girl guide. I will have to design and embroider my own patches.

  24. Hahahah. Some great ideas for face protection Dave. I wonder what great safe sex inventions they have “under their belts”.
    Hahaha, Bobi. Too bad we don’t have stairs.

  25. Apparently Locky’s season of the Bachelor, currently filming, has been suspended (and everyone sent home) thanks to the corona virus.

    Who’d have thunk it, eh? Of all the infectious, communicable diseases that the Bachelor franchise might’ve had to deal with, who would’ve guessed it would’ve been *this* one that they were most worried about?

  26. OMG, the i evitable, well sort of, has begun. The Voyage of the Damned. Sailing from port to port with no one letting you off, and being forcex to sail until it becomes a Ghost Ship. 😫

    • Don’t go there. There are better shows to watch.
      Tiger King (Netflix) has been highly recommended to me. And there’s nothing more entertaining (in times of trouble) than crazy, nut job Americans. Apparently that will keep me occupied for 8 hours.
      I’m also a fan of You Can’t Ask That and The Heights (ABC). I have some episodes to catch up on.
      And in between times, I am revisiting some favourites: Brooklyn, Paddington Bear.
      I also watched Sammy J tonight – a little bit funny because it was so close to the truth.
      So much time, so much TV.

      • Bobi, did you watch You Can’t Ask That last night? If so, did you notice a difference between the men and women in the way they were presented?

        I was getting all het up about it, then thought oh fuck it, it will never change. But I should be angry about it, it is only because of all this other shit happening that I am too tired to be fussed right now.

          • I found it a little confronting for about 10 minutes, then mostly looked at people’s faces while they talked, as I would normally do. Well, maybe not if a naked person was waiting for the bus.

            The men’s penises were on full display, aside from the young guy with his mum, who kept his hand over his penis. The women, except for two, always had their legs crossed. The two who didn’t had enough flesh to obscure their genitals. I didn’t particularly want to see the women’s labia, but I did notice the difference between the men and women.

            Show all of them, or don’t show any of them.

          • I was also interested in the young women who would go into the woods alone to be naked and then surprised that they were attracting negative comments from the odd man.
            Firstly, they should consider themselves lucky that it was only a comment that came in their direction.
            Secondly, it’s an important lesson to learn that there are some deeply unpleasant people In this world.
            How naive were they? There is utopia where you have the right to do whatever, and then there is the real world.

          • Oooh, I am starting to do crazy things. Two nights qgo, I lay on our driveway and looked at the starts. Last night I had a nude swim (at home). This social distancing is making me weird. However, the evenings have been quite lovely in WA.

            Wooliff and I usually meet my sister for breakfast and coffee in town on Saturday morning. Instead Woolif woke me up at 8.00 am with a coffee from Maccas. I haven’t had a coffee for a week. I think that’s why I am losing weight without trying. That and the spring cleaning.

  27. I know we are trying to keep a cheery view on everything but I have just realised the actual, real looming disaster here.
    Italy has closed down all its factories. Ferrero factories are run out of Alba. Yes, yes, I know, we have factories here but I am told they are also closed.
    Now before you say you don’t like Ferrero Roche, let me point out that they also make Nutella, Kinder Surprise and, hold your breathe everyone, Tic Tacs.
    They have also bought a chunk of Nestle. I just don’t want to know.
    I would panic buy except that it would still require me to shop every day to keep up with my addiction to Tic Tacs.
    Fun fact: The owner of Ferrero is estimated to be worth about $50 billion dollars. I, personally, have contributed a great chuck of my personal wealth to his off-the-chart net wealth.
    I am prostrate with grief.

  28. I wish the fta stations would stop airing disaster movies. We are in the midst of a disaster, even though it doesn’t involve an asteroid or a flood, and I’d rather watch a movie that will give me some relief from thinking about the world’s current situation.

    As during the bush fires, I’ve reached saturation point on the news by Friday, and aside from skimming headlines, will turn off my mind on weekends and watch trashy tv, or no tv. I think a lot of my stress is because I feel helpless. Aside from protecting myself and being socially distant and smart, there’s not a damn thing I can do. That’s likely the case in a lot of dire situations, but this one is different, isn’t it?

    Die Hard With A Vengeance is my escape tonight, view #374 at least.

    • Agree with everything you said, Von. Except I didn’t watch Die Hard With A Vengeance tonight. Music, guitar and dog is it. It’s a bitch asking people not to pat my dog.

      The lack of social distancing I’m seeing frightens the shit out of me….but not enough to bow and scrape, haggle for toilet paper. Supermarkets are super spreaders from what I saw. Shut ’em $cotty.

      Any TTV rs wanna play online Scrabble if things start getting worse? Rolls of toilet paper for prizes should be incentive enough.

      • Social distancing is working well in my neighborhood, even at my Woolies. It feels so rude to move into the street if someone is coming toward me on the footpath, but most people smile when passing, so it’s ok. But, while I was picking up some groceries for my neighbour today, I hit the bottle shop to get my normal weekend drinks. Bottle shop had specific guidelines posted outside and inside. Most complied, except for the guy behind me at checkout, who plopped his 6 pack down and stood right behind me. I immediately said “dude, you’re too close, move back.” He did, but why did he have to be reminded?

        I might be interested in online Scrabble. Things will get worse, numbers of infected are now going up more quickly. TP rolls is incentive, but I’ve planned what to do when my last roll runs out, and it doesn’t involve flushing non-flush-able materials, but more laundry. It”s kind of ick, but one does what one has to to wipe ones butt.

        Virtual pats for your doggo.

      • I’m up for on-line scrabble.
        I am finding the supermarket a very friendly place with many more conversations than normal. I am finding it weird that some people are not taking it more seriously but then I am assuming it’s because I am in lockdown whereas they are going to work. Our checkout people are very good at reminding people of the correct distance.
        I am finding that I am losing track of time but I’m okay with that.
        My tv viewing habits are now almost entirely iview and SBS. I have got way too judgemental over minor things on the other channels: Karl has got fat, his sidekick is alway blonde, footballers get paid way too much money and I hope that is a future fix, Joe can shut the f**k up and I hope he loses his job, and NCIS was much better in the olden days.
        My doggo is getting clingy. We are never apart and I’m not sure if he is okay with that or if he finds it disturbing.

        • I’ve actually found the same thing in my local super-markets. People are mostly pretty friendly, and happy to keep their distance. Maybe I just live in a chilled, good area, but I honestly haven’t had too many issues.

          • I have been doing my walk outside and not many people are outside but everyone is very friendly. Everyone say hello. What a change.

        • Bobi, I have never met a dog who is not happy with his owner being home with him more than usual :). Bless his heart, he is maybe still adjusting to his mate’s absence, and maybe wondering if you are going to go away too.

          It would be good if doggos could talk, so when we tell them everything will be all right, they’d say ok, I understand. Maybe it could be limited to 10 minutes a day though, because my dog would never shut up…mum, mum, mum, mum, hey!, when’s dinner?, why can’t I have more dinner?, treats now, pats now, more pats…

          • Thanks, Von.
            He may very well be pining.
            I speak dog but greyhound is a different language entirely. Something to do with being a cat in a large furry body.

  29. The only place I go to is the supermarket. Most people are fairly careful to distance. It’s definitely safer ar Granny Dash hour. The oldies take it more seriously.

    • Yep. Five to ten minutes after Granny Dash hour starts cos they’re like bulls at a gate to get in or standing around like cows waiting to get milked. I have a big store to deal with.

      In the race for toilet paper , victory does not always go to the swift. $cotty said stop hoarding, no one has. People trying to buy 20 boxes of Panadol.

      • I think there needs to be opportunities for some non grannies to dash because I thought non granny shopping was too close for comfort plus the pickings were way to slim. There isn’t much at granny hour but yesterday arvo was just dismal and scary.

        You should see the happy faces in the morning. A Granny or Pop with a pack of Quilton under their armpit and a quite sense of victory. “Goal”. I’d love to score meth…metholated spirits but that looks like an impossible dream.

        My face lift was bloody wasted.

  30. Today my sister and I made ourselves into cute rabbit faces and had an audio chat.

    Oh btw…I told you my other sister’s ex boss had CV…… Well actually he has MD; major dickhead. He only thought he had it and told everyone he had it. There were multiple reasons my sister left her job.

    Click to Edit –

    • Keep an eye on the newsreaders. Ch 9 has stood down their make up artists. Because they can’t do make up standing 1.5m away? Maybe other TV stations doing the same?

  31. Anyone recently bought anything now obsolete?
    I bought make-up, a new skirt and some nice cream corduroy pants. All now unnecessary.
    How about you?

    • Why are those purchases unnecessary? Are you not going to wear clothes now? Fine if you don’t want to, but you’ll probably go out sometime and it’s polite to wear clothes. The make-up will keep.

      I haven’t bought anything that can’t be used for a while, but I’m wishing I got a haircut about a month ago when I started thinking I needed a haircut. But a bus driver told me a couple of days ago that I have lovely hair, which gave me a lift. A haircut can wait, it’s not imperative to my well-being, although I feel sympathy for all hairdressers and other professions whose workers are out of a job or about to be. That must be devastating to them.

      • Well, most of the time I am home and who knows when thatwill change. If I did go out, there’s nowhere to go. Anyhoo, I am enjoying being home.

        An anaesthetist told me I had nice hair. Oooo.

    • That doesn’t look like 1.5 metres to me. I’m calling the authorities……..when I stop laughing.

      Here on the Dr.Phil show, we don’t reward bad behavior.

  32. Good news, I was able to buy toilet paper today. This is the toilet paper chat, right?

    I was halfway through my last roll, ready to go on to substitute plan, but I have to say not having to implement that plan is a relief.

      • I’m doing all right, thanks Daisy. I’m alternately bored, motivated to do things, or angry. Same as everyone probably :). But I’m well. I miss libraries being open, but I don’t think I’d want to be getting books that who-knows-how-many people have touched. Outside of my own home, everything seems kind of ick.

    • I am very excited for you.
      It is now officially out of control …. like it wasn’t before.
      No matter how much they deliver, it just flies off the shelves. Life is never going to return to normal.
      It 10 years time there are going to be reality shows devoted to little old ladies with a dozens cats who are still hoarding toilet paper to line their walls. Looking forward to that.

      • Woolif went this morning and there was no soap, no bleach and almost no toilet paper at 7.00am.

        Love the pic and comment Bobi.

        I now find medical places on FB asking for people to make masks. Who’s laughing now!? Me…under my mask.
        By laughing, I mean my kids, thinking I was being a silly old lady.

        I will donate masks to the hospital’s now.

      • Ha ha, thank you, Bobi. It was about 415 at Woolies on Sunday, not long before closing time, and not everyone grabbed toilet paper, so maybe the panic is easing – for that item anyway. I also got some turkey mince and pork chops. Either my neighbourhood is more sensible than some, or the stores are coping better.

  33. A country …semi rural neighbour, who has been home schooling for a week, asked on our local fb site for people who had kids who wanted to go out the front of their yard and do a wave by.
    I don’t have kids but I have the dogletsso I said I would dress up and do something silly. I have a few dressups and wigs, and yay….my make up is now not completely obsolete because I will paint my face. I had the idea that I will hand them carefull de-virused bubble pipes. And maybe a bag of knick knacks, if their mum says it’s okay. I have some musical bells (from teaching).
    Too bad everyone doing it couldn’t do a where’s Wally.

  34. Why have Woolies and Coles started airing ads thanking customers for their patience during “these trying times”? Are they being sarcastic? Hey, if your customers had been patient, your store shelves would not have been stripped bare for the past five weeks. Staff get a passing mention, but think of making big flashy ads specifically thanking your staff for their patience and just for showing up to their damn jobs recently. Give them all bonuses too, because you’ve been raking in money hand over fist for two months, and they deserve a share.

    And Curtis? Fuck off. You don’t even live here, drongo.

    • Woolies and Coles try to portray they are helping by saying they are employing thousands of staff.

      Why then they still cant fulfil home deliveries for regular customers who get home deliveries regularly, shelves still quite empty. Prices of fresh produces has gone up the roof. I am sure they pay the farmers the same price.

      • I asked a girl yesterday was she newly employed because she was new. She said, no just transfer from Big W.

        • I still can’t see Toilet paper in my local supermarkets. Who are buying these TP? I am still ok with my supply but I will need to buy at some stage. Also no flour. Do people really bake or make things from scratch?????

          • There isn’t much to here, Littlepetal but it’s occasionally there. You can tell the supermarkets are staggering ITI appearance on shelves to give more people a chance.

  35. This is me growing my own dinner.
    Isn’t this the prettiest thing you have seen in a long time.
    And for those who are interested, oyster.

    • Very pretty but wtf? You can’t eat that.

      I am painting my bisqued pottery and making silly faces on messenger.

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